Leisure Lake Membership Association

Third Quarter 2012 Membership Meeting

July 8, 2012 at 10:00am


Brenda Lallathin stated that a quorum had been established.

Roll Call:  Present were:  Kent Tompkins, President; Jim Cox, Vice President; Joanne Mociolek, Treasurer; Lisa Phillips, Secretary; Joe Lewis, Trustee; Jerry Deryuter, Trustee; Bob Mills, Trustee; Randy Cox, Trustee; Randy Vesey, Trustee.

Pat Detrick made a motion to waive the reading of the previous membership meeting minutes (10/11) to expedite the time for this meeting.  Crystal Mociolek seconded the motion. 


Kent Tompkins (the “President”) thanked the members in attendance and discussed the importance of member involvement in the park.  He thanked the Board of Directors and the volunteers who helped on work weekends. 

The President stated we would be voting on two amendments to the Constitution and taking nominations for the Board positions of President, Secretary and three Trustees.  He thanked the three trustees who have declined a continued position on the Board – Randy Vesey, Randy Cox and Jerry Deryuter. 

The President stated that since the park and members were getting used to the payment/stickering procedures, things were going smoothly and there was no need to discuss it further at this point.

He discussed the Aesthetics Committee’s functions and that members need to maintain their lots in order to avoid health department violations.  He stated that the Board would be discussing enforcement and penalties for continued violations.  If a member has a concern, they need to come to a Board meeting.

There was a discussion on the improvements made in the park.

The President stated that the membership meeting was for issues affecting the park as a whole – members that have an individual problem/situation should come to the Board Meeting.

The President thanked Dan Carpenter for his continued time and work in maintaining our pool.

The President thanked Ken May for his continuing work with the Coast to Coast and RPI members.

The President made special thanks to the military men and women serving our country. 


Jim Cox (the “VP”) stated that Ken Mills, the contractor for the comfort station had a family emergency and wasn’t able to attend the meeting.  He will be sending an e-mail given an explanation and we will post the e-mail when we get it. 

The VP stated that the EPA had sent a list of requirements needed to maintain the water system.  We will be hiring Harper Well and they will work with us to bring us into compliance.

He stated that we hadn’t received many capital improvement ideas for the upcoming year, and if people had ideas, fill out and form and turn it in.

The VP stated that the creek bed had been cleaned up, and now the bridge needs replaced.  He also stated that the emergency exit route needs fixed before we can begin to replace the bridge.

He discussed the improvements we had made and equipment we had purchased.

He discussed work weekend and the great amount of volunteers we have had recently.

He thanked Maryann Tompkins for all the activities she has arranged.


Joanne Mociolek (the “Treasurer”) gave current account information:

Operation Savings               $219,836.05

CD                                          13,794.92

Checking                                  5,698.40


Total                                   $239,329.37


The Treasurer stated that the quarterly audit had been completed by Steve Phillips and Randy Cox and that the June report was on the bulletin board.


She discussed the improvements in the kitchen and thanked the volunteers who regularly run the kitchen, Laurie & Diane, Betsy, Dee, and Paul, the Detricks & Mocioleks.  She stated that they were looking for a clean-up crew for when the kitchen was open.  She stated that they were looking for volunteers to open up at least one more weekend a month.  There was a discussion on the benefits to the park and members – the more the kitchen is open, the more improvements we can make.


She also stated that the park had t-shirts, golf shirts, hats and sweatshirts on sale – if different sizes or colors were desired, there were forms at the front desk that could be filled out and when there were enough requests, and order could be placed.


The Treasurer thanked all the “behind the scenes” volunteers. 




Lisa Phillips (the “Secretary”) thanked the volunteers who helped in the office – Jan Platt, Dawn Riggins, Wendy Armenio and specially Pat Detrick, Crystal Mociolek and Joanne Mociolek for making her job easier.


The Secretary also stated that there was a trac phone that the park has had for some time and that she will be re-activating the phone as an “officer on duty” phone.  She discussed that the number would be posted on facebook and the website and on the bulletin boards so that members could contact the officer on duty, first, if they required assistance and the officer on duty would take it from there. 


The Secretary thanked Karen Childers for continuing to take photos during work weekends and activities.




Buildings – Randy Vesey

Randy thanked the volunteers that had helped him – Randy Borlie, Dave Hall, Jim & Carolyn Lozier, Darryl Miller.

Randy stated that there was a rule in place for having your golf cart/utv parked on your lot after curfew.  He suggested members start following this rule.

Security – Joe Mociolek

Joe thanked the C.A.S.T. members for all their work.  There was a discussion on the security guard on the gate during holiday weekends. 

There was a discussion on being in the first phase of tree/stump removal and that Bowman would be removing stumps this week, and the need for members to fill out a form to get tree/branches on their property on the priority list.


Grounds – Steve Phillips

Steve thanked the volunteers who helped him and mowed, Dave, Randy, Dave, Bob, Jeff, John, Jeff, Charlie, Red.

Steve stated that the “aluminum can” trailer was kept unlocked and members should please throw their bags of cans into the trailer instead of throwing them around the trailer.  He also stated that the “scrap trailer” was for metal items only, plastics, televisions, etc. should be thrown into the dumpsters.


Maryann Tompkins thanked the volunteers for assisting her and discussed some upcoming activities.  There is a need for volunteers for a night at the races and kids carnival which are coming up. 

Maryann informed the membership that she will be stepping down as Activities Director at the first of the year – if anyone is interested in volunteering with activities, or a group of people to have an activities committee, please see her or a board member.


Dan Carpenter stated that the pool was looking good and thanked members for complying with the rules.  He stated he had put in a capital improvement request for a patio outside the pool house for sunbathers.

The President stated that the Board was looking into costs of building the patio and that initial estimates were between $12,000 - $20,000 and once we got the estimates, it would be presented to the budget committee and the Board for review and approval at the April membership meeting.


The President stated that the issues of personal property insurance and dog requirements/penalties were discussed at Board meetings and that as to the dogs, we will be using the three (3) strike rule for general infractions, but that if a dog bit someone or another animal, it would be expelled from the park immediately.  Also, as to records/licenses – if an incident occurred, the member would be asked to show proof of licensure (or have it in their file) – if they did not, it would be a first strike and they would have 10 days to show proof and this would be part of the 3 strike rule for dogs, also.

As to personal property insurance, our agent suggested that members add Leisure Lake Membership Association as an additional insured on their camper insurance policies.

There was a discussion on the e-mail program for notifying members of incidents in the wintertime that affected them, the difficulties and potential benefits.  Ken Platt volunteered to start up this program.

The President stated that all the taxes that were known to be due had been paid.  Our tax status as a homeowner’s association DOES NOT impact the provisional zoning permit we have.  We are still a camp ground and you cannot live in the park.  The accountant will continue to review the tax situation with the Treasurer and the President to find the best way to file each year.


The Secretary read the first proposed amendment to the constitution involving eliminating the January Membership Meeting.  A vote was called for – the sergeant at arms tallied the votes and the amendment passed 86 – 0.

The Secretary read the second proposed amendment to the constitution involving mandatory review of the taxes.  A vote was called for, the sergeant at arms tallied the voles and the amendment passed 90 – 0. 

The Secretary read the job descriptions for President, Secretary and Trustees.  Nominations for Trustee were called for.  Joe Mociolek nominated Lynn Barbee and she accepted the nomination.  Jim Cox nominated Rex King, who declined the nomination.  Lisa Phillips nominated Wayne Rinehart, who accepted the nomination.  Rex King nominated Quentin Childers, who accepted the nomination.  Jerry Deruyter nominated Randy Borlie, who declined the nomination.  Joanne Mociolek nominated Shelby (Red) Phares), who declined the nomination.  Kent Tompkins nominated Juliue (Al) Toth, who declined the nomination.  Brenda Lallathin nominated Darryl Miller, who declined the nomination.  Randy Vesey nominated Jeff Lewis, who declined the nomination.  Lisa Phillips nominated Tom Redonitis, who declined the nomination.   Three nominees accepted the nomination (Lynn Barbee, Wayne Rinehart and Quentin Childers).  As there were no more nominations, the President closed the nominations at that time.

The President opened the nominations for Secretary.  Lynn Barbee nominated Lisa Phillips, who accepted the nomination.    There were no further nominations and the President closed the nominations at that time.

The President opened the nominations for President.  Kent Tompkins was nominated, and he accepted the nomination.  As there were no further nominations, the nominations were closed at that time.

The President stated that resumes should be turned in to the Secretary within 30 days.

Pat Detrick thanked the members who had worked on getting the creek bed cleaned out.


There was a question for clarification on when children were allowed to be in the game room.  The President stated that the rule says with parents or on their own lot after dark.  After dark, if a child (under the age of 18) is in the game room, clubhouse, roaming around, the goal is to tell them to go back to their parents and follow them to see that they do. 

It was noted that there was some damage done to the pool table –the tapes will be looked at and if we can find out who did it we will take them to the parents and write them up.


The President stated that the security at activities on weekends to enforce the rules for children to be with their parents or on their own lots after dark would continue for the protection and safety of all members.

As there was no further business, Randy Vesey made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Betsy Linger seconded the motion, the motion carried unanimously and the meeting was adjourned.

Submitted Lisa Phillips, Secretary