3rd Qtr Leisure Lake Membership Association Meeting

JULY 12th 2009


President Jeff Stevenson verified a quorum had been established and called the meeting to order at 10:00am.


Attendees: Jeff Stevenson President, Ron Cox Vice President

Joanne Mociolek Treasure, Cheryl Farrell Secretary

Trustees:  Shawn Robinson jr., Jim Cox, Mike Farrell, Jerry Deruyter, Mike Cszonka.

Cheryl Farrell read the minutes from the April 19th 2009 meeting.


Presidents report:


President Jeff Stevenson Informed everyone that at 3:00am what appeared to be a young man had unhooked the camera at the guard shack on Saturday night.  He then stated WHERE ARE YOUR KIDS?

August 29th Laurie and Diane will be having a steak fry.  Laurie and Diane will also be having a fish fry, date to be announced at a later time.  Jeff thanked all the volunteers who worked so hard on work weekend.  More people are stepping up to get involved.


Jeff reminded everyone that the speed limit in the park is 5mph PLEASE slow down.

Lot clean ups are improving but we still have a few lots that are in need of cleaning, if the lots are not cleaned up letters will be sent.

Smoking in the building IS NOT permitted.

Dogs need to be kept on leashes.

The Laundromat is up and running.

Coast to Coast has approved us, they will be coming back in.

If anyone sees anyone vandalizing please inform a trustee so we can address it.


Dan Carpenter will be taking total control of the pool.  He has done a great job this year.


Vice President Ron Cox Thanked everyone for volunteering and the great work they have done.  Capital improvement is improving very fast.

Ron stated if anyone sees something that needs done please let someone know.

Ron also wanted to let everyone know we have a lot of new people in the park, if you see they need a hand please help them out.


Joanne Mociolek Treasures report:

CD savings: 44,410.68

Operating savings: 165,872.63

Checking: 743.85

Total:  211,027.16

Joanne stated that River Pines has closed and a lot of the members have come over to Leisure Lake a lot of our lots have sold and we are still selling lots.

Kent Thompkins

Informed everyone we have brochures now of Leisure Lake Park anyone who needs them, they are in the office. We currently have 10 new members and lost 10 members.  We have been changing out meters that appear to be bad. 

Making electrical safe committee:


Mike Farrell Will oversee the committee.  The committee will consist of the following people:

Merna Engeldinger

Gary Kurtz

Charlie Guthridge

We are in need of more volunteers. 

The budget committee has talked and decided to improve a little at a time.

Lot #184 needs to be checked for electrical issues.  We may need to put on another box.

Kent stated we need to get a trustee in charge of the comfort station.  The tile needs to be sealed.  This should be open by 7/18/09.  Asphalt needs to be replace in the driveway.  Estimates were taken from three companies; Panalone Asphalt will be the one we go with.

Kathleen Johnson asked how far it will go down?

Past the comfort station

Lori Miller How much was the estimate?  $15,000, It is commercial asphalt.

Security cameras will be adjusted so the plates can be read.  We will be posting a picture of the kid who unplugged the cameras. Ron Cox stated most of the time it would be someone from outside the park.

We are asking you to keep an eye on your kids and your guest.  Goober is looking for the pressure washer has anyone seen it?  Security lights should be put up down by lot#303,308,309.  Ron Cox said he would look into it.

Tom asked if a member needed to call a trustee who do they call?

Park members are permitted to approach the person as long as you have another member with you.

Gate removal If you are having a party or reunion you should have someone from your group stay at the guard shack this could prevent some issues.

A lot of the sewered lots have flooding issues.  Mark Stewski has volunteered to look into it.  We have a lot committee:  Mike Cszonka will head the committee Joanne Mociolek will be helping.  Flood control and electrical will also be looked into.  Bob Mills suggested a contractor come in.  The board would need to vote on this.

Signs are on display on the pool table.  Everyone seemed to like them. 

We have purchased some new signs which are being put up throughout the park.  We have decided to purchase new road marking signs so the ems and fire dept will know where they are going.  Any left over money goes back into the budget for capital improvement.

Doug Miller asked about the lake?

Ron Cox stated that we do need a committee to oversee this.  Doug Miller wanted to k now if we were going to reimburse (Brian?) for the pump he put in?  The Board will have to take a vote on this and further discuss this.

Fund raiser for the pond:  See Ron Cox for guidance on a complete project this will need to be submitted to the board.

The up coming fish fry money will only go towards the pond.  Any fund raiser goes towards the activity it is intended for.  Bob Mills asked any money left over, where does it go?  Back into the park.

Jeff Stevenson then opened the floor for the upcoming nominations for Vice president Treasurer 2 TRUSTEES.

Nominations were as follows:

Vice president Kent Thompkins accepted

Treasure Joanne Molicek accepted

Karen Chillers declined

Trustee 2 openings

1. Bob Mills accepted

2. Jim Cox accepted

3. Quinton Childers accepted

4. Joe Lewis accepted

5. Randy Vessey accepted

6. Gary Kratz declined

7. Bill Grubb accepted

Jeff Stevenson to call the meeting

2nd by Dee Wertz

Meeting called at 11:15am


                                                                                    Respectfully Submitted

                                                                                    Cheryl Farrell