Leisure Lake Membership Association

Quarterly Membership Meeting

July 12, 2015 at 10:00am


Brenda Lallathin stated that a quorum had been established.

Roll Call:  Present were:  President Laurie Miller; Vice President Gary Kratz; Treasurer Joanne Mociolek; Secretary Lisa Phillips;  Trustees: Steve Phillips, Joe Mociolek, Quentin Childers, Nick Hogue.  Dave Herchek was absent.

Pat Detrick made a motion to waive the reading of the previous membership meeting minutes (4/15) to expedite the time for this meeting.  Nick Hogue seconded the motion by raise of hand the majority of the membership voted in favor of the motion and the motion carried.


The President welcomed everyone to the meeting.  The following issues were addressed:

Permissive guests – members having permissive guests grant the privilege only to the persons listed in their file - they cannot bring their own guests in without the member’s express permission. 

Comfort station – plumbing inspection is to be Monday – putting duct in for exhaust fans – it is at a point where she feels volunteers can complete most of the work.   There was a discussion on the placement of doors, ADA compliance and water softeners.

Disciplinary Committee – in progress.   The 911 call this past weekend was an accidental call.



Gary Kratz (the “VP”) addressed the following issues:

New gate system – other than an issue with the lines it is up and functional.  Brenda stated that if a member has a function/party – let her know and she can create a code for that day.

Equipment – have had some major repairs and purchased required. 

Work Weekend – hand tools have been purchased for members to use on work weekend – Raudonaitis’ have helped a great deal to keep things moving and organized.

Clubhouse lighting – a member thanked those that installed the new lighting – there was a discussion on the dimmer switches and controls.


Joanne Mociolek (the “Treasurer”) stated that the past quarter records were reviewed by trustees and found to be in order.  The reports are posted on the bulletin board. 

She gave current account information:

Operation Savings               $178,871.78

Savings                                     4,977.80

Checking                                10,466.55


Total                                   $194,296.13


She listed some of the expenses that have been incurred since May:  sewer plant equipment – EPA requirement, water softeners breaking down, upcoming pool expenses, comfort station.   


She stated that Portage County Health Department was requiring lot numbers to be placed on all campers where they could be seen from emergency vehicles. 




Lisa Phillips (the “Secretary”) thanked Brenda and Gwen for opening up the meeting; Brenda for all her work on the gate system; Beth Lewis for being the coast-to-coast liaison; and those that worked in the office.


Members encroaching on neighboring lots were asked to move their property to their own lots, or a bill would be sent for dues on the lot they were using. 


The policy for members needing a receipt for the rental of the backhoe and/or tractor will be enforced.   Members need to come to the office and pay for the use of the equipment prior to it being used,





Security/Trees – Dave Hercheck

Dave was excused as he was on vacation.  There was a discussion on reinstating C.A.S.T.  Interested members were asked to sign up.    

There was a discussion on the ongoing issue of speeding in the park.  Dave and Linda  Biener volunteered to pass out the golf cart rules and get membership signatures.

Water/Sewer – Joe Mociolek

Joe discussed the issues with the sewer plant and EPA requirements that has caused some unplanned expenses.

Special Projects – Nick Hogue

Nick thanked Katie for all her help.  He is looking for volunteers to do features on the putt putt course; kids carnival is 8-22-15; Halloween activities need to be planned soon – will be scheduled for 10-17-15.  In answer to a member question – he will attempt to get the activities schedule posted prior to the holiday. 

Grounds – Steve Phillips

Steve said nothing new to report

Buildings – Quentin Childers

Quentin had nothing new to report. 


No committees were represented.


The proposed amendment to change the fiscal year to end April 30th was read.  A motion was made to accept the amendment as read, the motion was seconded, the majority voted in favor of the motion, the amendment will be inserted into the Constitution.   Joanne will contact the accountant and advise of the change.

Nominations were being accepted for Vice President, Treasurer and 2 Trustees.

Vice President

Patty Raudonaitis nominated Gary Kratz  Gary accepted.

No further nominations were made – nominations for VP were closed.



Tom Raudonaitis nominated Joanne Mociolek – Joanne accepted

Doug Miller nominated Diane Wolf – Diane accepted

No further nominations were made – nominations for Treasurer were closed.


          Ellen Savage nominated Joe Mociolek – Joe accepted.

          Dave Simons nominated Steve Phillips – Steve accepted.

          Diane Wolf nominated Doug Miller – Doug accepted.

No further nominations were made – nominations for Trustee were closed.

As there was no further business, Laurie Miller made a motion to adjourn the meeting;  Quentin Childers seconded the motion, the majority of the members voted in favor of the motion and the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted Lisa Phillips, Secretary