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                Forms You Can View & Print

Leisure Lake Membership Association Guidelines for Building a Deck.
Leisure Lake Membership Association Guidelines for Building a Shed.
Leisure Lake Membership Association New Member Information Form
Leisure Lake Membership Association General Information Form
Leisure Lake Membership Association Gray Water Pit Approval
Leisure Lake Membership Association RV Registration Form
Leisure Lake Membership Association Building Permit
Leisure Lake Membership Change of Address Form
Capital Improvement Suggestion Form
ATV Hold Harmless form
Explanation of Rules & Restrictions
Exit From Sale of Lot Information
Tree or Branch Request/Notification Form   and  Incident Reporting Form

Use of Tractor form
Work Order
Tree or Branch Cutting & Held Harmless
Leisure Lake Membership Association Membership Agreement Page 1
Leisure Lake Membership Association Membership Agreement Page 2
Leisure Lake Membership Association Golf Cart Rules and Regulations April 2011
Tree Policy for Leisure Lake Membership Association
Resume for Open Board Position




Tractor Fees

Trailer Moves                                                                      $10.00
Pull Outs                                                                              $25.00

Use of park tractor is a $10.00 donation. Monies generated are applied to general maintenance of the tractor.  All donations are greatly appreciated.  See office when requesting tractor.

Donations of used push mowers, trimmers, chain saws, rakes, shovels and other grounds equipment would help the park immensely.

Thanks for all your help keeping our park looking nice.

Leisure Lake Grounds Committee.


Leisure Lake Park

Rental Agreement

Pets will require an additional $20.00 deposit.

Member to pick up keys before 4:00pm or keys will be left in unit.

Check out time is 12:00 (noon). Before leaving unit (s), turn off propane and make certain all window and vents are closed.  Leave units clean.  Lock all doors.
Turn keys into office, if no one is there, drop keys in mail slot.  Your deposit will be returned by mail after units are inspected.

Please check your unit (s) as soon as you arrive.  If there are any problems, please notify the office, or officer on duty within ONE hour of your arrival time.

NOT WATER is not guaranteed. Water is provided in all units.

Leisure Lake Park Rental Unit (s) Deposit:

Unit (s) rented: ________________________________________Date:____________________

Member's name:______________________________________________________________

Member's account number:______________________________________________________

Guest's name:________________________________________________________________


Phone number (include area code):________________________________________________

Deposit: (# units $20.00)________________________________Pet Deposit:______________

Total amount of deposit:________________________________________________________

I have read the agreement and I understand the requirements.
I also understand that the Members MUST be in the park the entire time I am here.






In the event that you replace or move your current trailer, you MUST contact the office for a copy of the State of Ohio guidelines. An officer will assist you in placing your unit according to these guidelines. These guidelines were given to the Park last year (2001) by the State of Ohio inspector.

Placing your unit or placing a gravel driveway without following these guidelines could result in you having to move your unit again.

2001 - State of Ohio - Units Not To Be Closer Than Diagram
Paris Fire Marshall - Tongue Out Towards The Road.

        15 Ft         15 Ft.         15 Ft.
7 1/2 Ft. 7 1/2 Ft 7 1/2 Ft
       7 1/2 Ft          7 1/2 Ft 7 1/2 Ft
15 Ft 15 Ft
    5 Ft    5 Ft    5 Ft
Property Lines Water or Electric Lines   / Boxes
     5 Ft     5 Ft     5 Ft
7 1/2 Ft. 7 1/2 Ft 7 1/2 Ft
       7 1/2 Ft          7 1/2 Ft 7 1/2 Ft
15 Ft 15 Ft
        15 Ft.         15 Ft.         15 Ft.




Gray water pits were approved by a majority vote at the July 13th, 2003 Membership meeting.

Members may install their own pit but MUST be pre approved by the Gray Water Committee prior to digging.

The pit must meet all Guidelines.  Paperwork MUST be signed by two Committee Members, or two members of the Board of Directors and the Member requesting to build his or her own pit.  If any digging or building is done without prior approval, a fine of $250.00 will be assessed to the Member building the pit.