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Q - Recently there was a post discussing discipline handed out by the BOD to a member.

A - One of the most important responsibilities of the BOD is to ensure that our park is safe and family friendly. Sometimes, members or guests violate the rules of the park. The constitution requires the BOD to adhere to Roberts rules of Order. When discussing disciplinary isues, the rules state that the BOD must protect the identity and decision by conducting these in an executive session. One of two actions come out of the meeting. 1) There is enough evidence from statements and / or BOD members to discuss and vote on an action. 2) There is not enough evidence and the BOD will notify the accused of there right to a hearing. Once these steps are followed, if the member does not agree with the decisions, they are entitled to an appeal. The BOD will not discuss these decisions with anyone other than the accused. LLMA BOD Kent Tompkins - President

  Q - Can anyone tell me if there are any sewer lots available? We have been looking at new campers and are not sure if we could buy one without holding tanks. Thanks in advance.

A - Joanne handles the available lots, you can email her at joannetreasurerllma@yahoo.com

Q. - Several members have inquired as to the parks rule regarding more than one family member on the board at the same time: 

   A. - Article XIV Elections - item 14.5 - Not more than one family member shall be permitted on the Executive Board of Dire

 at any one time. Article XI Establishment of Directors: 11.3 The Board of Directors shall consist of four (4) Executive Officers: President, Vice

 President, Secretary and Treasurer, along with five (5) Trustees, whose duties shall be governed by this constitution.
All nominees are eligible under the constitution.

Q. - Kent, Has the install of a newspaper vending box ever been contemplated, either at the main gate or the clubhouse? I know it wouldn't provide much income for the park but the convenience for the members for news (not to mention kindling) would be a plus! Thanks

A. - First time it has been asked /mentioned that I know of, we will look into it, if anyone has information, please have them contact me.

 Q. - I would like to know why i had to pay to use the tractor that is supposed to be the parks to use as long as you are a member than i thought it was a donation if you wanted to give !! I want to know why are L.L. is taking bids for gravel? I thought that's what that big dump truck that the members paid for was for! Not just to plow and haul wood in the park !!! Who says how much to pay to use this stuff. Thank you.

A. - The membership votes for officers and trustees to run the business of the park. All of these issues are discussed and voted, or decided on at the monthly board meetings. Bidding on purchases over 1K is required by the constitution. The use of the dump truck for this task as well as others has been discussed in length. - Answered by Kent Tompkins

Q. - Someone is to be flagging our property lines due to a neighbors request, does anyone know where that stands at this time?

   Our lot number is 361. We have gravel scheduled to be delivered so it is important that we have this info.

A. - Leisure Lake Park has a volunteer lot committee that assists the board in these matters. The "lot lines" are controlled by the operators of the park per the Ohio revised code for campground licensing. Since most of our volunteers work during the week, these matters need to be scheduled during the weekends. Kent Tompkins - President

Q. - Quick question: I have a deeded lot I am looking to sell along with my membership....how would I go about doing this?

I love Leisure Lake but we do not have the money for dues right now and its an hour away from us and we wouldn't be

able to use it much anyways....


A. - Hi Zac, we are sorry to hear that you will be leaving LLP, there are several options as well as some specific requirements that you need to follow when selling your deeded interest and if you email me at llmapresident@hotmail.com.  I will have an officer contact you to assist. There is information at: http://www.leisurelakepark .com/Constitution.htm specifically section Article II Membership Definition and section Article III New Membership Requirements. President Kent Tompkins

Q. - I am interested in purchasing a camper and lot if anyone or anyone you know has one for sale please contact me 

 leave me a message on facebook.

A. -  LLP provides a for sale page on its website //www.leisurelakepark.com and a quick check shows one listed. We encourage all members to list these items here as well. Kent

Q. -  wondering if any more is being done about the offer from Jim Sanders (SANDERS EXCAVATING)

to work on our "BAD" lake. should grab that up in a heart-beat...

A. - The desire to have the lake back is in the mix with correcting flooding, finishing comfort stations, and electrical upgrades. The LLMA BOD discusses these issues with regularity and is moving forward as quickly as time and funds allow. Kent

Q. - Wow what street is that on? Thanks guys for all the hard work you do to make our summers at LL a little bit better.  

A. - Repairs are being made from Shasta Lane to East Wilderness Lane this is an emergency repair . East Wilderness Lane has no power or 1/2 power. Help Electric is running 600 feet of new line with extra pipe for future upgrade, Jim C LLMA VP

Q. - I would like to know who is paying for Ohio Edison coming out Saturday to fix the electric? Thank you

A. - The contractor is the one who will be paying for the service call, thanks for caring - Kent Tompkins - President

Q. - Why didn't the park make any money on all of the trailers that just got hauled out of here and sold for scrap????

A. - There are many details to this process including legal and privacy issues that have been discussed in detail at the board meetings, it is not appropriate to discuss this for legal and privacy laws on this public format - Thank you for your interest - Kent Tompkins - President

Q. - Can anyone tell me if the pool pavilion is rented for the 7th of August?

A. - The best time to find this out is during the weekend office hours Saturday and Sunday, 10:00am till 2:00pm, this is were the reservation books are kept.

Q. - Please inform your guests that they will be required to register at the gate. Kent Tompkins - President
Will you be charging guests a fee?

A. - Only if you are renting a lot, guests staying with members will not be charged - Kent - President

Q. - Has any word came in about abandoned lots? When can action be taking to move them? or sale?

 A. - President Kent Tompkins - This involves legalities that are in process with no time table as of this time do to current work load on the volunteers working on this as well as the costs to the membership. Any information that you or any other member has on the "missing" members would be helpful.

Q. -  Can A guest of mine rent one of the cabins?

A. - The procedure for this is in 4 steps 1. all rentals must be made by a member in good standing

 2. The member must be in L L while the guest are in the park 3. read and complete the rental agreement

4. make a deposit at the office.

Q. - Will I be charged to use the pavilion?

A. - Any function which includes 15 NON-members at the function will cost $100.00 to rent.

Q. - When will the camp ground be open?

A. - The camp ground is open for camping all year, so whenever you are up to the challenge! I used to tent camp in the winter, brrrr.........Kent

Q. - How can get new gravel on my street to fill in the holes?

A. - Kent Tompkins - President - Over the past years, gravel was replaced only when it was an emergency, and the funds were available. The current board has put gravel replacement into the operation budget as well as the capital improvement budget. This needs approval by the membership at the April meeting. Eventually, it will all be operations, but this will take a few years. Our road trustee will be making an inspection and recommendation as to where the gravel is needed; any member can participate in this process by filling out a capital improvement suggestion form.


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