APRIL 10, 201610:10am


Brenda Lallathin stated a quorum has been established.


Roll Call:Present-President, Laurie Miller; Vice President, Gary Kratz; Treasurer, Joanne Mociolek; Trustees, Quentin Childers, Nick Hogue & Joe Mociolek.Excused Absence:Secretary, Lisa Phillips; & Trustees, Dave Herchek & Steve Phillips.


Presidents Report:

Laurie Miller welcomed back all the members from Florida.

Report on Comfort Station-the ceiling is up and painted, also inside walls are painted.The electrical work is completed.All the accessories have been ordered and will be installed as soon as they come in.We are down to little things to complete then will call for our final inspection. Target date for completion is June 1st.


At one of the Board Meetings at the end of last season members brought up that they would like to have Absentee Voting for elections.†† Instead of Absentee Voting we can up with the idea of Amendment changes to the constitution. These Amendments will be posted, 50 signatures are needed, then posted again for 45 days for members review and vote on at the July Membership Meeting.The changes are:voting will take place the last Saturday in August and the first Saturday in September, time and place to be announced.Voting results will be posted the first Sunday in September.Another change is to increase the Election Committee to four (4) members appointed by the Board, instead of three (3) members.This change in voting will give the board a 4/5 week transition period for the officers/trustees elect to learn their position before they are sworn in at the October Membership Meeting.These changes will be voted on at the July Membership Meeting. It will give more people an opportunity to vote and will be done before the members leave for the winter.Laurie will be going around for signatures and will gladly answer questions you might have.It was questioned if this was Absentee Voting or regular voting.Laurie indicated this is regular voting for election of new board members.


Sewer Plant - Over the winter we did a retro fit of our Lift Station and spent almost $25,000 to do this.We have two (2) new 7.5 horsepower pumps at the lift station, new blower motors, new rail system, almost everything is new for the sewer plant.Hopefully we will not have the problems we had this past season and wonít have to pour more money into it.Laurie asked members not to put feminine hygiene products and/or baby wipes into the tiolets-they donít go away-they just clog things up.Do not put them in the toilets in the restroom or in your campers-they end up in the same place and clog everything up.Laurie thanked members who helped suck out the lift station till the new equipment was installed and it was back up running-it was over 2 weeks.



Vice President Report-Gary Kratz

We have a list of projects from the board and members that need completed this year.We need the members help, the board can not do it all alone.

Finish the New Comfort Station

Lower Pavilion-roof is uneven and posts have sunk.Need to square the building up before we can pour the concrete floor.Also improve lighting.

Vinyl Siding is ordered for Sales Building and gable ends of lower pavilion.

Womenís Restroom in Pool Building-Need to revamp, take down to the studs and start over.Might have to tear up the concrete floor.

Pool-Needs drained, sanded, repainted and refilled with new water.The safety drain was done last summer and is OK-we did a 5 yr. drain cover.The work will be done at the end of the season and we might have to hire some of it out.Member questioned if we need to replace the water now or wait till end of this season.Dan said water is OK for this season. Cost of drain was around $200.Suggested every time we replace the water we replace the drain.Also asked how long we can leave the pool empty-about a month.We got a quote of around $10,000 for prep and painting.

Tables & Booths-We purchased at the end of last season from a business that was closing.Booths need some work and we need help installing them in the Clubhouse.

Bocce Ball Court-Needs work, the pea gravel is getting all over the court.We need to remove the gravel and plant grass.

Sewer Plant-The wooded cover needs to removed, so sides can be scrapped.Help is needed.


Important Message from Laurie Miller

We had a fire in the park yesterday.Please unplug any electric heaters you have running.Do not leave them plugged in when you leave?We donít know if that was what caused the fire but it is suspect.

Also if you change your cell # or home phone # please come to the office and update your information.There is a form on the counter, fill it out and turn it in.A member questioned about having insurance to cover a loss to your property or damage to a fellow camperís property.Laurie indicated the park has insurance but we cannot force members to carry insurance, but it is not that expensive and members should have insurance.Gary informed members when using electric heaters check the cords. A lot of time an extension cord is used with heaters.After the heater has been on for a little while, pick up the cord and hold it-if it is hot-its way to small a cord - get a bigger cord.Also the park is allowing the use of the 30amp & 20amp breakers and/or the 50amp & 20amp breakers, not to exceed 70amps going from the meter box to your trailer.Thatís to help protect the info structure wiring going from trailer to trailer.If you add breakers to the box that is considered tamping with the parks power and penalties are involved. We are relying on the circuit breakers and GFI breakers to protect your campers.Can use the 110 outlet for deck wiring.70 amps is a lot of power.See Gary, Charlie Guthridge or Kent if you have any questions on this.A member questioned if trailers are being set properly.The fire was very hot and the camper next to it was damaged-were they too close to one another.Gary indicate the state guideline is 15 feet between structures. A free standing awning open on both sides does not count.So Laurie indicated the trailer was set correctly. There was some discussion about how many feet were required between structures.The members were asked to come to the office and we will review the Ohio Revised Code.


Treasurer Report-Joanne Mociolek

Operation Savings is $91,406.45; Savings Acct. is $5,043.78; Checking Acct. is $10,510.92 for a total of $106,961.15.

The Audit was not done due to the change in the fiscal year.At the end of April, records will be check by the trustees then sent to the accountant for review and tax preparation.Joanne will post the report when done so members are aware of what is going on.


Electrical Assessment- Voted by the members in October, 2008 that every new member coming in would pay $425.00 and all current members would pay $425.00 to meter the whole park.It cost us $133,840.67 to meter the park.The amount collected to date is $133,354.67.I have two (2) new members signing up that will be paying the $425., which will take us up to $134,204.The electrical assessment is now paid for.Joanne stated the original membership fee was $1000.00, then increased to $1,425.00 to cover the electrical assessment.She is asking the membership to now make the Membership Fee a flat $1,500.00 for all new members, this increase will help with park improvements.Joanne made a motion to increase the one time Membership Fee to $1,500.00.Seconded by Dee Rzepka.Any discussion?No questions asked.Laurie indicated we will take the vote by show of hands.All in favor, anyone opposied-No.†† Motion passed effective today.


Office will be opened for a time after the meeting if any needs to pay their dues or check on their electric.Pat Detrick is next to present the budget for 2016-17.


Tom Raudonaitis had questions about purchasing a lot.Did he have to pay the $1,500.00.What if it was a deeded lot-did he have to pay the $1,500 Membership Fee.It was explained that the owner of a deeded lot could sell their deed for what every price wanted, no Membership Fee would be charged, because they purchased a deed.If the lot was open the person/family would purchase a Membership from LLMA for $1,500.Memberships are non-transferrable.Anyone with a membership not wanting to camp anymore would just remove their property and leave-they could not give their membership to anyone else.


2016-17 Proposed Budget

Copies of the proposed budget were on all tables for members to review.Pat Detrick presented and highlighted areas of the budget to the membership and asked if there were any questions. Pat Detrick made a motion that the budget be accepted, seconded by Quentin Childers.All in favor, no opposed, motion passed.


Trustee Reports

Quentin Childers-Building:Already covered by Laurie and Gary

Joe Mociolek-Water:Joe stated the he will be starting the normal maintenance for the sewer and water when the weather breaks.We have AKE to service the sewer plant, sampling and monitoring it.They have the EPA license.AKE told Joe we are one of the top 3 plants they take care out of 25 total.Joe thanked everyone who has helped with the sewer plant.The water is on in the park and a few leaks needrepaired.

Nick Hogue-Special Projects:Thanked his wife Katie for her help with activities and everyone else who helps make our events possible.Also a thank you to Kim Smith for helping with kids activities and a Kick Off to Spring event.Anyone willing to host an event please see Nick and he will get it scheduled.We need help with a Bake Sale on Saturday, May 7th, also need bake goods-please see Kim.Also need help with Poker Runs during the summer.We have several projects this summer Ėrestoring the bocce court, fixing the lower pavilion, making the Putt Putt course nicer. Anyone interested in making a feature for the Putt Putt course please sign up at the Clubhouse.†† Need this completed by May 31st. Nick would like to turn the tennis court into a beach volleyball court .Make it right over the existing surface-no need for demolition.Build a retaining wall and fill it with sand.Is there any interest?A member mentioned the cats using it.Some members were interested. We have bands scheduled for all three (3) holiday weekends this year.

More activities are being planned for the holiday weekends, will get them posted on Facebook and in the Clubhouse as soon as possible.Dave Biener thanked Dale & Eddie Cannon & Dave Simon for the functions they held last year and have scheduled more for this year. Nick needs to know when they are.Joanne informed him they are scheduled and in the book in the office.


Laurie informed members that Spike Smith is running the CAST TEAM this year.Spike asked that anyone wanting to be on the team to please see him.He feels everyone knows the rules and has the same responsible to follow them. He will hold a meeting when park opens-it will be posted on park web site and Facebook.Stressed that everyone do 5MPH in the park.


Brenda clarified that the park doesnít open May 1st Ė it is open year round.


Laurie informed members about tree removal-we had 6 taken down last week.If you know of a deed tree, fill out the form and turn into the office.Bob Mills said this was the third membership meeting that he brought up the limb that is over his camper.Laurie said to put it on the list again, also she will talk with him after the meeting.


Constitution Committee

Laurie introduced Tom Raudonaitis who is Chairmen of this committee.Tom indicated the objective of the committee is to first, review the existing constitution for accuracy & relevance, and second is to make recommendations to the board for amendments to be presented to the membership which we feel make the constitution more current and in line with the campground business.We are open to any and all suggestions and recommendations from the membership.All members are invited to attend and participate in our meetings.Next meeting will be on May 7th at 9:00am.We are also trying to create an archive of all relevant campground documentation.We are reaching out to the members for any paperwork or documentation they feel we should include.We are looking for any Membership Meeting minutes you have for 2001 and July of 2004.This is going to be an ongoing process.Once the constitution is done we are going to move on to the DCR and campground rules and regulations and reviewing the by-laws.†† Any input will help.Laurie thanked Tom and the committee for their effort, itís a time consuming process.


Member Questions

Dave Biener questioned that if he sold his camper would he have to move it off the lot? He is referring to the reserve list in the office. Joanne answered him that a member can come and request a lot if it opens up. Joanne spoke to Brenda, who is a long time member, and she indicated that there has never been anything in writing about the matter and on how this should be handled.Along time ago, most of the park

was made up of rovers who had nothing on their lots-campers were moved every couple of weeks.Now we have lots with decks, sheds, roofs over campers, itís not fair to have to dismantle everything.

Laurie mentioned when we took the park over and started permanent rovers it gave members an opportunity get a better lot. Laurie feels if you sell your camper the new member should not be made to move it, but if you just up and leave the park that is different.Laurie said we should not entirely get rid of this list but if you left, she feels a member should have first chose of the lot vs a new person.Dee Rzepka reminded everyone that your membership does not entitle you to a specific lot.She feels this needs to be tabled for discussion and go through the constitution and the board.Laurie said members should come to a board meeting and we will discuss it.Dave Biener questioned if he sold his lot does he have to buy another membership.It was explained to him, he cannot sell his Membership-it is nontransferable.The person buying his camper would have to buy a Membership to come into the park.Dave would still have his Membership and picks another lot.Doug Miller talked about everyone being equal-Laurie said this was correct.Brenda stated she has a certificate of occupancy for her lot.Laurie said we will look at and try and revamp as we should.


Pat Detrick-Mentioned we have a person in the park who was told to leave, back in the park.He is on Lot 73.The person is not a member.Was a permitted guest but his permission has expired.He needs to have a background check before he can be in here, also need permission from the owner, and did not leave for the 120 days as requested and is not signing in.They are putting us at risk with Paris Township zoning rules.Laurie indicated the board was not aware of this person, but will look into it.


Brenda reminded everyone that a Membership Agreement can to be terminated by the Board if members break the rules.


Bob Mills asked that we paint the other buildings if were not able to side them all.Laurie said we will look into it.The Clubhouse will be the next building we side.


Motion to adjourn by Laurie Miller, seconded by Quentin Childers at 11:05AM


Respectfully submitted,


Pat Detrick

Volunteer Member