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JULY 11TH 2010 10:00AM

President Kent Tompkins verified a quorum had been established and called the meeting to order at 10:11am.

Cheryl Farrell did the role call

Attendees: Kent Tompkins-presidnet,Jim Cox- vice president, Joanne Mociolek- treasurer, Cheryl Farrell- secretary,

Trustees: Mike Farrell, Mike Cszonka, Jerry Deruder, Joe Lewis, Bob Mills

Cheryl Farrell read the minutes of the April 11th, 2010 meeting.

Kent Tompkins took a minute to welcome all the members to the meeting.

Lee Stevenson took a moment to read a passing of Jeff Stevensons “paper” thanking everyone for all their support as well as welcoming Kent as your new president. However Kent Tompkins did finish the letter for Lee.

Kent took a moment remembering all the passing of members as well as member’s families.

Kent then informed the members that the reason for the green on the lake was caused from lack of oxygen. The big bubbler in the lake should get rid of the nitrogen. We are still treating the lake with chemicals.

Specific volunteer leads are as follows:

Frank Unkaford- grounds

Rex King -lake

Dan Carpenter - pool & electronic security

Gary Kratz – electrical committee

Tom Wolfe & Brad Dunn- Consulting

Pat Detrick- electrical billing

Maryann Tompkins - activities

Kent informed the members that we would be selling wood to park members.

Wayne Rhinehart ask for how much?

Jim Cox replied $50.00-non split

Kent then made his opening statement letting the members know he will give any member time at the end of the meeting, this meeting is to update the members on the condition of the park, as well as any changes, capital improvements.

Kent also reminded everyone that this meeting we will be nominating new members for various expiring positions.

Being a board member means being social, dedicated, organized and commitment.

You are here today not only because you care about the park but because you care about what is going on.

So with saying that, since you are this meeting, you are probably qualified. Holidays and security:

Memorial weekend we had 600 guests in the park as well as over 300 vehicles. .A security company was hired in to be at the gate from the hours of 10:00pm to 10:00am.

We also hired in a experimental cleaning crew to help out during the month of July. Joanne spent a lot of time on Craig’s list getting estimates. Having the cleaning crew in the comfort station on a regular basis is a basic expectation for any member or guest. Hamletts are only cleaned after they are used.

Pool trainee: Dan carpenter has informed us he will be stepping down slowly over the next year or so. We are in need of some new volunteers to step forward to take over. This would require a full time member or else it will have to source it out. The health dept requires this.

Dan has stated he will be there to guide someone in the training.

New forms have been passed out and everyone was required to sign stating they have received them. Those new policies are as follows:




NEW ZONING PERMIT- Hanging on the wall as well as in the files.

Doug miller questioned the off road policy

Kent stated this is a written rule

Pat Detrick stated it is in the constitutuion :

Lot committee chairperson ;Dee Wurtz has stepped down and we are in need of a new chair person.

Joe Mociolek has volunteered for the position.

Treasures report:

cd $46,999.54

checking: $5,859.89

operations: $2,204.65

We currently have 10 new members

Books were audited by Jerry and Mike Farrell books were fine.

Joanne thanked all the volunteers for their help in the kitchen.

Carry over money:

Comfort station on the hill needs to be torn down or redone. We are in the process of getting bids.

Jim Cox: Welcomed all new members and thanked all members for their time and help.

Capital improvements:

1. Mens and women’s comfort station

We have spent $4,273.00

Jim thanked Jerry Deruyter for overseeing this capital improvement and all who helped.

Roads: We have spent $8,179.00

Jim thanked Joe Lewis for a job well done.

Electrical disconnect building:

We have spent $215.00

Jim thanked Mike Farrrell and Mark Stawici for making this happen.


We have spent $4,532.00

Jim thanked Rex King for taking on this project.

New comfort station:

We have spent $350.00

The ventilation inside the lower comfort station needed improving.

Jim thanked Dave Booth on his research and getting this done.


We have spent $5,675.00

Jim thanked Jerry Deruyter and Bob Mills for a good job.

We have sold some logs and recieved $1,109.00

All buildings have been repainted thanks to Bob Mills and all the members who stepped up to make this happen.

Signs: We have spent $1,137.00

List of projects in planning stage:

Butt hut $1000.00

Kitchen commercial ovens $2000.00

Bridge we have no estimates at this time; we are talking to two contractors.

A swimming pool circulating pump is needed.

Outdoor patio by the pool

Dog park - Jim asked for additional information and assist on this.

Opening of lots around Tag Along Dr. We need to improve the electrical and ground drainage $15,000.00

Jerry Deruyter took a moment to thank all the volunteers who helped with security.

Kent Tompkins filled in for Maryann for the activities stating he wanted to thank everyone for their help and has ask for more help from the volunteers. Kids carnival is coming up and the golf outing is this coming weekend.

At this time Kent Tompkins read the positions that will be open for nominations:



Randy Vessey - accepted

Mike Cszonka- accepted

Randy Cox -accepted

Jerry Deruyter-accepted

Quinton Chillers-accepted

Mike Farrell-accepted

Dan Carpenter-declined

Joe Mociolek-declined

Mark Stawici-declined

Frank Uncaford-accepted

Dave Booth-declined

Cliff Martin-declined

Dee Wurtz-declined


Cheryl Farrell-accepted

Beth Boggs-declined

Dee Wurtz-declined

Janet Lopez-declined


Kent Tompkins-accepted

Dee Wurtz-declined

At this time Kent ask if any member would like time:

Bill Williams ask if we could do a absentee ballot?

Dee Wurtz said it would have to be put in the constitution.

Doug Miller ask for the past count in the Oct 2009 voting

Bob Mills would like to see the horseshoe pit shut down after twelve midnight.

Brenda would like to see all guests be charged when using a lot other than the members.

Dee Wurtz reminded everyone about Pieres patio will be open next week with pancakes for breakfast.

Lynn Barbie reminded everyone of the speed limit in the park also about the carnival coming up Donations are needed as well as volunteers.

Kent Tompkins called the meeting second by Cheryl Farrell.

Respectfully Submitted

Cheryl Farrell

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