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Leisure Lake Membership Association

Social Media Policy 

Social Media is any form of online technology publication or presence that allows user-generated content for social interaction.
The policy governs self-published content and commentary on social networking sites including social sharing, video/audio/photo sharing sites, blogging, forums, discussion boards, chat rooms, wikis and podcasts through the Web or Internet (Social Media).

Authorized Social Media

Authorized Social Media is used to convey information about Leisure Lake Park and the Leisure Lake Membership Association.
The Leisure Lake Membership Association must ensure that use of Social Media communications maintains our brand identity and reputation while minimizing actual or potential legal risks, whether used internally or externally.  Please note this policy covers all posted Social Media communications.
The Leisure Lake Membership Association Social Media Policy applies to Officers, Trustees, Volunteers, the membership, vendors, contractors, and suppliers.

 General Provisions 

Official Leisure Lake Membership Association Social Media will be; created, managed, maintained and overseen by dedicated authorized Officers, Trustees and/or Volunteers who will be responsible for the purpose of conducting business and/or imparting information.
Social Media communication shall be conducted in a professional manner. 

Rules and Guidelines 

Authorized Officers, Trustees and Volunteers will protect the privacy of the membership, vendors, suppliers or any Park related matter when communicating in any media including Social Media.
Authorized Officers, Trustees and Volunteers are prohibited from disclosing personal information regarding the membership and any other proprietary and nonpublic information to which they have access.  Such information includes, but is not limited to, personal membership and credit information, proprietary information about the Park business and operations, financial information and strategic business plans.

Authorized Officers, Trustees and Volunteers are responsible for ensuring all Social Media accounts and information comply with the Leisure Lake Memberships written policies.  They are authorized to remove content that is not meeting the rules and guidelines of this policy or that may be illegal or offensive.  Removal of such content does not require advance warning to the membership.
If an error has been communicated electronically, Authorized Officers, Trustees and Volunteers shall immediately notify the appropriate party of the error and the error shall be corrected and/or notice sent to parties receiving the electronic communication of the error. 

The Leisure Lake Membership Association maintains Social Media sites that promote the Web site and catalogs including Facebook and Twitter.  Members, if they wish, can join, “like” or follow these sites.  Members may ask their friends and acquaintances to join, “like” or follow these sites.  If they have chosen to follow sites, we respectfully ask the members to comment, respond or post on the sites their positive camping experiences, photos and interact with other members on the sites.
While negative or disparaging information may be posted by the membership on Social Media sites, the Leisure Lake Membership Association authorized Officers, Trustees and Volunteers reserves the right to edit and/or remove such content and only authorized Officers, Trustees and Volunteers with permission may respond to posted requests for information.

The Leisure Lake Membership Association expects all members to abide by all rules and guidelines of this policy. 

Personal Social Media 

The Leisure Lake Membership Association respects the right of the membership to participate in Social Media as a medium of self-expression, self-publishing and public conversation and does not discriminate against members who utilize this media for personal interests and affiliations or other lawful purposes.  Members are expected to follow the guidelines and policies set forth in this policy to provide a clear line between you as the individual and you as the member.
Leisure Lake Membership Association members may not advertise, sell, promote products, services or benefit monetarily from the use of our Social Media Site.
Members who are not officially authorized to post on behalf of the Association cannot use LLMA owned equipment, including computers, licensed software or other electronic equipment, nor facilities to conduct personal or business Social Media activities.
Members shall not participate in any cost-per-click, pay-per-click, cost-per-action campaigns, search engine optimization activities that involve the Leisure Lake Membership Association.  Members may not bid on any items on behalf of the Association on any search engines or any other Internet sites to benefit monetarily.
At no time shall any member create a Social Media site representing falsely that they are an “Official” Leisure Lake Membership Association site or act as a spokesperson for the Association without express permission from the Board of Directors.  Anonymous postings about the Leisure Lake Membership Association are not permitted.
Members cannot use their personal or business Social Media sites to harass, threaten, discriminate or disparage against the Leisure Lake Membership Association its Officers, Trustees, Volunteers, other members, vendors and suppliers or anyone associated with or doing business with the Leisure Lake Membership Association.
If you choose to identify yourself as a member of the Leisure Lake Membership Association online, please understand that some readers may view you as a spokesperson for the Association.  Because of this possibility, we ask that you expressly state in your personal Social Media sites that your views expressed in Social Media accounts are your own and not necessarily those of the Leisure Lake Membership Association, nor of any person or organization affiliated or doing business with the Association.
Please be aware that if others (friends, followers, tweeters, etc.) post negative or disparaging posts on your personal and business accounts about the Leisure Lake Membership Association you are legally responsible for these posts.  We ask that the negative or disparaging posts about the Association be deleted.
If contacted by the media or press about a personal or an Association related post that relates to the Leisure Lake Membership Association, members are required to always speak with the authorized Officers, Trustees or Volunteers before responding.
If no longer a member of the Leisure Lake Membership Association, we respectfully request that this policy be followed. 


The Leisure Lake Membership Association reserves the right to monitor for postings that may be potentially damaging or that may constitute unauthorized disclosure of personal information.  Authorized Officers, Trustees and Volunteers review the content on the Association Social Media.  Members shall have no expectation of privacy when using Park equipment of facilities.
All deleted communications or posts are still accessible internally. 


The Leisure Lake Membership Association investigates and responds to all violations of the Social Media policy and other related policies.  The Association reserves the right to take legal action where necessary against members who engage in prohibited or unlawful conduct.  Unlawful activity may be prosecuted and any material or legal costs incurred may be sought against members because of a breach of LLMA policy. 


Members are required to sign a written acknowledgement provided by the Leisure Lake Membership Association that they have received, read, understood and agreed to comply with the Social Media Policy and any other related policies.


Golf Cart

Rules and Regulations

February, 2012

Leisure Lake Membership Association

 For the Safety and Enjoyment of the LLMA the Board of Directors have developed and implemented

 the following Rules and Regulations for the use of Golf Carts within our Park.

   1.       Two Golf Carts /UTVs per Membership are allowed.  Storage of additional Golf Carts/UTVs on                    site not permitted; all others must be removed from the park.

     2.       Both Gas powered and Electric Golf Carts/UTVs are permitted within the park. 

3.       Electric Golf Carts/UTVs may only be charged through the owner Members’ outlet.  Plugging into    another members outlet and/or a park outlet is considered theft (see Electric Policy).  

4.       All Golf Carts/UTVs are required to submit to and pass a golf cart Safety Inspection by the Leisure Lake Membership Association.   

5.       All Golf Carts/UTVs must be identified with the proper ID and Inspection stickers before they may be operated within the park.  

6.       All motorized vehicles, including Golf Carts and UTVs MUST obey the 5 MPH Speed Limit.  

7.       Golf Carts/UTVs may ONLY be driven by a Licensed Driver.  Younger looking Drivers may be asked to produce their Drivers License by any member of the LLMA BOD or LLMA Security Team.  

8.       Golf carts/UTVs may ONLY be driven on marked roadways.  Damage to the Leisure Lake property will NOT be tolerated, including but not limited to the graveled roadways and grassy areas.  

9.       No Golf Cart/UTVs may be operated by a visibly impaired operator.  

10.    Golf Carts/UTVs may only carry the number of passengers who can and must be safely seated.  

11.    Golf Carts/UTVs MUST have two (2) Front Lights (white) and two (2) Rear Lights (other than white) to operate within the Park after dark.  

12.    All Golf Carts/UTVs must be parked by Midnight , unless traveling to/from the Comfort Station or returning to your site.  

13.    Horseplay with your Golf Cart/UTV will result in immediate suspension of operating privileges and removal of your Golf Cart/UTV from the Park.  

ANY infraction of these Rules and Regulations will be subject to the following penalties.

If the golf cart/UTV is driven by a member owner of the golf cart/UTV, at the time of an infraction, the owning member will be subject to the penalties.

If the golf cart/UTV is driven by a member, who is not the owner of the golf cart/UTV, at the time of an infraction, the driver causing the infraction will be subject to the penalties.

If the golf cart/UTV is driven by a guest at the time of an infraction, the quest's sponsoring member will be subject to the penalties.

1st offense - 30 days Suspension of ALL golf cart/UTV operating privileges

2nd offense - 60 days Suspension of ALL golf cart/UTV operating privileges

3rd offense - removal of your Golf Cart/UTV and permanent loss of ALL operating privileges



Note:  A separate set of rules apply to Golf Carts operated by LLMA Security Team while they are on duty. 


Campsite Restrictions:


Any member or guest causing any damage to property within the Development will be charged with the cost or repairs.

SPEED LIMIT IS 5 MPH throughout the entire park.

Section 1.  All campsites, whether occupied or unoccupied, and any improvements placed thereon shall at all times be maintained in such a manner as to prevent their becoming unsightly by reason of unattractive growth  on such campsite or the objectionable accumulation of rubbish or debris thereon.

Section 2.  No building, fence, wall or other structure shall be erected nor shall any exterior addition to, or chance, or alteration therein be made by anyone without prior approval of the Leisure Lake Board of Directors.

 Section 3.  No owner shall burn trash, garbage or other  like household refuse on any campsite, nor shall any owner accumulate litter, refuse, or garbage, except in receptacles made for that purpose.  Trash pickup is not provided.  All trash must be placed within dumpsters.  Not on surrounding areas.   

Section 4.  No obnoxious or offensive or illegal activities shall be conducted by any member, their guests and/or their children.

Section 5.  No Rover/member may use the same campsite for more than (2) consecutive weeks without being subject to additional charges.

Section 6.  No owner may use a sewer lot for more than two (2) consecutive weeks.  Must then be off four (4) consecutive weeks.

Section 7.  No motor vehicles of ANY TYPE shall be operated off the roads within the Development; except in case of an emergency.

Section 8.  Any recreational vehicle to be placed on any campsite must be approved by the Leisure Lake Board of Directors.  No home made vehicles or converted buses, motorbikes, dirt-bikes, mini-bikes, or similar vehicles will be permitted within the Development.  GAS driven golf carts will be permitted subject to approval by the Board of Directors.  

Section 9.  No more than one tent and one recreational vehicle will be permitted on any campsite.  Two tents are permitted on one site.

Section 10.  No animals or livestock of any description, except the usual household pets, shall be kept on any campsite or area of the Development, you the owner are responsible for cleaning up after your pet.  Failure to comply will result in your pet (s) remaining within the boundary of your site.

Section 11.  No stripped down, partially wrecked or junk motor vehicle or sizeable part thereof, and no discarded or abandoned material of any kind shall be permitted to be parked or stored upon any campsite or along any service driveway, street, park area within the Development.

Section 12.  No open fires shall be permitted of any kind on any campsite except within the confines of a fire ring or fireplace, a pit or a clear place of ground or a metal cooking device.

Section 13.  No vehicle of any type may be driven or towed in a reckless manner on or along any street or service driveway within the development.  All vehicles must observe speed restriction and noise limitations throughout the park.

Section 14.  NO HUNTING or SHOOTING OF FIREARMS is permitted on any campsite or within the development.

Section 15.  Children under 18 years of age must be at the campsite at dark or accompanied by a parent or responsible adult.

Section 16.  NO BIKE RIDING is permitted by adult or child AFTER DUSK

Section 17.  Members are responsible for their children and guests.  Members MUST be present the entire time their guest is in the park.

Section 18.  All outdoor clothes poles, clothes lines and similar equipment shall be so placed or screened by shrubs as not to be visible from any street, service driveway or common area within Leisure Lake Park.

Section 19.  ALL members must register at the clubhouse.  Every member MUST be out of the Park for at least 60 days per year.  This is governed by the Portage County Zoning Board. 

A new policy is being worked on to set fines for violations.  Amounts of fines will be determined by the severity of the violation.  


Pool Regulations:




All persons entering the pool area must sign in.  Whether or not you are swimming, you must sign in.  Anyone caught in the pool area without signing in will be suspended from the pool.

All persons using the pool must take a shower before entering the pool.

Any person having an infectious or communicable disease is prohibited from using the pool.

Persons having open blisters, cuts, etc, are advised NOT to use the pool.

Spitting, spouting water, blowing the nose or discharging of bodily waste in the pool is strictly prohibited.

Running, boisterous or rough play or excessive noise is forbidden in the pool area, showers or dressing areas.

No blue jeans shorts and/or tee shirts will be permitted.  Official swim wear only.  Infants are NOT permitted in pool wearing diapers.

Approved floatation devices only. (no fun noodles)

Dogs and other animals are NOT permitted in the pool building.

Management reserves the right to refuse admittance to, or eject from the pool, any persons failing to comply with any of the above health and safety regulations.


mail to: webmaster@leisurelakepark.com with questions or comments about this web site.
Last modified: 01/01/2015