Leisure Lake Membership Association

Second Quarter 2014 Membership Meeting

April 13, 2014 at 10:00am


Brenda Lallathin stated that a quorum had been established.

Roll Call:  Present were:  Kent Tompkins, President; Jim Cox, Vice President; Joanne Mociolek, Treasurer; Lisa Phillips, Secretary;  Trustees: Steve Phillips, Lynn Barbee, Wayne Reinhart, Quentin Childers, Adam Borlie.

Pat Detrick made a motion to waive the reading of the previous membership meeting minutes (10/13) to expedite the time for this meeting.  Doug Miller seconded the motion. 


Kent Tompkins (the “President”) requested a moment to thank our military, government, and safety personal for their service and to reflect on the members who are no longer with us this year, this includes Bill Williams.   He discussed Bill’s assistant in implementing the Aesthetics Committee and how it has impacted the park.

He thanked the members in attendance and discussed the importance of member involvement in the park.  He thanked the Board of Directors and the volunteers who helped on work weekends throughout the winter, Jim Cox and Al Toth for providing winter security and maintenance. 

He stated that “At the October membership meeting, I prepared and presented a plan to increase our dues, while this was voted down for a multitude of reasons, the park will be able to maintain many of the services that have been added over the past 5 years and we will still be able to perform scheduled maintenance and repairs along with a few minor capital improvements and 2 major projects.

The goal of the increase was from a business point of view taking changes in required operations, additional and increases in park operations, inflation and the opportunity to continue making improvements at the pace we were on.

The Budget committee worked diligently to identify any areas that we could cut back and found some area of savings, we cut approximately 15% from area were we had room, the pool will be open from memorial day weekend through the labor day weekend, however, we were still not able to provide a balanced budget without an assessment. This is a one-time assessment and the amount of each membership equaled 1/2 of the total cost of the waste water mandated repairs. While the assessment did not have to go through the budget process per the DCR, we felt this was the best way to show were all of the parks income was headed.

The budget committee presented 3 options to the BOD to vote on, 1 was without the assessment, this would of used almost all of the parks rainy day funds, the current one you are voting on with a balanced budget and only 1/2 assessment, or a third that included the entire assessment, or $136.

It is my opinion that if the park wishes to maintain and not fall back into disrepair, that a system should be put in place to keep up with inflation and changes to the rule and regulations the park must follow.  I have seen many of these changes in the past five years adding around $35K to our budget since then.”

In closing, during the rest of the meeting, we will be discussing quite a few issues that can be time consuming, please respond when appropriate, keep to the point, and make sure you address the BOD.”



Jim Cox (the “VP”) welcomed everyone to the 2014 camping season.  He briefly touched on capital improvements – the comfort station is now a work in progress; other projects to be finalized are the drainage ditch along the main road, King Brothers rebuilding the waste water sand filter beds, the game room wiring supplies have been purchased and this project will be finalized.

He stated that the winter has been a very cold one and our buildings are showing weathering and need repairs.  He stated that he has asked Quentin (the buildings trustee) to gather up a list of what needs repaired and when the list is received, the Board will prioritize the work.

Work weekends – as he has had to work most Saturdays, Tom Raudonitis has stepped up and volunteered to help organize and dispatch workers on work weekend where needed.   We will be posting the work weekend dates on our web site and on a monthly basis, the work needed done through the trustees worksheets.  Any help will be appreciated.

He stated that we have SOPs made out and all the paper work needed is in the hallway of the office, these are per state guidelines, in addition to the parks’s.  If you have projects/improvements you want to do to your lot, please fill out the correct paper work and give it to the office volunteers.  They will get it to the appropriate trustees for approval.   This does two things – lets the Board know of any changes going on in the park, and second, allows the Board to make sure it is done in code.

Have a safe and a great summer.

Doug Miller asked if the $39,000 for the wwtp was for repair or replacement of the walls – the VP stated it was for replacement.   Doug also asked if it was for replacement of sand – the VP stated no, it was not.


Joanne Mociolek (the “Treasurer”) stated that the past six months reports are posted on the bulletin board.  She stated that two trustees reviewed the books and found them to be in order.  She gave current account information:

Operation Savings               $146,918.18

Savings                                     4,567.20

Checking                                  4,312.30


Total                                   $155,797.68


She stated that the taxes had been e-filed by the accountant and the return was posted on the bulletin board.  The amount due for 2013 was $774, but as we had a prior credit, no payment was due at this time. 


She stated that Shelby will address the kitchen activities.


She stated that the next electric bill will be available on May 10th – which will be for February – April usage.  She reviewed the electrical payment procedure and payment options.


She stated that she will be in the office from noon until 4pm on Thursday, May 1st as a courtesy to those members who pay their dues on the last day.  She also stated that payment can be mailed, and if postmarked by May 1st, will not be considered late.   The office will be open after the meeting for members wishing to pay their dues today.


Lastly, she reminded the membership that hats and t-shirts are for sale at the office.




Lisa Phillips (the “Secretary”) thanked the volunteers that had assisted her in opening up the meeting and keeping the office open during the winter, the newest volunteer for office duty and asked for volunteers to assist during the weekends during the camping season.  She stated that during April, the office would be open Saturday and Sunday from 10a-2p (except it is closed on Easter Sunday) and that effective May 1st, the office will be open on Saturdays from 10a-2p and Sundays from 10a-12p. 





Security/Trees – Lynn Barbee

Lynn discussed tree forms that need to be filled out – the prioritizing of the tree issues.  She also reiterated that leaves are to be burned in a fire pit – this is a Paris Township Fire Department directive - or bagged and taken to the compost pile.  If the Fire Dept. comes in and see us burning leaves, we can be fined.

A couple members questioned their submission of tree forms in the past.  Lynn stated she will be reviewing all the forms in her possession for prioritization of need.

It was stated that if members have trees that can be taken down by volunteers, the paperwork still needs to be filled out – please do not take a tree down by yourselves without prior written consent.

Lynn stated that the Portage County Sheriff would not be in unless called on an emergency basis during holiday weekends.   She stated she was looking for some volunteers to fill hours during the day, as to limit the need for outside security personnel.  She also stated that the CAST members needed to check with her regarding radios – she needs to make an updated list of who has what radio.

She exhibited the new lights that the CAST members will have on their golf carts, for identification purposes.

The President stated that while there would be no Sheriff in the park, please use common sense and cooperate with the Security Team and Board Members as  we were there to ensure the safety of all members.

Water/Sewer – Adam Borlie

Adam was introduced and welcomed as the newest member of the Board of Directors. 

Adam stated that King Brothers would be starting the wall replacement on May 1st.  He also stated that they were working on water leaks and trying to get the water turned on.


Special Projects – Wayne Reinhart

Wayne thanked everyone for coming to the meeting and thanked the volunteers that assisted him throughout the year.

Grounds – Steve Phillips

Steve thanked the members who assisted him and thanked those that had donated items to the park.  Joe Lewis donated a canopy like top for the Massey and Dale Cannon donated an air compressor.

Buildings – Quentin Childers

Quentin thanked those that had assisted him in the past and those that would assist him with the buildings this year.


Gary Kratz stated that they would be looking for general labor assistance with the upcoming wiring and electrical projects.  Thanks Gary for working on the electrical issues, along with Ken Tilsky and Charlie Guthridge.


Shelby May discussed that she was working on a perishable food collection for the Township’s food drive, needed volunteers for the haunted forest in October, make sure to book your spot, needed contributions of $5 Christmas gifts for both boys and girls, book bag and school supplies, and volunteers to be stops on poker runs.

She discussed the new crews working in the kitchen – the Raudonitis and Savage crews, Laurie and Diane doing 2 holiday weekends and reminded the membership that the kitchen was a money maker for the park and helped to raise money and increase the activity funds.  Any donations help.  

She discussed the scheduling of a birthday party for all camping kids, a potential night at the races and that a calendar will be posted on the website, facebook and on the bulletin board.

A member asked if there was going to be a steak fry as it was successful in the past.   Shelby stated that if people wanted to sponsor an activity – to let her know and she would try to arrange the scheduling.   The President stated that with new volunteers came new ideas, insight and a fresh viewpoint.  Thank you Shelby for taking on the activities




The President stated that all permits had been issued for the comfort station and progress is weather dependent at this time.  The goal is to have the comfort station be turn key ready by the July 4th weekend.

Adam had questioned if the WWTP walls could be done by volunteers, and with further investigation, found that the work had to be done by a licensed and bonded company.

The standard operating procedures (SOPs)  This and previous BOD members have at times struggled when first getting started as the DCR requirements is not inclusive enough to be a job description nor a operation guide. I have been working with the current and past BOD members in creating these documents. They include the specific duties of the DCR, job description as outlined in specific duties defined for each trustee and officers area of responsibility, and of course specific SOPs or directions on performing the many tasks each position requires. These will be available in printed form as well as electronic for easy updating and reference. I have worked with Dan on the pool SOP, have started one for the Activity Director, and plan on working with Rex on the lake, my hope is that these will make the introduction to each position a little less intimidating.  The SOPs will be available in printed and electronic form.


DCR Requirements

Budget Proposal

The President introduced Pat Detrick to present the proposed budget.  Pat mentioned that per DCR requirements, the committee consisted of three BOD members, which were Kent Tompkins, Joanne Mociolek and Jim Cox.  It also consisted of three non-board members which included herself, Brad Dunn and Diane Wolf.  She stated that we were keeping just about constant with memberships – last year we lost 18 members and got 16 new membership.   She explained that the budget was examined and decreased in areas that costs could be controlled, like gravel, activities, etc.  It could not be decreased in areas like insurance, permits and taxes.  She thanked the budget committee for all its hard work and read through the proposed budget.

There was a question on whether the assessment was a one-time deal or if it was to be paid every year.  It was explained that this is a one-time assessment. 

The President requested a motion to be made and Lisa Phillips made a motion to accept the budget as proposed.  Joe Mociolek seconded the motion.  A vote was called and there were 39 votes in favor to accept the budget as recommended and 10 votes against acceptance.  The motion carried.


There was a question about members keeping lots clean.  The President stated that we had the Aesthetics Committee to keep an eye on this issue.


The President stated that the next Membership meeting is in July, this is the meeting were members can nominate and accept to run for a position on the BOD. This year the President, Secretary, and three trustees term are up for nomination.

He stated that “this park is built upon members paying it forward - being involved - becoming a BOD member for however long you  choose,  to make a difference during that time - to be the caregiver of the position while in possession of it and to hand it off to the next volunteer in better state.  This is what I have tried to do and feel now is the time to hand it off, I will not be accepting nomination this July.  I was also informed by Lisa and Quentin that they also will be declining. So please consider or ask a member who is interested in these or any of the other positions up for renewal to be present at the July membership. Thank you for your time this morning.”

As there was no further business, a motion was made to adjourn the meeting, Quentin Childers seconded the motion, the motion carried unanimously and the meeting was adjourned.

Submitted Lisa Phillips, Secretary