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The BOD would like to thank the members and their guests for cooperating with the honor system for

 the ice machine. There is still some ice left, and we will keep the machine plugged in until it is gone.

As it seemed to work well this year, we will continue to use the honor system next year. Thanks again!

 LLMA Board

As we have discussed at the past 2 membership meetings, we are trying to implement

an emergency contact program. Please provide us with the following updated information so if need be, we can contact members in an emergency situation.

We have been informed by Republic Services/Allied Waste that no railroad ties are to be put into the
 dumpsters. Thanks for your cooperation. Lisa



      1.   2018 Membership Meeting Dates: April8, July 8"', and October 14h.
2.    Dues and assessments are to be paid in full no later than May 1st.
3.   Gate Cards will be de
activated for any member whose account is not paid in full by May 1st.
4.   The leisure Lake web site (www.leisurelakepark.
com. and Facebook page (Leisure Lake Park) are a great source of information.
5.    Please obey (and have your guest(s) obey) the 5 mph speed limit in the park.
6.    You must be in the park for your guests to be in the park.
7.    From Paris Township Zoning Board: All members are required to sign in and out weekly or every visit.
8.  PLEASE KEEP YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION UP TO DATE (ADDRESS/PHONE #). This is for your benefit. If there is any emergency with
     your camper
, we need to be able to contact you.

 Your Officers and Trustees work tirelessly to keep the park functioning and meet member's needs. Please come to the office (during Office hours) to schedule any non-emergency requests. There are forms available and your request will be forwarded to the proper trustee. If an emergency occurs, the Officer on Duty and/ or any board member will be glad to offer their assistance.

ELECTRICAL BlLLING electric bills come out the SECOND SATURDAY of each month May through November, then February and May for the winter months. All billing dates will be posted on the web site and the bulletin board by the office. Remember It Is the member's responsibility to obtain their bills for payment. Payment options are: check, credit card, bank on line payments, providing a self-addressed, stamped envelope or, prepaying your account. PLEASE KNOW THE PROCESS_

Rover Dues -$600.00 + 5.00 per night for electric usage
id Rover and Permanent Dues -$800.00 + 15.00 meter reading fee (per electric: meter) Paid Rover on Sewe
r Site -$1,400.00 + $IS.00 meter reading fee (per electric: meter) For any questions regarding your M!. call 330-268-9694 ...leave your name and phone number and Brenda will call you back. All other questions should be directed to a board member_

GATE CODES FOR PERSONAL EVENTS: Please notify the office at least one week prior to your personal events in the campground (i.e. graduation parties, weddings, family reunions) so we can provide a gate code for your guests. Be sure to Include the date of your event.

DUE DATE OF YEARLY MEMBERSHIP DUES: Please remember that May 1-is the last day that payment is considered on time. Any payments postmarked on Of before May 1-will be considered on time. There is no grace period. The office will be opened on Saturday, April 28'" and Sunday April 29'" from 10:00 AM to 2;00 PM. and then on Tuesday. May 1-from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM. NO payments will be accepted after office hours. You are considered late after this time and a 10% late fee will be levied.

ENCROACHMENT: We still have room to grow but need your help by keeping your personal property on your lot. It is making it difficult to show available lots to potential new members if you have overflow on any adjacent lots/green spaces I.e. wood, fire rings or miscellaneous items_ If you need more space, you can purchase an additional Membership.

A WORD FROM THE PRESIDENT: Dale cannon I want to welcome you to the new camping season. Please see below the list of Projected Projects that we need volunteers to help the Trustee' s. look forward to seeing everyone this year and let's have a great year.


There has been a lot accomplished in the past year. The Pool Building restrooms are finished, Pool has been painted, New Gate Card system is in place reducing operating costs, Constitution is almost completed, Bucket Truck was purchased - reducing operating cost - twice as many trees were cut down, Lower Bridge removed to help with the flooding, Sand Volleyball Court was finished, Drainage lines installed, power upgrade in one area completed.

I now have the information needed to put your personal Electric Meters on a residential rate thru Ohio Edison. The Park will have some expense for this to happen and I am hoping to make this a priority this coming year.

If you feel you could Head-up or Assist with projects throughout the year please contact a Board Member.

Projected Projects:

Siding of Buildings

Secondary Access Road

Splitting Wood

Replacing the Split Rail Fence

Tile around the Pool

Cleaning of the Clubhouse

Air conditioning the Clubhouse (waiting Membership Approval)

Fix Horseshoe Pavilion

Repair Pool Pavilion roof

Helping the Activities Trustee, Assisting Coast to Coast , Grounds Trustee and Buildings Trustee are always in need from time to time.


Water Trustee: I can use volunteers to help turn on the water at the start of this camping season. A date will be posted. Also, we can use help monitoring the sewer plant this summer.

Building Trustee: Is looking for Volunteers for upkeep and maintenance of the buildings in the park. Please see him the help.

Activities and Special Projects Trustee: We are currently planning the activities and parties for the upcoming season. I have a lot of ideas; some new, some old and many big. If you are interested, please let me know. You can participate as little or as much as you want, every little bit helps. Thank you in advance and I look forward to seeing everyone this spring.

Security/Trees Trustee: If you would like to volunteer for the Security Team, please contact me at your earliest convenience so we can have everything in place for the upcoming camping season. Tree Forms are available at the clubhouse to request the removal of trees. If you have previously requested removal of a tree, please fill out a new form for this season so an accurate assessment can be made as to priority. ALL MEMBERS are responsible for understanding and following the Golf Cart Rules, the rules are posted at the Clubhouse. Also, please be sure you and your guests are following the 5 MPH speed limit while in the park.


Dale Cannon -    leisurepresident@gmail.com 
Gary Kratz - llmavp@outlook.com
Joanne Mociolek- treasurellma@yahoo.com 
Laura Snyder - llmasecretary@gmail.com
Steve Phillips-

Jim Marshal llmawatertrustee@hotmail.com

Leonard Bittner- llmabuildingtrustee@gmail.com

Mike Farrel - specialproiectsllma@gmail.com

Dave Simons llmatrees@gmail.com



  We at Leisure Lake Park  have taken a considerable amount of time to ensure that our site will answer the majority of your questions.  This site will be constantly updated as we add new events to our 2019 schedule, update pictures as the seasons change, and provide up-to-date information regarding our park. Please remember that your park will be as nice as our volunteers make it.  Have you done your part to make it as nice as you would like it?  

Leisure Lake Park is a private membership owned park that offers all round camping at one of the most affordable rates around.  Our park has many amenities to offer from a new refurbished heated indoor Olympic size pool to 100 plus of acres campgrounds for your enjoyment.

Electric payment procedures, guidelines, and late fees.  For information on this click here.

Membership meetings are always scheduled at 10:00 a.m. on the 2nd Sunday of the 1st month in each quarter. 


A Reminder for Our Rover Members:

If your camper remains in the park, it is YOUR responsibility to move it every two weeks during the summer (weather permitting).  If you do not move it every two weeks, the campground will move it for you and you will be billed $20.00 each time the campground has to move your camper.


   Important Notice:          Pit Bulls,  Rotts, and/or any aggressive dogs are NOT permitted on Leisure Lake Property.  

Owners violating these rules will be notified in writing by the Board of Directors.  Repeated violations may result in membership suspension.
All dogs (that are permitted in the park) MUST be kept on a leash.  


Would you like to help keep your annual dues low?
When a member volunteers their labor...that's money saved because we don't have to hire someone.  We know that everyone can't volunteer labor due to health and work schedules; but did you know that you could help in other way's?  When a member donates a case of copy paper, that's one case of paper we don't have to purchase.  When a member donates gas for lawn mowers...again, money saved.  When  a member donates non-perishable items (like paper towels, foil, dish soap, baggies, coffee) to the kitchen, that's not only money saved, it helps earn more.  How much did you save your park last year?...Better yet...What will you be donating to help keep your dues low...labor, gas, etc?

Thank you once again for visiting our web site.  May you and your family one of the most enjoyable and safe camping season's ever.

HONOR OUR TROOPS:  You may have a loved one on activity duty for our country.  We wish all of our troops currently serving our country the best and a safe return home.  If you wish to share a picture or letter that you've sent, please contact us and we will post it on the web site.  Click on the "Honor Our Troops" button above, and you will be taken to the web page that will hold the pictures and letters.  We do reserve the right to edit all material submitted or refuse posting of inappropriate material.



Work Weekend:    A small portion of the membership showed and participate in the activities that needed completed.  We would like to remind all members that Leisure Lake Park is the first weekend of each month.  We shouldn't have to ask for volunteers on a continual basis to keep YOUR park in top notch shape.  As part owner, it's your obligation.  We also understand that some members physically can't do the work that is needed to be done.  But if you can not volunteer for the labor, please bring a covered dish and enjoy lunch with those who can.  They will appreciate your efforts and you'll feel good knowing you contributed.