Informational meeting

January 9th 2011




Attendees: Jim Cox- Vice President, Joanne Mociolek- Treasurer, and Cheryl Farrell- Secretary

Trustees: Joe Lewis, Jerry Deruyter, and Randy Cox


Jim Cox called the meeting to order and ask if a quorum had been established.

Brenda had verified there had not been a quorum established therefore the meeting is considered an informational meeting.

Vice president Jim cox introduced Dee Wurtz who at that time read a word from the president.


Opening letter


          Once again I am not able to attend this meeting. This time it is due to business, and some family time. My business requires me to travel 3-5 times a year for training and seminars. At this time we are in California for both business and vacation.


          Jim Cox will be facilitator of this meeting and just like the October meeting, I am very confident in him. Thanks Jim.


          Dee told me that she was able to read my letter in about 10 minutes at the last meeting and this led to the meeting being only about an hour and a half long…. My goal is to have these meetings last 2 hours so sit back and relax she is going to be reading this for a while.


Just kidding!


Over the past 2 years we have seen some great changes at LLP. This takes leadership, time, volunteers, and money. It takes planning and patience it takes members who are willing to give up their time and in some cases, money in way of accumulated extra expenses. Golf cart fuel, using personal vehicles or equipment for park use, personal vehicles on supply runs extra propane or electric for maintence and security, etc. are a few examples. Please remember this when you are enjoying this upcoming camping season and if your personal allows it, look for a way to help. We have a very unique camping arrangement here that could not survive without the dedication of these volunteers.


          A few of the projects that were completed in the past calendar year:

1)   The clubhouse bathrooms were completely remodeled.

2)   The pump house was completed.

3)   All the buildings were painted

4)   The lower lake has been fitter with “green” pumps to fight algae and stocked with fish  

5)   All of the roads were graveled

6)   The security cameras were updated

7)   The “bingo hall” became money making social hall, and many, many more minor improvements to many to list.


There will be more much needed improvements over the next few years. There are 2 comfort stations that still need attention, the possibility of adding the upper lake back is still in the discovery phase, and we have been in contact with several sources of help with the flooding of the creek. Plans and bids are being reviewed to open up Tagalong “Lucy lane” to 9 new skewered lots. The clubhouse and the “internet café” have been approved for updates.

          I would like to thank all of the members who participated this past year in helping the trustees perform their tasks. The trustees are your direct link to helping the park. VP Jim Cox has worked very hard in helping me get the process to a more streamlined chain of command system that has spread the work and responsibility load it is starting to show.

          I would like to thank all of the members who have helped with the parks activities this year. The activities are an important part of the camping experience, so do what you can to help.

          I would like to thank all of the committees for their help and support this past year.


We have a:
1) electrical committee

2) Lot committee

3) Activities committee

4) Consultant committee

5) Budget committee

6) Lake committee

8)   Grounds committee

9)   And this year, an aesthetics committee


Even though he is not present when you see Dan Carpenter in the spring know that he takes care of the pool the web site and assists with the electronic security in the park.

          Brenda Liathon and Pat Detrick for all that they due, most of it behind the scenes.

          Last but not least, the LLMA BOD. This board has worked very hard in their respective positions and LLP would not be moving forward without their support and hard work.

          Newest Trustee Randy Cox- Randy has stepped right in, I mean literally. One of the most important yet least desirable trustees is water in the park. That’s right, the sewer plant. Randy is quick learned and under guidance of Jim Cox our water systems under control.

          Bob Mills- Bob did not hesitate when I asked him to step in and take over the vacant trustee position. Bob put together volunteers and made painting all of the buildings seem easy. He is in charge of the parks security team and seemingly endless knowledge of the park. He is an asset to the board.

          Joe Lewis- the grounds are Joes main responsibility. This makes Joe a very busy trustee year round. From roads to camper and shed setting, decks and lawns. Joe can always be counted on.

          Mike Czonka- Buildings-Mikes main responsibility is the buildings- from maintence to capital improvements to emergency repairs. During this time if LLP rebirth mike is kept very busy.

          Jerry DeRuyter who has stepped down from security and taken on the main responsibility of special projects. Special projects and LLP are one in the same over the past year and for the next few years and Jerry is a finisher.

          Treasurer Joan Mocelik- this position has taken on a whole new look since we went to metered lots with the billing of electric, keeping tack of the newly reworked budget, to the increase in activities, it is not a position for the lazy. Joan has done a fantastic job adjusting and adapting.

          Cheryl Farrell- Cheryl has been valuable to me and has worked very hard to keep up with my relentless emails, meetings, and general brainstorming. It is her job to not only keep the legal stuff organized but also help out by organizing the lunch and dinners on work weekend, and working in the office.

          Jim Cox- the most visible and hardest position of all. He has worked very hard in understanding my desire to organize the trustees in defining their responsibilities and job descriptions. The growth of LLP has made it essential to have a process to spread out the responsibilities in an organized, chain of commend system. He is responsible for helping the trustees with their duties but to step in and do them when necessary. He also must attend most if not all committee meetings, board and membership meeting and oh yeah try and camp once in awhile. Jim has been irreplaceable to me and most of the pre-mentioned improvements would not of happened without his hard work and dedication.

          Thank you board and membership and now how about a round of applause:

So in my closing thank you for understanding the reason for my absence and I will see you at the April meeting.

Jim Cox thanked Dee for her time.

Jim stated the cost for the new gas stove for the kitchen was at $3,800.00 and is being paid for out of the kitchen money.

Bids for the comfort station up on the hill are in.

Swimming pool bids are in as well and will be discussed at the next board meeting.

Lucy lane bids are in and we will have 9 lots open at $1,300.00 per lot for sewered lots.

At this time Joanne read the treasurers report:

Checking: $6,879.75

Operations: $141,454.77

Savings: $47,755.34

Joanne thanked everyone for all their help in the kitchen, and reminded everyone we are still in need of help in the kitchen.

Joanne reminded everyone that there are still sweatshirts and hoodies for sale.

Jim informed everyone about the chimmeney fire. We will need to replace the blower thermostat new cap insert as well.

The insurance company has been notified.

Jim ask if anyone had any questions and left the floor open.

No member at this time had questions.

Jim Cox at this time closed the meeting at 10:20am

Respectfully submitted

Cheryl Farrell