Leisure Lake Membership Association

Quarterly Membership Meeting

 July 12, 2016 at 10:00 am

Brenda Lallathin stated that a quorum had been established.

Roll Call:  Present were:  President Laurie Miller; Vice President Gary Kratz; Treasurer Joanne Mociolek; Secretary Lisa Phillips;  Trustees: Steve Phillips, Joe Mociolek, Quentin Childers, Diane Wolf, Doug Miller.

Tom Wolf a motion to waive the reading of the previous membership meeting minutes (4/16) to expedite the time for this meeting.  Joanne Mociolek seconded the motion by raise of hand the majority of the membership voted in favor of the motion and the motion carried.


The President welcomed everyone to the meeting.  The following issues were addressed:

Amendment to Constitution - an amendment change had been presented to change to voting procedure and time frame for electing new Board Members.  The President read the proposed amendment into the record (see attached).  After a discussion on establishing a quorum for the election, succession procedures and the potential conflicts with the dates, Doug Miller made a motion to accept the amendment as read, Lisa Phillips seconded the motion and the majority of the members voted in favor of the motion.  New voting process will be implemented in August 2016.   Any wording conflicts will be corrected as the Constitution Committee presents potential changes to the Constitution.    Brenda Lallathin made a comment that it was important for deeded members to get a copy of their recorded deeds to the office so that they can vote in this election.

Comfort Station – the final inspection has been passed – still doing some small aesthetics.   No bikes will be permitted to be ridden in the breezeway.

Concrete decks/patios - Going forward no concrete will be permitted to be poured on a lot.

Bingo – Bingo will be Friday evenings at 7:30pm

Guests – over Memorial Day weekend the park had 400 guests and there were 275 over the 4th of July.  Members are reminded that guests are not allowed to bring in a golf cart or UTV – they will asked to either park them up at the sales building with no liability on the park, or taken home. 

Gray Water – the Health Department sent a letter requesting information on gray water pits and how those members without pits dumped their gray water.  The President will be looking at each site to make note of those with pits.  Those without pits need to make sure they are using their blue boy or being pumped.  Those not complying with regulations will end up with fines.

Numbers on Campers – the Health Department is requiring that numbers be placed on a camper where they can be seen by the road.  Numbers that comply with their requirements are available in the office for $.75 per number.

Internet – work in progress – discussed company that will provide internet service with one free hot spot to the campground and members that wish to have the service will have their own individual subscription.


Gary Kratz (the “VP”) had no report


Joanne Mociolek (the “Treasurer”) stated that July 31st would be the end of the first quarter of the new fiscal year.  Information was provided to the accountant who is working on the current tax return.  The reports will be posted on the bulletin board when completed.

Joanne gave current account information:

Operation Savings               $161,253.29

Savings                                     5,063.90

Checking                                  5,391.54


Total                                   $171,708.73


Tom Wolf asked what the $55,000 for capital improvements was to be used for.  Joanne stated that the use was based on projects suggested by the membership and the Board.  There was a discussion on the capital improvement projects in plan for this year – the pool building restrooms being a priority.  Tom Wolf then asked if there were estimates for the pool building restrooms.  Gary Kratz had just received drawings for the restrooms and they were going to be submitted for bidding. 


There was then a discussion on the state of the pool building and what could be done.   There was also a discussion on acquiring new bids for the draining, sandblasting, painting and refilling of the pool.





Lisa Phillips, Secretary, had no report.



Security/Trees – Doug Miller

Trees - Doug stated that he had a new contact for tree removal and they would be coming in during the next couple of weeks to remove trees.

Golf Carts – curfew will be enforced.  Children need to be either with their parents or on their lots by dark.  Warnings will be issued and write ups will follow.

Speeding – lead by example – there was a question about putting governors on golf carts – this would require further investigation.

Water/Sewer – Joe Mociolek

No report.

Special Projects – Diane Wolf

Diane thanked those that helped with activities over the 4th – good things were heard.

Upcoming activities were discussed and they will be posted on facebook and a list posted in the clubhouse.

Diane stated that she was looking for volunteers to redo the bocce court – the membership showed an interest in fixing the bocce court.

Tom Wolf stated that Daryl Mustar would hold a class on RC vehicles for members over 14 years of age.

Diane also stated that the swing set behind the clubhouse needed repaired and was looking for volunteers for that project, as well.

Barb and Brenda will be selling meat raffle tickets during Labor Day weekend.

Grounds – Steve Phillips

Steve stated that if members kept throwing scrap metal or items that were not metal around the trailer and/or not in the fenced area that scrap collection would terminate. 

He also advised that during the coming week, pipe would be replaced up by the lake and the golf cart path would be closed.

Buildings – Quentin Childers

Quentin stated that the roof on the Hamlets had been completed and that volunteers were needed for future projects. 


The Constitution Committee is making progress.


Nominations would be taken for open positions on the Board of Directions:  President, Secretary, and three (3) Trustee positions.

Nominations were opened for the Trustee positions:

Tom Raudonaitis nominated Doug Miller who accepted.

Tammy Kratz nominated Dave Simons, who accepted.

Patty Raudonaitis nominated Diana Darrah, who declined.

Joanne Mociolek nominated Jeff Lewis, who declined.

Cathy Hanko nominated Dale Cannon, who declined.

Joe Mociolek nominated Quentin Childers, who accepted.

Crystal Mociolek nominated Sylvester (Spike) Smith, who accepted.

Dale Cannon nominated Wayne Rinehart, who accepted.

Laurie Miller nominated Diane Wolf, who declined.

Quentin Childers nominated Dave Biener, who declined.

Dave Biener nominated Bob Mills, who accepted.

There being no further nominations, nominations were closed for Trustee.  The members running for the three positions are Doug Miller, Dave Simons, Quentin Childers, Spike Smith, Wayne Rinehart and Bob Mills.

Nominations were opened for Secretary:

Spike Smith nominated Crystal Mociolek – due to the familial relationship, Crystal is ineligible to run at this time.

Dave Simons nominated Lisa Phillips, who accepted.

Pat Detrick nominated Dee Rzepka, who accepted.

Dale Cannon nominated Lynn Barbee, who accepted.

Bob Mills nominated Cheryl Farrel, who declined.

Ellen Savage nominated Edie Cannon, who declined.

Nancy Denmire nominated Kiara Meyers, who accepted.

Patty Raudonaitis nominated Kim Smith, who declined.

Doug Miller nominated Patty Raudonaitis, who declined.

Dave Biener nominated Gwen Carlson, who declined.

There being no further nominattions, nominations were closed for Secretary.  The members running are Lynn Barbee, Dee Rzepka, Kiara Meyers, and Lisa Phillips.

Nominations were opened for President:

Wayne Rinehart nominated Dale Cannon, who accepted.

Betsy Linger nominated Laurie Miller, who accepted.

Ellen Savage nominated Tom Raudonaitis, who declined.

Gary Kratz was nominated, but as he has a current position on the board, he is ineligible.

There being no further nominations, nominations for President were closed.  Dale Cannon and Laurie Miller are running for President.

The Secretary stated that resumes could be picked up after the meeting and would need to be turned in and posted by July 24th at noon, when the office closed.

The election committee will have the ballots, list of members in good standing, eligible to vote and the lock box at the clubhouse the last Saturday in August and the first Saturday of September.


It was questioned why, with electrical lines needing repaired or replaced in the Coast to Coast area, are new members being brought in?  Joanne stated that t here is currently a waiting list for new members.

It was questioned how a new member got a deed when the last recorded deed holder was deceased?  There was a discussion on the lack of recordation from some deeds from the prior owners of LLMA and that it was a matter of bringing the record keeping up to date.

There was a question about key cards for the gate.  Prior meetings the board decided that key cars were not feasible.

Are there any wood raffles scheduled at this time?  No.



Mike and Barb offered to bundle up some wood to be sold to coast to coast members.

Kudos to Beth and Jeff Lewis for being coast to coast liaisons – revenue has increased.

There being no further business, Doug Miller made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Ellen Savage seconded the motion, the motion carried and the meeting was adjourned.





Lisa Phillips, Secretary








Laurie Miller, President