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Leisure Lake Park Membership Information

Leisure Lake Park is a private membership park that is open all year round and one of the most affordable campgrounds in the area.  Take a moment to review our rate
 and membership information for the 2019 camping season. 



Leisure Lake Park Membership Information

Leisure Lake Park is a private membership park that is open all year round and one of the most affordable campgrounds in the area.  Take a moment to review our rate and membership information for the 2019 camping season. 

Rover Deeds

 Rovers have a percentage of phase 1.3.4.& 5 and have to move every two weeks.  Campers are only allowed two weeks on a sewer lot, then four weeks, off a sewer lot.  If you do not move unit within the time limit, there well be a $10.00 per day charge until it is moved.

Definition of Paid Rover Membership

These are allowed lots approved by Board Members, to allow a member to stay on a designated lot for an additional fee.  They are responsible for their upkeep.
Please keep in mind, YOU DO NOT OWN THESE LOTS.  

 Membership Rates:

There is a initial memberships fee of  $ 1,500.00

Thereafter the annual membership dues of, $800.00 for permanent or paid rover members  and $1400.00 for sewered lot members.  

Rental Prices as of July 13, 2019

1.  All rentals (Hamlets) must be made by a member in good standing.

2.  The member must be on LL property while the guest is in the park.

3.  They must read and complete a rental agreement.

4.  Members, make the reservations at the office.


Hamlets                                                    $65.00 per side per night.  Both sides of the Hamlets sleep at least 4-6 people.

Pool Pavilion                                            $100.00 per event

Horseshoe Pavilion                                  $100.00 per event

Club House Main Hall & Kitchen            $100.00 per event

Tent Camping                                           $15.00 without electric each site per night
                                                                  $20.00 with electric each site per night


Membership Information:

With your initial membership fee and paid annual dues, you and your family may enjoy the many amenities that Leisure Lake Park has to offer. 

Your guests may wish to spend a camping weekend at Leisure Lake Park.  As your guest, they may rent one of our units that begin  May 1st through January 1st for $65 per night, $395 a week (7days).  January 1st through April 30th (no running water) for $40 per night, or $240 per week (7days). Or your guests may bring a camper or tent camp on a lot for $15.00 per day. Electric will be an extra $5.00. 

Permanent Lots:

Permanent owners have designated lots and are responsible for their upkeep.  These lots must have recorded deeds and a copy of the deed must be on file at the club house.  These lots become available from time to time and are usually sold by the owner with the membership included.  When selling your lot you will need a Quit Claim Deed and the description of the property click here for that information. The Quitclaim Deed and the description need to be recorded at the Ravenna Court House.  

Portage County Administration Bldg.
 449 South Meridian Street
 Ravenna, OH 44266

Go to 3rd floor first: Tax Map Department
then 5th floor: Auditor's Office (Real Estate Transfer Dept = $.50
Recorder's Office: $28.00 for first two pages
                               $8.00 for ea. additional page
(Prices subject to change at any time)


Explanation of your account number:

Sample account number:

PPR    123 -   1234   Lot 123   RD4
\      /  \     /    \      /  \            /  \      /
 \    /    \   /      \    /    \          /    \    /
   1        2         3           4            5

1.  P = Perm, PR = Paid Rover, S = Sewer, and R = Rover
     Multiple memberships could result in any combination of these.

2.  RV id Number - this should be placed on an RV window closest to the road and on your golf cart.
     This number identifies you if we should need to contact you. (i.e. damage to your property).

3.  Your gate code number.  Because we do not want you to pass out your personal number, you can request a temporary
      number to be set up for special events (i.e. graduation parties, family reunions).

4.  Your Lot number (s) if you are a Perm, Paid Rover, or assigned to a sewered lot.
     Rovers will NOT have a lot number.

5.  The type of membership you own:
     RD = Recorded deed followed by the Phase your deed is recorded in. (i.e. Phase 4).
     MA = Membership agreement followed by the date you signed the agreement. 


mail to: webmaster@leisurelakepark.com with questions, comments or feedback about our park or web site..
     Last modified: 03/01/2018