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     Park Offerings

Leisure Lake Park offers all year round camping with approximately  100 acres of campgrounds for your camping pleasure.  The Park offers an indoor, Olympic size, heated pool, club house, miniature golf course, tennis courts, basketball courts, hiking and golf cart trails and much, much, more...

Here is a glimpse of our park in the Spring. Click on picture to enlarge.


Click on one of the following links for more information...

 Activities and Events for the 2019 season.

Follow this link to view our activities and events scheduled for the 2019 camping season.    Our park is open all year round, so your camping experience isn't limited to just the spring and summer season.

Rental Units

Follow this link to view and obtain information about our rental units.  As a member your guests are entitled to rent one of our units for their own comfort.

Golf Carts 

Follow this link to view our golf cart rules and regulations.  Always use care when operating any motorized vehicle.  Safety always comes first!

Indoor Heated Olympic Size Pool

Follow this link to view our new indoor heated Olympic size pool and to obtain information regarding the use of the pool.  Take a day or two with you and your family to enjoy the pool.


Safe Camping Tips

Follow this link to view some of our safe camping tips and tricks.  We take seriously the safety and comfort of you and your family.


Meet our Board of Directors

Follow this link to meet our Board of Directors.  They work on a continuous basis to ensure that our park is kept to high standards for your enjoyment.

Membership Rates and Specials for 2019

Follow this link to obtain more information about our membership rates and specials.


Park Office

Follow this link to obtain information regarding our Park Office and hours of operation.  An office attendant will always be happy to answer your Park related questions.


Follow this link to view information regarding pets on the campgrounds.  Although we welcome your pet, care must be taken to protect other members the park.

Trailers / Lots for Sale and Available Rover Sites

Follow this link to view trailers and lots that are currently for sale at our park.  The park is not limited to the purchase of a lot and you may wish to check out some of our permanent and temporary rover sites.