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2nd Qtr Leisure Lake membership meeting

April 11th 2010 10:00am

President Kent Tompkins verified a quorum had been established and called the meeting to order.

Roll call -Cheryl Farrell

Attendees: Kent Tompkins: President, Jim Cox: Vice President

Cheryl Farrell: Secretary, Joanne Mociolek: Treasurer

Trustees: Mike Cszonka, Mike Farrell, Bill Grubb, Jerry Deruyter, Joe Lewis

Kent Tompkins ask Cheryl to read the minutes from the last meeting which no quorum had been established and was therefore a informational meeting.

Presidents report:

President Kent Tompkins took a moment to remember those that had passed away within the last few months.

President Kent Tompkins took a moment to thank everyone on the board for all their work as well as all volunteers and committees who took the time out to do a great job.

Kent informed everyone that a lot committee has been formed.

Kent informed everyone that any member that has an individual problem needs to come before the board to address the problem.

Kent stated that our park is a park to be proud of and a fun place to go.

Everyone needs to communicate with each other.

Kent stated that this past year he has seen a lot of growth. 88 people did get involved in volunteering their time on work weekend as well as non work weekend.

Kent will continue to fulfill Jeff’s dream and goals for the park.

Kent will also continue to support Vice President Jim Cox

Kent ask everyone to ask themselves if they are doing something on their lot or in the park is this fair to my neighbor or the park ?

Kent stated that one of his goals was to have a process in place so that when the time comes for him to step down, it would be a smooth transfer.

Kent stated the well house is now finished as well as the mens bathroom in the clubhouse.

The board is here to do what the members want to do.

During their trip to lake village they realized how unorganized this park was. There were cars parked in the mud.

The budget reports will be more detailed this year with itemizing things such as

a. Updating roads

b. activities fund

c.kitchen break down etc

Electric: Having volunteers read the electric meters was not a good idea that is why don from H.E.L.P electric is reading the meters at a very low rate of $12.00 a year per meter.

The trustees are spending a great deal of time on putting on stickers and locking down meters.

Calling members is to restricted as well as mailing is way to costly.

Several letters were sent out due to hard wiring on their site however we do feel no one was stealing electric.The following members will be able to create a legal guideline for the electric: Merna Endelginer, Gary Kratz, Charlie Guthridge, Don (H.E.L.P)

An outside consultant is a good way to go.

Kent ask the members to remember that they need to go before a board member before any work is done on their site.

Kent then moved on to the zoning permit issues.

Conditional zoning is what we have.

permit we have now is no good.

Leisure Lake never reapplied for a permit.

Complaints were filed that we have residents living here.

There is a zoning committee;

Tom Wolff Brad Dunn Kent Tompkins Joanne

Mark Irons is from the zoning board.

Enforcement on some issues needs to be carried out from all members. They are as follows:



Paris twp will be in at any random time to enforce this.

Paris Twp would like to maintain us as a park.

Bob Mills stated that any member staying in the summer leaving in the winter should never say they are living in the park. How about saying you are staying in the park.

Lots need to be marked

The park needs to take responsibility for this.

Bob Mills stated that security would help out on the sign in sheets.

Doug Miller stated 60 days in 24 days out

Brad Dunn 60 days consecutive

240 days in out 4 months total a year

How do we know if they are signing in? We don’t

Board needs to police this

Members from the park need to stop complaint to Mark Irons this is not helping.

He would like to see the park handle the complaints.

Lynn Barbie asks what about the people who plow or security will this affect them?

Brad suggested to rotate these people

Bob Mills feels Jim Cox should be ok however he would still need to rotate as well.

Sign in sheets will be removed on Sunday evening so a new sheet could be present.

At this time Kent introduced Vice President Jim Cox

Capital improvements:

Well house this needs to be maintained for state inspections

Mens bathroom is complete

upcoming improvements:

laundry room

cover on electrical #185 safety hazard

Butt house looking for suggestions on this


Bill Grubb took the spot of Jim Cox

Cheryl -cleaning committee

We have a member who will head this up we still need more volunteers. Please if you have a complaint on how dirty the bathrooms are ask for some cleaner we will be happy to give this to you. This is your park to.

Dee Wurtz: Lot committee

Needs volunteers Ask if anyone seeing flags do not remove them they are marking the lots.

Activities director Maryann Tompkins was absent today Kent Tompkins spoke on her behalf.

Maryann would like all events to be successful

She would support all people who would like to help.

Write down any ideas and be sure she gets them.

Treasures report Joanne :




Audit was done by Brad Dunn and Tammi Kratz all was found to be good.

Electric sheets were given to all members for an update.

Kitchen will be open next weekend.

Lori Miller and Diane Wolff will be cooking on the holiday weekends.

Joanne then thanked Sue Cox and Pat Dietrick for the help in cleaning the kitchen.

Pat Dietrick then gave the budget report which was handed out. The budget report was itemized out so everyone would understand it.

Reading the meters was put in the budget.

The drawing for the energizer basket was done and the winner was Ackerman on lot#120

Jerry then took the floor to remind everyone about illegal plates on boats trailers and cars. They need to be plated or removed.

Holiday weekends guest registration will be done. This year we are requesting driver’s licenses as well as lot # they will be at.

Tom Wolff was confused on the budget for the time frame.

Pat stated that extra money included in budget. cd not recorded in the budget.

Some of the money in savings is for next year

Calendar year April1st thru march31st

Dee Wurtz made a motion to accept the budget 2nd by Pat Dietrick

A vote was then taken results are as follows:

for 68


Budget was passed

Randy Vessey questioned the use of the dump truck

Joe Lewis handles this and does have a list of people who can drive this.

Any gravel purchased for the park :

We will have three sealed bids for the gravel

Log splitter is in bad shape and needs repaired.

motion to adjourn the meeting by Bob Mills 2nd by Randy Vessey





Respectfully submitted

Cheryl Farrell

Cheryl Farrell

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