Leisure Lake Membership Association

Fourth Quarter 2014 Membership Meeting

October 12, 2014 at 10:00am


Brenda Lallathin stated that a quorum had been established.

Roll Call:  Present were:  Joanne Mociolek, Treasurer; Lisa Phillips, Secretary;  Trustees: Steve Phillips, Lynn Barbee, Wayne Reinhart, Quentin Childers, Joe Mociolek.  Absent were Kent Tompkins, President; Jim Cox, Vice President.

Pat Detrick made a motion to waive the reading of the previous membership meeting minutes (7/14) to expedite the time for this meeting.  Quentin Childers seconded the motion. 


Lisa Phillips, Secretary read Kent Tompkins report – asking first, for a moment of silence for those serving in our safety forces, military, and members who have recently passed.  He thanked the people who had helped him when he first became President, the previous and current board members and all those that work behind the scenes.  It was stated that he had only one regret – that the comfort station had not been completed in a timely manner.  At that time, Lisa stated that there had been some progress on the comfort station and that as the newest contract deadline had expired, financial penalties would be imposed to the contractor.  He then relayed that he had begun creating SOPs for each board position in order to assist in the transition from one board to another.  He indicated that he felt Laurie Miller as the new President was going to continue to move the park forward. 

It was reiterated that the Membership Meetings were for park business and that if anyone had a personal issue – it should be brought to a Board Meeting.


Jim Cox (the “VP”) was not present and there was no report.


Joanne Mociolek (the “Treasurer”) stated that the past six months reports are posted on the bulletin board.  She stated that two trustees reviewed the books and found them to be in order.  She stated that the accountant now reviewed the financial reports every three months to evaluate our tax liability.  She gave current account information:

Operation Savings               $137,516.59

Savings                                     4,867.44

Checking                                  9,211.45


Total                                   $151,595.48


She thanked those that kept their electric bills up to date and reminded the members who travelled to warmer areas in the fall/winter to please leave a self-addressed, stamped envelope for mailing the electric bills, to pay in advance, or to leave credit/debit card payment instructions.  She also reminded members that if they left for the winter, to lock their meter boxes. 


She also stated that a grill was being raffled off and the winner would be announced at the Thanksgiving dinner on 11-8. 




Lisa Phillips (the “Secretary”) thanked those that had helped her – her term was up and she stated that as this was a volunteer park, she wished that members would spend as much time volunteering as they did complaining about things, and the park would be a better place.    





Security/Trees – Lynn Barbee

Lynn discussed the trees that were taken down, more trees were scheduled to come down and she thanked the volunteers who worked on splitting the wood. 

Bob Mills asked about his request for tree limbs to be cut down over his camper.  Lynn stated that the list of outstanding tree requests would be handed over to the new trustee and would be handled in order of the severity of need and budget restraints.

She thanked her C.A.S.T. team for all the assistance.  She stated that the new security company had worked out well and hoped the new security trustee would continue to use them.

She stated that no board member deserved to be treated and threatened as she was threatened over the past several months.

Water/Sewer – Joe Mociolek

Joe stated that the water shut off would begin on October 31st and that any and all volunteers would be greatly appreciated.

Special Projects – Wayne Reinhart

Wayne thanked everyone for coming to the meeting and thanked the volunteers that assisted him throughout his term. 

Grounds – Steve Phillips

Steve thanked the members who assisted him and thanked those that had donated items to the park.  He stated that they had purchased a new tractor and that the old John Deere would be repaired and kept as a back up. 

Buildings – Quentin Childers

Quentin stated that he would need some help during the water shut off to winterize the comfort stations and the Hamlet.


Rex King stated that he was moving along with his plans, had more plans for next year and it was looking good. 

Brenda Lallathin suggested putting a sign up at the entrance gate (keypad area) that if you get a “busy” signal that codes are being entered and to wait until it is not busy.    


There was no new business to discuss at this meeting.


Mr. Lamp questioned who was in charge of the facebook page.   Lisa Phillips stated that each Board member was eligible to be an administrator of the page.  He then asked who deleted his post.   Lisa Phillips stated that she had no knowledge of who deleted the post and that there were social media guidelines to be followed and they were posted on the web page.


Election of Members of the Board of Directors

Ballots had been passed out and it was now requested that the members vote for the openings – President, Secretary, and 3 Trustees.    As it was known that each nominee had received at least one vote and that each nominee was running unopposed, Lisa Phillips swore the following members in for the positions stated next to their name, for a two year term on the Leisure Lake Membership Board of Directors:

          Laurie Miller – President  (received 70 votes)

          Lynn Barbee – Secretary  (received 61 votes)

          Quentin Childers – Trustee (received 52 votes)

          Nick Hogue – Trustee  (received 68 votes)

          Dave Herchek – Trustee (received 70 votes)

Good luck to all the new board members.

There were a few write in votes – Diane Wolf received 1 vote for secretary; Cheri King received 1 vote for secretary and Rex King received 2 votes for trustee.


Laurie Miller thanked the outgoing members of the Board for the time and service.  She asked that the membership give the new Board time to get acclimated – there would be an unofficial Board Meeting on Saturday, October 18th at 5pm for getting to know each other and assignments.

She discussed some of the upcoming activities – the Christmas party is to be December 6th – she and Diane Wolf stated the importance of signing up – as then they will know how many they are cooking for and the ages of children to get presents for – in the past, people have not signed up and then they have to scramble to have age appropriate presents.

Bob Mills asked if there were plans to do a food drive for the Paris Township Fire Department.  Laure stated that she had plans to get back to giving to the community.


As there was no further business, Doug Miller made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Lisa Phillips seconded the motion, the motion carried unanimously and the meeting was adjourned.

Submitted Lisa Phillips, outgoing Secretary