Leisure Lake Membership Association

Quarterly Membership Meeting

October 11, 2015 at 10:00am

Brenda Lallathin stated that a quorum had been established.

Roll Call:  Present were:  President Laurie Miller; Vice President Gary Kratz; Treasurer Joanne Mociolek; Secretary Lisa Phillips;  Trustees: Steve Phillips, Joe Mociolek, Quentin Childers, Nick Hogue.  Dave Herchek was absent.

Diana Wilson made a motion to waive the reading of the previous membership meeting minutes (7/15) to expedite the time for this meeting.  Nick Hogue seconded the motion by raise of hand the majority of the membership voted in favor of the motion and the motion carried.

The President stated that the agenda would be changed for today as there was an election and according to the Constitution the members had to remain in the voting area until the votes were counted.  Ballots had been passed out by a member of the election committee, the members cast their votes, placed them in the ballot box and the election committee retired to count the votes. 

The membership meeting then continued.


The President welcomed everyone to the meeting.  The following issues were addressed:

Permissive guests – going forward, permissive guests would need to grant authority to have a back ground check performed – at their cost.

The amendment to the constitution per the accountants suggestion was read.  Dee Rzepka made a  motion to accept the amendment as read, the motion was seconded and by showing of hands, the majority of the members present voted unanimously in favor of the motion and the motion carried.

There was a discussion on the lift station and the upcoming costs.  Tom Raudonaitis made a motion to use the excess funds from the gate assessment towards the sewer plant repair, the motion was seconded and by showing of hands, the majority of the members present voted unanimously in favor of the motion and the motion carried.

The 5mph speed limit will be enforced throughout all common areas in the park, by the lake and on the entrance road.

Curfew will be enforced.  Golf carts are permitted to be driven after curfew only to use the restrooms.

Pool house restroom renovation will have to be moved to 2016 potential capital improvements

The pool will need to be drained, repainted and refilled at a cost approximating $10,000 plus the cost of water.

Upcoming holidays were discussed.

Comfort station – ceiling up – doors going up – being closed up and winterized.  In the spring the electric is to be finished, doors installed, floors painted, furnishing placed and backfill will be done.

There was a discussion on having members contribute some creative ideas for fundraisers.

Golf cart rules will be revisited and revised during the winter, by the BOD.

Winter maintenance and security will consist of Al Toth, Ed Kloss, Steve and Lisa Phillips.



Gary Kratz (the “VP”) addressed the following issues:

Thanks were given to the multiple members who get so much done during the week – the sales building was re-roofed, siding on the lake pavilion, equipment repairs and maintenance, water readings.  Tom & Patty Raudonaitis managing work weekend and that Coast to Coast was again thriving – thank you Beth Lewis.

There was a discussion on campers using electricity, even when everything was turned off – if you don’t want an electric bill during the winter, unplug your camper.

Coast to coast is once again thriving and bringing in money – thank you Beth Lewis.


Joanne Mociolek (the “Treasurer”) stated that the past quarter records were reviewed by trustees and found to be in order.  The reports are posted on the bulletin board. 


Joanne gave current account information:

Operation Savings               $132,148.77

Savings                                     5,013.33

Checking                                  9,079.04


Total                                   $146,241.14


There was a discussion on the electric bills and way to get payments in during the winter months.    





Security/Trees – Dave Hercheck

There was a discussion on trees being cut down that can be done by members due to budget constraints and a tree service will be contacted again in the spring.    

There was a discussion on the ongoing issue of speeding in the park.  Dave and Linda  Biener volunteered to pass out the golf cart rules and get membership signatures.

Water/Sewer – Joe Mociolek

Water will be shut off 10/23/15 at 9pm.

Special Projects – Nick Hogue

Nick discussed upcoming Halloween, - haunted house - $1 cash donation or non-perishable, non-expired food donation – Thanksgiving 11-14 and Christmas 12-12.  There was a discussion on entertainment during holiday weekends – due to budget constraints DJs were hired.   

There was a discussion on charging for holiday dinners – no final determination was decided upon.

It was suggested that activities be posted more than a week in advance and posting sheets up by the gate so people would be aware when they came in.

Grounds – Steve Phillips

Steve said nothing new to report

Buildings – Quentin Childers

Quentin had nothing new to report. 


No committees were represented.


There was a discussion on absentee voting – a proposed amendment to the constitution will be drafted and put for signatures in hopes of getting it on the agenda for the April meeting.

The election committee submitted the tally sheet with results as follows:

          Gary Kratz – 208 – ran unopposed

          Joanne Mociolek    - 170

          Diane Wolf – 67

          Steve Phillips – 194

          Joe Mociolek – 166

          Doug Miller – 73

Kent Tompkins swore in Joanne Mociolek, Joe Mociolek and Steve Phillips to a new 2 year term in office.

As there was no further business, a motion was made to adjourn the meeting; Quentin Childers seconded the motion, the majority of the members voted in favor of the motion and the meeting was adjourned.





Lisa Phillips, Secretary








Laurie Miller, President