Membership meeting for October 8, 2017 was called to order at 10:02 am


Dale Cannon, President asked “Brenda do we have a quorum” – yes, we do


This meeting is being recorded for accuracy


Roll call:  President – Dale Cannon, Vice President – Gary Kratz, Treasurer – Joanne Mociolek, Secretary – Lynn Barbee.  Trustees – Spike Smith, Joe Mociolek, Dave Simons, Steve Phillips.  Quentin Childers excused.


Reading of the previous minutes – Pat Dietrich made motion to dispense reading of the previous minutes as they have been posted for the past 3 months.  Joanne Mociolek 2nd motion.  Doug Miller interrupted before the vote,  “I want to hear them because there are a couple things that need amended on the business”.  Dale responded that they are posted out there.  Doug wants to hear them, Dale stated once again that they are posted out there.  Doug asked when they were posted?  Lynn stated they were posted within 2 weeks of the meeting.  Dale again stated that they are out there.


President:  Our guest speaker had to cancel due to a conflict with his schedule.  However, he is willing to come to meet with any of the members to any questions or concerns.


Results of Election:  Vice President:  Gary Kratz – 64, Jim Marshall – 25, Treasurer:  Joanne Mociolek – 115, Trustees:  Steve Phillips – 107, Leonard Dumpy Bittner – 86, Joe Mociolek – 72.  Write in Votes:  Vice President: Adam Borlie -25, Treasurer:  Diane Wolf – 25, Trustees:  Shawn Robinson – 13 and Sean Borlie – 2.  Correction was made as Diane Wolf received 23 votes and not 25 votes.


Swearing in of new officers -  Lynn Barbee performed the swearing in by asking that Gary Kratz, Joanne Mociolek, Leonard “Dumpy” Bittner and Steve Phillips please stand before the membership for swearing in.  Please raise your right hand and repeat after me, “I swear to uphold the Constitution and Declaration of Covenants and Restriction of Leisure Lake Membership Association and to perform al duties assigned to the best of my abilities”.  Membership congratulated the new Board Members.


Health Department:  The health department is making us put a gate on the fence around the dumpsters.  We don’t want to, but they said we need gates.  We’ll have to have one of the gates open at all times, it’s not going to be as bad as it sounds, leave one gate open as long as we make them happy.  It is what it is.  And, we would please, ask that you put the trash in the dumpsters instead of on the ground.  It is getting a little nonsense that we have to go and pick up all the trash all the time. 


There has been a lack of volunteers in the park And I know some of you thinks it’s because everybody gets written up when they do volunteer, but that’s nonsense.  It really is and I’m tired of hearing that.  Also, were going to be bringing back work weekend, work Saturday next year.  We have to, we need more people doing some things in here, instead of a few handful 

Margaret Pagan:  Dale, I don’t mean to go backwards on the meeting, but, there was a motion on the floor to strike the reading of the previous minutes and then you got interrupted and nobody got to vote on that.  I just don’t want it to be a backlash on the board.  Dale stated they did seconded it.  Margaret, I didn’t hear a call for a vote.  You got interrupted at the time.  I just don’t want you to get into any backlash later.  Dale stated, let’s call for a vote to suspend the reading of the minutes.  All in favor – majority in favor.  Motion carried 


Gary Kratz – Vice President:  If you look out on the counter outside the office there is a signup sheet for winter security.  It lists the duties and what their responsible for.  Even if you were signed up last year to do that, you need to sign up again.  Those of you that brought it to the board, we allow a few people to do that to maintain the security and maintenance throughout the park, because we are open, the park does not close.  If you sign up we’ll go through those and get back to you as to who we will allow to represent the park once were temporarily off for the summer


BUCKET TRUCK:  This summer the park purchased a bucket truck,( as voted by membership in the July 2017 Membership Meeting.   We were permitted to spend up to $12,000.00 for the truck, which we did not exceed.  Just to let you know, we budget in about$ 6,000.00 a year for tree removal on an average that takes out about 10-12 trees, depending on the size, that works within that $6,000.00.  The crew that was operating that truck this summer took down over 30 trees.  So, in essences, the truck has paid for itself, because we’ll be able to take that 6,000.00 that’s allocated and in a couple years and put that somewhere else in the budget.  So, the bucket truck was worth the purchase.  I also want to give thanks to those who have been taking care of the rentals, be it coast to coast, hamlets.  They have been packed all summer. Normally we have a hard time renting the hamlets, they have been hot this summer.  And I   know coast to coast every week there solid.  They were overbooked and we had to make other accommodations rather then turn people away 


We had a contractor in here.  The contractor came in and gave us some quotes on getting the power straightened out.  The problem were running into with coast to coast, some of these big coaches are pulling in with these double air units.  It affects this line running down the right side of the road It starts at the first trailer that whole line all the way down is all on one circuit When they bring big coaches in, it is almost everyone on this line can’t even run their air conditioners.  It’s been an issue but we’ve gotten away with it in the past.  Coast to coast wasn’t normally that active.  But the past 2 years with what Beth and Jeff have done, this year with Laura Snyder acting as their liaison it really picked up Its been a big hit, so now it’s time to get the power straightened out.  It needed to be done anyway.  The electrician is going to give up a price.  In the process there are some other issues, a lot of us know it as Lucy Lane That whole center circle, all the way through there is all on one circuit   That’s why we have not been able to put any trailers in there whatsoever.  It’s a power issue.  We’ve had drainage problems.  The guys ran drain lines through there and taken it clear across the street over into the creek.  Which we hope will solve the drainage problems. Hopefully we can do something with that area, but were still a couple years down the road were we can even about think of it.  But, since were goiing across were going to straighten out the lines for coast to coast.  We’ve already got the labor involved in bring the lines clear across the road. 


The activities have also picked up, I mean, those that didn’t make it up here for the Halloween party, we had cars from here all the way past the pool building.  We had lines and people going on the ride 2 and 3 times.  I want to thank all those members that was working back there in the woods.  I was back there myself and I have to hand it to them they spent over 2 hours back there.  There was no air moving it was stagnent and they were hot, and then they had the costumes on, they busted their tails.  All the kitchen help that helped up here with food.  Just unbelievable some of the people haven’t been counted for, it’s always the same ones, we want to get some new faces.  If you have ideas let the Activities Trustee, Spike know about it.  Help, they don’t have a lot of time to do it all themselves


Rex King – Gary, when are you going to redo down at our place with the electric before you re-develop.  Every year there is a problem with that breaker on the back line, every weekend.  Gary – We had problem there when I was down there.  When we get those 92-degree days, that seems to be when we trouble.  Rex – it’s still doing it, so some wire is loose somewhere.  When he is in here doing the lines for coast to coast, I’ll have him come up to look at it.  There is another conduit that was placed that goes up the road to the new comfort station and it goes out to the woods.  That was intended initially to go back across, so that we can separate that area to solve that problem


Lauri Miller – As far as the improvements on Lucy Lane and the intent to sell more memberships, do I understand that correctly?  Gary – Right now were working on expanding coast to coast area, cause its bringing in (interrupted) … Laurie because way back when the deeded members voted in the number of memberships to limit the amount that can come in.  Gary – we checked into that.  I believe there was 397 that were permitted.  We’re doing the billing for 253.  We can’t allow 397.  Dale – were licensed for 397.  Dale calls on Brenda – after that the reason those were limited was Margaret was selling membership      later in the minutes after that there was a motion to sell all sewered lots.

Laurie – another issue we don’t have a secondary access to this park.  Gary – were working on it    Laurie stated it’s a zoning violation, Dale, no were not, were in repair right now.  Laurie – it was torn out, Dale – yes because it was plugged up and were working on a solution for it.

Question was asked about is there a number of additional trees that needs to come down and replaced?  No, the board has already talked about replacing trees, replacing those that have been taken down.  The question was further stated is there a number of other trees that needs to be removed?  Dale stated that we have several, another 20-30 trees that have to come down.  But that’s next year.


Margaret – wants to re-iterate on the lots.  Laurie was right that we did come down to 4 lots.  Brenda’s also right that a motion was re-put on the floor for her to open as much, bring in as many members that I could.  The only other stipulation which I want to make sure is put in the minutes, it was never allowed to lease any lots from the left of the comfort station to the end of the road.  Margaret just wants to make this clear.  If you’re looking at the comfort station on that road everything to the right has been leased.  Everything to the left is not allowed to be leased under the motions passed previously.  Joanne stated that their coast to coast.  Margaret – I just wanted to make sure that was entered.   Brenda - That’s not what the motion said, the motion said all lots.


Dave Hall – our area, lot 379problem throwing breakers.  Gary – that’s not the issue.  Problem in their camper.  Gary further explained to Dave how to go about grounding the electric.


Treasurer – Joanne Mociolek:   the tax return fiscal year ending April 30, 2017 was electronically filed by the accountant this month we have a refund of $1,192.00.  A copy of the return is posted on the bulletin board.  And usual, as the next quarter is over, the end of October, I will have 2 trustees review everything, I will send it over to the accountant.  He gets all the records for 3 months, goes over them, gives us the journal entries, make sure everything is in order.  The custom summary report for September will be posted next Saturday.  The end of the season electric, this always seems to be a little problem because people forget.  The meters will be read the end of October and the bills will be available November 11th.  The meters will not be read every month, when we go to a 3-month bill.  So, you need to remember February 10th and May 12th.  You will have 2 three-month bills on those dates.  If you’re leaving the park to go to Florida, please make arrangements to pay for the November bill.  Either give us a self-addressed envelope, credit card, etc.  I’m sure everybody that goes south unplugs and doesn’t have to worry about a bill.  We will take payments for the electric after the meeting.


Secretary – Lynn Barbee:   Beginning November, winter office hours will be going to Saturday.  First 2 Saturdays of the month, we’ll be open 10:00 – 2:00, and that will be weather permitting.


Trustees:  Spike – nothing.  Steve -  Just wanted to thank all the volunteers for mowing this year, Biener, Al, and everybody on trees and everything, thank you.  Dave Simons – nothing.  Quentin (absent)– from Steve, water is going to be shut off October 20th.  We’re going to start Friday around 3:00pm, so if you want to winterize, do it by next weekend, because we’re going to shut it off.  I got to get the air compressor.  Gary further stated, the health department, there really getting nick-picky, that’s good thing, at least they have something to say.  They require us to put flow connectors on all our trailers.  The park has purchased all those, we have them, the guys, when they do the shut off are going to be installing them for ease of distributing to the members.  This is not for just the hose your washing your car with, it is for the hose that connects directly to your trailer.  They don’t want something being siphoned back into the water system.  So, please disconnect your hoses to help these guys doing this.  There out in the cold, getting their hands wet etc.…and this is just another item that they have to deal with, it just takes forever to do this whole park.  Please try to accommodate these guys.


Committee Reports:  Tom R  - we meet last Sunday, were going to meet next Sunday from 9:00-10:30 am.


Unfinished:  Sharon Hamlin – comment that Dale made about everyone that didn’t help with Halloween yesterday was a loser.  The post was read, Sharon stated she has a disability and she can’t help.  Dale stated that nobody asked you to.  She said I am a loser, Dale – you have to read all the post that these people are putting on.  You just can’t take one of them and do something with it, it doesn’t work that way.  I don’t want to hear nothing about face book.  (meeting now getting out of order regarding Facebook posting) Dale stated that this all has to stop.  Dale calls on Lisa Phillips – nobody can control what is posted.  I am not agreeing with neither side.  Nobody can control what you put on your Facebook page, if you don’t like being his friend, unfriend him.  (large applause) I have unfriended people that I have considered friends because I don’t like what they post.  I don’t like it, I don’t want to hear it, I don’t want to read it.  If you put something negative on your Facebook page, that’s your right.  But, if he wants to put something that you don’t like, that’s his right.  (The discussion is out of control) Dale said this Facebook issue has to stop.  Calling this the worst Halloween we ever had, your wrong.  You (Doug) started the mess.  (uncontrollable arguing) Dale then stated, Its done.  (large applause from membership)


New Business – Margaret Pagan – Dale I don’t know if this is new business and it might be petty at this time, but it was put in place as president and seemed to be ignored the last 4 years, tarps on campers.  Tarps were not supposed to be put on campers before October 15th and off by April 15th   I’ve seen tarps in this campground that’s been on for 3 – 4 years.  Thankfully there not my neighbor because I would have been all over the board.  Because I don’t want to look a tarp with concrete block on it as my neighbor for 2 and 3 years.  So next year, if somebody could put that, enforce that.  Steve stated they did change that when Kent Tompkins was president, changing that from October 1st to May 15th because the people in Florida, they give them time to come back.  Margaret stated that doesn’t give them 3 years to remove them.  Don’t know if the constitution has changed, haven’t read it in a long time but, there was some rule, I should have looked it up the number, lots cannot be used for storage.  And I’m looking around and there’s an awful a lot of lots that are being used for storage.  So, if you could just look into that next year, I would appreciate it.  Gary – it states that the lots are to be used for camping purposes only.  Dale asked, anymore, Margaret stated, thank you for listening.


Jim Marshall -  Wants to address Doug Miller himself.  Labor Day weekend, I put up with your nonsense with your music, so loud that I couldn’t enjoy my camper.  Doug stated – so what.  Jim, I’m going to tell you something (in audible) but the next time I am going to call the sheriff on you.   Dale shuts down conversation.  No personal attacks.


Laurie -  Dale interrupts – Laurie I have something to say and I should have said it along time ago, you’re not a member in good standing.  Laurie asks why not, Dale – because you was supposed to turn everything over to me when you left office.  Laurie stated something Dale then said you never brought it to me.  (Once again, out of order) Dale stated, I said the meeting is done.


Members were speaking out-of-turn, talking over one another, not waiting to be recognized by the president.  This meeting was abruptly adjourned at 10:44 am on October 8, 2017 for these reason and the fact that they refused to come to order at the direction of the President.