Leisure Lake Membership Association

Third Quarter 2014 Membership Meeting

July 13, 2014 at 10:00am


Brenda Lallathin stated that a quorum had been established.

Roll Call:  Present were:  Kent Tompkins, President; Jim Cox, Vice President; Joanne Mociolek, Treasurer; Lisa Phillips, Secretary;  Trustees: Steve Phillips, Lynn Barbee, Wayne Reinhart, Quentin Childers, Adam Borlie.

Pat Detrick made a motion to waive the reading of the previous membership meeting minutes (4/14) to expedite the time for this meeting.  Quentin Childers seconded the motion. 


Kent Tompkins (the “President”) stated “we celebrated the 4th of July this past weekend. This Holiday is the one where we celebrate our freedom.  The freedom we enjoy would not be possible without our military and the people who guide them. We have many members who fit this description, how about a round of thanks.”

He also requested a moment to reflect on the members who are no longer with us this year, including Rose Neimer and Bill Williams.  

The President stated “Today we have a special guest with us, Mark Irons, he is the Zoning Inspector for Paris Township. I first met Mark in the fall of 2009, 2 weeks into the VP position. Then President Jeff Stevenson, gave me a letter from Paris Township indicating that we were operating without a Zoning Permit and that the park was in danger of closing since the land is and always has been zoned for one house on five acres, previous campground owners had applied for a conditional use zoning permit - to be a campground - but it was rejected as Paris Township Board of Trustees (“BOT”) wanted each and every member out of the park for more than 60 days as previously indicated on park rules, and or "deed" as well as the constitution.

After a few meetings with the Paris BOT, we finally had a plan - 120 days out of the park - and a system - sign in and sign out with the BOT monitoring this regularly and making this list available to the zoning inspector for spot checks, and that the BOD could appoint an appropriate amount of members to remain as 24 hour maintenance and security. We were scheduled for and held a public meeting where our terms and process was approved.

I was reminded several times that the main concern was that we remained a camp ground, not a mobile park or place of residence.

I am now going to remind everyone that signing in and out is being allowed by Paris Township as a courtesy, a more elaborate (expensive) system could be required should they or Mark feel the current system is not working. This means signing in when you get here and writing down when you are leaving - weekly. Those of you who are seasonal campers still need to do this, and for the most part - have complied.

Now, why is Mark here? Because we have three members who have refused to comply with this system, they have not left, and or they are not signing in or out. The BOD has notified them of this and they still refuse to comply.

Since these members have failed to comply, it is now a membership issue, so in order to show Paris Township that we do not want anyone living here, I attended a Paris BOT meeting and asked for their help, and ensured him that no one is living here with the BOD or membership approval outside of our assigned 24 hour maintenance and security volunteers.

Now it is time to hear from Mark - if there are any questions, please wait until he has his time and then raise your hand and wait to be called upon. Remember to state your name and lot#:”

Mark Irons then asked if the membership had any questions for him and the following questions were asked and answered by Mr. Irons:

Q.      If the people do not leave, what can we do about it?   

A.       Notice needs to be given to the violating members that as they are not complying with the Zoning Permit the Association will be taking them to court and they will be responsible for legal fees.

Q.      Can Paris Township pull our Zoning Permit and if so, for how long could it be pulled?

A.       Yes – the Trustees can pull the Zoning Permit.   The Association’s Conditional Use Permit agrees to 8 things and is in violation of some of them.  Technically we have broken our contract with the Township.   The Trustees have the power to pull the Permit temporarily or permanently.  The Association needs to show the Trustees that it is doing whatever is in its power to have all the members comply.  The Trustees are aware of the violations and now sees that the Association is attempting to get back to the agreement.

Q.      If we take them to court, it will take time – will the Trustees give us time?

A.       The Trustees need to be shown that the Association is making the effort.

Q.      Have we started this notification process?

A.       Yes.

          Q.      There was a question on building permits required by the Township.

          A.       They are referred to as Zoning permits.  As there is a fine line between yard art and construction projects – Paris Township is now requiring the Association to get zoning permits for construction of decks requiring railings, “florida rooms” and over-sized sheds.

          Q.      There was a question on density.

          A.       This will be discussed at a later time in the meeting.

          Q.      As members have deeds that are recorded in Portage County, are we still a part of Paris Township?

          A.       The President explained the deeds being for 1/200th of the entire parcel.  It was also discussed that the parcel is situated in Paris Township and deeds are required to be recorded in the State of Ohio for notice purposes.

As there were no more questions for Mark Irons, the President thanked him for coming to the meeting.

The President then stated that “this is the meeting that we nominate members for various expiring positions.  If it’s your time to get involved, great! If not yet or you have already spent your time on the Board, please respect those who are about to take on the challenge, either by offering advice, assistance with projects and / or support by encouraging others to do so.

In closing, just as a reminder, membership meetings are for Park business. if you have something to add, please share it so we can hear it, have a short discussion and then we can look into it.  If you have a specific problem with your membership or your lot that’s what the Board meetings are for so that we can give you the time you deserve.  BOD meeting dates and time vary on BOD member’s availability. Our BASE date is the weekend following work weekend. The next scheduled meeting is next weekend, exact time and date tbd once we all check our schedules.”




Jim Cox (the “VP”) thanked all who were in attendance for coming.

Capital Improvements:  The VP stated that “waste water plant construction is finished, they are to sow grass seed around the plant.  The new beds are working well, we are not receiving any violations as we were before.

Comfort station – “We are hoping to get the contract signed in the next week or so.  After the contract is taken care of I will be the motivator to get this done. I have made a commencement to myself that I will not leave office until it is finished!

There was a discussion on the payments made to the contractor and if the BOD planned on pursuing legal action if a contract was not signed.   Kent explained that the attorneys were hired to prepare the new contract and we were assured that the contractor had the funds available to complete our project, or he could be charged with fraud.  Once the new contract is signed, we will impose penalties if not completed in time.  We have 2 members who will be monitoring the progress of the new comfort station.

Buildings  -Roofs and painting Our working capital is short for these projects If anyone here has any suggestions on getting these projects underway please see Quentin our building trustee or give your suggestions to the office workers and we will a knowledge it or any suggestion you may have

Grounds  - I want to say thank you Rex King for doing such a great job with the lake.  4 years ago the lake rolled over and we lost everything Rex presented us with a 4 year outlook and he has done an excellent. Job Thank you Rex and your crew.

Steve and his crew are working during the week on water leaks , drainage landscaping this has been a very busy year for Steve. And he has a project on his agenda to get done this year. That is drainage. Along the main road my understanding they will be starting this this month  

One more issue that I need to address to the Members !  We are a private camp ground and all of us have come here for various reasons Our age groups all vary as well as personalities.  Please respect your fellow campers Every member here has interest in this park as much as you   So if you have any issues bring it to the board meeting Just keep in mind Together we stand divided we will fall.





Joanne Mociolek (the “Treasurer”) stated that the past six months reports are posted on the bulletin board.  She stated that two trustees reviewed the books and found them to be in order.  She gave current account information:

Operation Savings               $198,530.47

Savings                                     4,717.32

Checking                                  6,653.66


Total                                   $209,901.45


She asked that the membership keep their contact information up to date so we can get in touch with you if there is an emergency with your property.


She thanked those that kept their electric bills up to date and reminded the members who travelled to warmer areas in the fall/winter to please leave a self-addressed, stamped envelope for mailing the electric bills, to pay in advance, or to leave credit/debit card payment instructions.  She also reminded members that if they left for the winter, to lock their meter boxes. 


She stated that the comfort station contractor would not be paid any more money until the project was signed off on.


Lastly, she reminded the membership that hats and t-shirts are for sale at the office.




Lisa Phillips (the “Secretary”) thanked the volunteers that had assisted her in opening up the meeting and keeping the office open during the winter, the newest volunteer for office duty and asked for volunteers to assist during the weekends during the camping season. 





Security/Trees – Lynn Barbee

Lynn discussed the trees that were taken down, more trees were scheduled to come down and she thanked the volunteers who worked on splitting the wood. 

She thanked her C.A.S.T. team for all the work during the holiday weekend.

Water/Sewer – Adam Borlie

No report.

Special Projects – Wayne Reinhart

Wayne thanked everyone for coming to the meeting and thanked the volunteers that assisted him throughout the year.  He stated he was still busy trying to fix things and that he would not be running for Trustee again.

Grounds – Steve Phillips

Steve thanked the members who assisted him and thanked those that had donated items to the park.  He stated that he was in the process of getting bids for cleaning the creek out.

Pat Detrick asked about the owner of the property under the bridge – it didn’t seem like it would do much good if they couldn’t get that area cleaned out again.  It was discussed that as it was private property, the State could not force them to clean it out – it was also discussed and decided that we would ask ODNR again and keep working on trying to get the property owner to comply.

Buildings – Quentin Childers

No report.


Gary Kratz stated that they may need a permit for the work being done in the bingo hall. 


The President stated that there had been several incidents of pranks lately and some even had the potential of being pursued as destruction of property or vandalism


Nominations for Members of the Board of Directors

The President stated that the BOD was seeking nominations for President (he stated he would not be seeking re-election), Secretary, and 3 Trustees.

The Secretary read the job description for President from the Constitution.  The President then opened the floor for nominations.

Rich Sherman nominated Laurie Miller – seconded by Nick Hogue.  Laurie Miller accepted the nomination.

John Lewis nominated Gary Kratz – seconded by Patty Raudonaitis.  Gary Kratz declined the nomination.

As there were no further nominations, the President closed the nominations.

The Secretary read the job description for Secretary from the Constitution.  The President then opened the floor for nominations.

Patty Raudonaitis nominated Lynn Barbee – seconded by Crystal Mociolek.  Lynn Barbee accepted the nomination.

Doug Miller nominated Lisa Phillips – Lisa Phillips declined the nomination.

As there were no further nominations, the President closed the nominations. 

The Secretary for Trustees from the Constitution.  The President then opened the floor for nominations.

Doug Miller nominated Dave Herchek – seconded by Adam Borlie.  Dave Herchek accepted the nomination.

Ellen Savage nominated Joe Mociolek – seconded by Patty Raudonaitis.  Joe Mociolek accepted the nomination.

Adam Borlie nominated Dave Hall – seconded by Doug Miller.  Dave Hall accepted the nomination.

Tom Raudonaitis nominated Quentin Childers.  Seconded by John Lewis.  Quentin Childers accepted the nomination.

Nancy Denmire nominated Nick Hoque – seconded by Doug Miller.  Nick Hogue accepted the nomination.

Rich Sherman nominated Wayne Reinhart – seconded by Lynn Barbee.  Wayne Reinhart declined the nomination.

Bob Mills, Sr. nominated Randy Vesey – Randy declined the nomination.

Crystal Mociolek nominated Tom Raudonaitis – seconded by Glenn Detrick.  Tom Raudonaitis declined the nomination.

Wayne Reinhart nominated Dave Biener – seconded by Randy Cox.  Dave Biener declined the nomination.

As there were no further nominations, the President closed the nominations. 

The secretary stated that the nominees needed to get a resume form from her and have it posted within 2 weeks.


Ellen Savage suggested putting vehicle stickers in the envelopes with membership cards to facilitate check in on Memorial Day weekend.   Brenda Lallathin agreed to do this next year.

There was a question on density and the 15’ requirement between buildings.  O.R.C. states 15’ between buildings and our constitution says 7 ˝ feet from the line.  As stated before – if a new camper or new owner comes in, campers may have to be moved.  If an inspector comes in and says we have to move and comply – we will all have to comply.

There was a question about what was being done with the recent violence in the campground.  There was a discussion on having actual reports versus hearsay.  The BOD can only work within the rules – if a member actually sees something – they need to write it up or file a report.  There is a 3 strike rule which includes harassment.

The park does have a zero tolerance for physical violence, but again, we need eye witnesses and actual reports.

It was stated that we all need to remember that this is a family park.


The drawing was done for the wood raffle – Dave Palmer on Lot #219 was the winner.

As there was no further business, a motion was made to adjourn the meeting, Quentin Childers seconded the motion, the motion carried unanimously and the meeting was adjourned.

Submitted Lisa Phillips, Secretary