Leisure Lake Membership Association

2nd Quarter Membership Meeting

April 10, 2011



Kent verified that a quorum had been established.


Kent called the meeting to order at 10:05am.


Board members present were, President: Kent Tompkins, Vice President: Jim Cox, Treasurer: Joanne Mociolek, Secretary: Dee Wurz, Trustees: Randy Cox, Jerry DeRuyter and Joe Lewis.


Absent:  Mike Csonka excused.  Bob Mills excused.


Kent stated that to this meeting was being recorded for accuracy of the minutes.


Kent informed the membership that Cheryl Farrell had resigned as Secretary and thanked her for her service to the Park.  Kent announced that Dee Wurz accepted the nomination from the July Membership Meeting and has been sworn in as Secretary.


Dee read the meeting minutes from the 4th Quarter LLMA October 10, 2010 Membership Meeting.


Kent stated that he was not able to make it to the Membership Meeting in October for family reasons.  He appreciated all the votes he received.  Also he thanked Jim Cox for handling the Membership Meeting and doing a great job assisting him. 


Kent thanked the Membership for attending the meetings as having people attend these meetings is critical to the park being able to move forward.  If we don’t have enough people involved, enough people listening, enough people supporting the staff then it gets a lot harder.


Kent stated that the Board of Directors had been quite busy over the winter with mostly paperwork, but that we understand the necessity for this.  Also Kent thanked Steve Phillips for doing an outstanding job over the winter, maintaining roads and doing regular security patrols around the park and through the buildings.  If you see Steve around the Park be sure to thank him.  Kent also stated that there will be a need for Winter Security in the park for next year and that through-out the summer the board will be establishing guidelines for this as hopefully more than one person would like to volunteer to help with this need.


Kent stated that there are many committees that help this park operate.  The BOD is constantly very busy and that without other members stepping up and taking on assignments that are crucial to the continued success of our park.  Kent stated that he had setup meetings with all the committees yesterday and that those who could not make it will be rescheduled.  Kant stated that what we are doing is making sure that they know that they have our support and see what we can do to help them and help recruit people.  Kent stated that Trustee for Water, Randy Cox will be overseeing the Lake Committee and the Flood Committee.  Kent stated that Rex King, who could not be here today, has been heading up the Lake Committee and has agreed to continue his involvement this year. So if the Lake is something that you’re interested in helping with, please see Rex King or contact Randy and he’ll help put you in touch with this committee.  Pat Detrick is handling the Flood Committee; we meet yesterday and will have updates.  If you have any knowledge, connections, or talents in this area, see Pat or contact Randy and he’ll put you in touch with this committee.  We are going to try this year to get the Lot Esthetics Committee rolling, last year Bill Williams had volunteer to head this committee and though he has not  returned from the south yet this year, I have spoken with him over the winter and this committee will be working on making sure all lots are respectable.  Lot Committee, headed by Joe Mociolek, Joe is always there to help measure a lot, so that Trailers can be placed properly, so that we are not violating any Health Codes or Leisure Lake Park rules.  If you would like to assist with the Lot Committee see Joe M. or contact Trustee for Grounds, Joe Lewis and he’ll help put you in touch.  Grounds Committee, once again Frank Uncapher has agreed to head this up.  Frank does have some health issues and could use some help, he will be looking not only for volunteers to help with the weed-eaters, ditch cleaning, etc… but also members who are willing to sit on the riding mowers and cut grass as members Ken and Larry will no longer be able to assist with this.  So if these are things you can help with please see Frank or contact Joe Lewis and he’ll help put you in touch with these committees.  Gary Kratz will continue to head the Electrical Committee and I will give an update here shortly on that.  Jerry DeRuyter is now the Trustee for Special Projects and oversees the Electrical Committee along with Building improvement and Capital improvements which Jerry works closely with Jim to keep these projects moving forward.  And last but not least we have the sign committee, headed by Mark Stawicki who is also not here today so I’ll talk a little about this, the signs in the park, Trailer identification and Golf Cart identification.  Jerry will also be overseeing this committee.  So those are the Committees we have established right now and those are the people not sitting in front of you that are involved.


Kent Stated that we still have Work Weekends and that they are usually the first week of the month with the exception of Holiday weekends and then it is moved to the weekend before which than usually makes it the last weekend of the month.  Our Board of Directors meeting schedule has been posted on the bulletin board and I also try to post them on Facebook.  We always have the Board of Directors meeting the weekend after the Work Weekend with the exception of Holiday weekends and then they are moved to the week after the Holiday.  We try to always have these meetings at 9:00am and they are always at the Clubhouse.  Members’ attendance is always welcome so that you can stay informed, first hand on what we are trying to accomplish.


Kent stated that his message this meeting was about change, because that’s what we’re experiencing right now.  I was at a seminar recently; we had a guest speaker who talked about change.  He said change can be as controversial as religion or politics, if someone you know and trust, say your friends or family, any changes they suggest or make are more readily accepted then from strangers or adversaries.  This does not mean that the change is good or bad, usually just needed or directed by outside forces.  Today I’ll be talking about some of the changes that Leisure Lake has gone through this past year, some of the changes that have been reinstated as directed or voted on before and I’ll be talking about some change scheduled for this year.  Again this summer I expect we’ll once again have a great number of visitors as well as a lot of use by our members.  The Park is a much better place and will continue to grow.  Last year we were asked several times about how many lots/new members we should or could take in.  An exhaustive search of the Rules and Regulations, Board and Membership Meeting notes did not shed any light on this.  Upon discussion by the Board we felt that it was important to maintain the ability to have our friends and family visit and to have space for them to use as well as identifying available lots for potential new members.  So we requested the Lot Committee to create what would be known as “Green Space” throughout the park, these are lots that are not for sale to a membership.  We voted on this at the October 2010 BOD meeting and we put a five (5) year restriction on the sale of these lots.  We are listening to the memberships concerns regarding their desire to have available space and the Lot Committee picked out lots that would be very difficult to put a semi-permanent Trailer, Deck and/or Shed on.  Maps are available and were passed out to show where these lots are and if you didn’t get one, you can pick one up on the way out, so this way you’ll know that there will always be space for members to have friends and family come her to camp.  When changes are made it takes time and in many cases there are adjustments along the way.  Once again we are heading for some changes; some of these changes are simply getting back to the rules for the Park intended by the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions.  Some of these changes are rules that no longer apply, either due to technology or rules changes outside of and above this parks board or the membership’s authority or control.  The recent change in time required out of the Park by Paris Townships Zoning Board is one example.  The Park is open year-round and your welcome to camp year-round but they have made it clear that you can’t live here year round.  Also the New Campground Rules regarding distance between Campers was changed last year to included bump-outs.   The new Rules states that Trailers including bump-outs must be have at least 15 feet of space between them.  The Health Inspector is allowing us to slowly comply with this new rule were he could have simply ordered it and basically what he said is you’re a campground everything is supposed to be mobile, move um.  We asked if we could move them slowly and his rule is going to be if he comes in and sees a new camper on a lot that is not in compliance he will fine the Park for that.  So if members move a camper out to bring a new one in the Board is requiring you to comply with the new Health Law and the Lot committee will provide guidance.  There is no “Grandfathering” that they have simply said “move them”.  Also this year the Pool has been painted and water was refilled.  It was painted white and there were a lot of questions regarding why it was white, so Aqua Pools sent me the new Laws and the new Health Laws state that as of April 1st 2011 all Public Pools must be painted white.  There is no chose, that’s there rule and they’ll close the pool if it’s not white.  The concern was rust stains, everyone told me it was painted blue because of rust stains, when I talked to the guy at Aqua Pools he said do you want to cover your problem or do you want to fix it.  I said we want to fix it.  He said you have well water that you add to your pool when it gets low and the chemicals you’re currently using don’t mix with it properly, that’s why you’re getting the rust stains.  He then volunteered not only to show us how to keep our pool from having rust stains he’s come to do a training seminar with our Pool Committee and he’s providing us with the correct chemicals.  So the pools is going to be white, they do this also for safety reason, so they can see if anyone in the pool is in danger.  Also it was suggested on Facebook that we could tile the Pool for the same price as painting, so we looked into it, unfortunately, we had a guy come out to give us a price and it would be the same price to tile the top ring around the pool as it would be to paint, he said most likely it would be more than a quarter of a million dollars to tile the entire pool.  But again I listen, I don’t just slough it off, I say OK lets look into it and make sure we are acting on knowledge and not here say.  Alright, so the Board is not only working on reviewing the rules as requested but implementing a notice procedure.  This is what happened last year, in July, when we had you sign in for the new rules, including; Time allowed, Tree Policy, Electric Policy, ATV and more…  This will continue.  The next rules being reimplementated is the Golf Cart Rules which will include Inspection and Identification Numbers.  These are rules which have been in place a long time and just haven’t been brought forward and/or enforced.  The Sign Committee is working on the numbers and the Inspections will begin May 1st 2011.  Trustee Bob Mills will have more on this; I’ll fill in for him, as he was not able to make it today.  The Board has completed the review of the Golf Cart Rules, made the corrections as discussed and voted on.  If you didn’t get a copy you’ll need to sign for a copy on the way out.  That is our way of making sure everyone understands the rules.   When you sign-in, you’ll get any new rules at every Membership Meeting, July and October etc…  So that moving forward everyone knows the rules.  We also try to do this through the Electrical Billing, what where trying to do is make sure everyone has any updated or changed set of rules as we go forward.  The BOD will continue the task of reviewing all the various rules including past Board and Membership Meeting notes and will continue to do this until the project is completed.  It is a big task and it will take some time.  Our goal is to concentrate on one section at time and to provide at least one completed section at each Membership Meeting.  Later I will be discussing a few rules revisited including the rules regarding Electric Violations, Meter Assessments, Memberships as well as “Deeded Interest” sales, Background checks, the Lake and Flooding.  When we get to the Proposed Budget, you’ll notice that we’ve added a few bits of information, one such item is Current/Past and Future Capital Improvements.  Copies are available.  Again we are listening; members have said we’d like to know what direction you’re going in.  The Board gets this information by Comments and Suggestion from the Membership, which are then reviewed by the Board so that we can either move forward on it or dismiss it, sometimes based on rules and Laws.  For example, last year someone suggested that a Dog Park would be a good idea, we didn’t disagree, but looked into it and found that there was no way our Insurance Company would cover that, because that would be creating an area to let Dogs run lose, outside of our rules, and would make the Park open to potential Law Suites, and so basically they just would not underwrite it.  So therefore that Capital Improvement couldn’t be done, it’s not that we didn’t put any value to it, it just that we couldn’t do it, so it lost its value.  If there is a project that you would like to see on this list, fill out a Capital Improvements form, available at the office and on-line and the Board of Directors will take it from there, we will review it, look into it, try to find members to help with it and then at that point we point we can decide whether or not to move forward on it.  In regards to the Budget we present and vote on, it is called a Cash Flow Budget, in other words we show the money coming in and a Plan for in to go out.  What we do not take into consideration are variances, such as monies left in account from being under budget, nor do we provide a section for item that should be amortized over time, such as Equipment, replacement of Services that are not Annual Services, such as painting the Pool and refilling the water.  We should be putting money away out of our Budget every year because we know every five years we have to replace the water in the Pool and repaint it.  So what we should do on our Budget is show that money going into an account so when it’s time to do it, you simply do it and aren’t taking the monies from the Capital Improvement Funds because it’s not an improvement, it’s a maintenance procedure that needs serviced once every five years.  The same is true with our Grounds Equipment; we have some equipment right now that’s on its last leg and we’re now in a process getting bids, reviewing it, voting and discussing which direction to go, whereas if we had started this five years ago we would simply be deciding which piece of equipment and not how to pay for it.  The next change I’d like to see in the Budget Proposal will include amortization schedules, carry-over and long term savings goals, so when the Budget Committee meets for next year I’m going to request that they start amortizing and putting that money aside so that it’s there when we need it.  As previously mentioned, I look at the Park from the this side of the counter as a business, a few basic goals of every business is to Budget 20% of gross sales as what we would call profit, that’s our goal.  This is the number that the Budget Committee uses; 20% of our income as a goal for Capital Improvement Projects.  So when you look at the Budget again, the number in the bottom, if that number grows and we have to much money there, we’re looking at something that is probably a maintenance item, such as you’ll see we added Tree Service this year of $5,000 because that’s what we estimate every year we’ll have to spend to have our trees properly maintained.  So rather than leave it as a Capital Improvement, because Tree Service isn’t a Capital Improvement we’ve moved it up into Maintenance.  Another number is Fixed Expenses; you always want to make sure you have at least three (3) months of any Fixed Expense, such as, Taxes, Insurance and Utilities.  This is where the CD is now, we’re around $17,000 a month in Fixed Expenses and we’re a little bit above that in the CD.  So the additional money that’s generated through this account could be earmarked for long-term projects or even a savings for the previously mentioned amortization items.  One last key to the numbers gross sales, the 20% net as well as the three months goal cannot be met without gross sales.  Are gross sales are generated by our Lot Maintenance Fees, so any time your thinking that it should be time to adjust the Lot Maintenance Fee up or down, we need to look at the other two numbers.  First, do you have enough money to stay in business and do you have enough money to continue your Capital Improvements.  So we look at all three of these things when we’re working on the Budget.  The finances of the Park have never been better and still one of the most affordable Parks I’ve ever found and we’ll continue to move forward.  So that’s my goal this year is to continue to implement changes that we have no control over and changes that we have control over.  Thank you for listening and now Jim Cox, VP will give his report.


Jim stated that he will be talking about our Capital Improvement that have been done, that are being done and the future Capital Improvements.  In 2009/2010 we installed new signs throughout the Park, we ash faulted the entrance to the Park. We added additional lighting in Phase I, we rebuilt the Well House, and we worked on the Lake algae and installed a new pump.  We purchased Walkie Talkies for Security reasons and we install new Security Cameras throughout the Park.  Also the Electrical upgrades in Phase II and the Comfort Station on the main road.  These are all Capital Improvements that have been done.  In 2011/2012 these are the projects that are in the works now.  The Comfort Station by the Horseshoe Pits, our goal is to have this done by the end of the season.  We’re working with an Architect right now, we have a Committee formed and we welcome any who wish to volunteer or any suggestions members may have on the design and building.  Once the design is completed we will be accepting bids on the project from Licensed, Insured and Bonded contractors.  All are welcome to bid on this project including members.  We just feel that this is too big a project for the volunteer members to take on, so we will be out sourcing this project.  We will also be working on the signs, as Kent mentioned, for the Golf Carts and Trailers as these are required by the Fire Marshall and the Health Department and this project will be a bit expensive.  The Ladies Bathroom at the Pool, it is our goal to have this project completed over the winter.  We will be looking for volunteers to help with this project.  We will only be looking to complete one Bathroom at a time over each winter because it is a lot for the volunteer crews to take on, as we saw with the Clubhouse Bathroom project.  We appreciate all who volunteer their time to get these done.  We’re also going to be working on Flood Control, as Kent mentioned, but this is going slowly as there is much research needed on this project.  Also we will be accepting bids for the Building Roofs, the Sales building Maintenance building and Clubhouse roofs all have leaks in them.  The continuing Electrical upgrades, we’ve completed an upgrade in Phase I that should decrease the power surges in that area and also completed an emergency repair as well.  The Waste Water Plant, we have to replace a Weir, this is a State requirement as the EPA inspection brought this out and we’ve promised the EPA that this will be done, also this will be a costly repair.  Also a Patio outside the Pool is another project in the works for this summer.  Future Capital Improvement projects include, Security Lights throughout the Park, the Men’s Bathroom at the Pool, the Sales Building also will require some attention soon.  The Sewer Plant will need to have a supporting wall replaced, this is required by the State, as this was also written up by the EPA inspector and we promised to replace it.  We don’t have to replace it this summer but will have to do this next year and will be taking bids for this.  All these projects listed, the Board has worked hard on which projects have priority over others as some are affected by others, for example; The Flood Control vs. the Bridge, we are looking to do new entrance Bridges but can’t do that until we control the flooding, because all of the contractors that have been out to look into this have said that you cant build something where water could potentially wash it away and we can only slow the Flooding not stop it.  Also I would like to thank all of members who have volunteered for work weekends and also those that help out during the week to help the Park move forward.  Hope to see everybody this summer.


Kent thanked Jim and stated, just to expound, as you may still have some questions on the Comfort Station, because we’ve been talking about it for well over a year now.  Basically we thought we could just call someone up and say we would like to build a new Bathroom, it has this many toilets, showers and sinks, and they would give us an estimate.  But through my conversations with members such as Doug Miller who had indicated that no one was likely going to give us an accurate bid without a Blueprint, so then we started to try to get Blueprints, but of course no one wanted to do Blueprints without getting paid.  So then we accepted bids from Architects to get us Blueprints, they have sent us a Base-Blueprint and when we looked it over at the Board meeting we realized there were things that we may want to add before we paid for Blueprints.  So they sent us what they call a Design Drawing and we’ve been discussing it and are getting pretty close.  But we decided we knew that there were some pretty good contractors in the Park, so we want them to look at it one last time to make sure that we are doing everything right and then we are going to go ahead and pay this Architect to do the Blueprints.  Then once we have the Blueprints we can then send out for the bids.  That’s just the ways that the rules are with the park and it slows things down, but it allows us to get the best value.  With that I’m going to introduce the Trustee’s, they have a few quick words.  Here is our Trustee for Special Projects, Jerry DeRuyter.


Jerry DeRuyter stated there are a few projects to get going, the Pool Patio area, a Butt Hut outside for the smokers and he is looking for volunteers, anyone with skilled trades, general labor etc… Please come up and see me, we can use all the help we can get.  Thank You.


Kent mentioned that Jerry had done most of the work with the help of some volunteers on the Stage and Service Counter in the Clubhouse that were requested by the Activities and Kitchen.  We will now be able to serve hot food without going through the entrance doors and so far the couple of events we’ve had, the use of that counter seems to be a real plus.  We still have some electrical lines to move and a couple other things to finish.  We have only had one Band to date that has been able to use our Stage, but it was sure nice to have them up and out of the way for the dancing.  Over the winter Jerry made sure that these projects were being completed.  Now I’ll introduce our newest Trustee, Trustee for Water, Randy Cox.  Randy was pretty much assigned to this position which includes the Sewer Plant and the Sewer Plant is one of the main things that could get this Park shut down or fined in a hurry as the EPA doesn’t fool with that, so this is a very responsible job and I have to tell you Randy has jumped in, he has studied and he is making sure that we are in compliance and that things are being handled.


Randy stated that if you have any problems with the water, please let me know.  Any leaks, issues with the Sewer or Dump Station.  Randy stated that he would like to meet with Doug Miller after the meeting in regards to an issue with the Dump Station that needs to be discussed.


Kent introduced our Trustee for Grounds, Joe Lewis.  He does a good job of keeping our roads nice, we have gravel in the Budget again this year, obviously we don’t need as much as last year which is nice.  And he also helps make sure all of our grass is cut, ditches are clean and everything that has to do with the Grounds.  He’s going to say a few words about some of our equipment that’s going to need replaced, explain why and then were going to move forward.


Joe stated he would like to thank the volunteers who help Frank and me in the last year taking care of the Grounds.  I going to need a couple more volunteers to help Frank mow this year and maybe some younger volunteers to run the weed-whackers and help with other little things like that.  And in the future I’ll be looking to try to replace some of equipment that is in need of updating as well as for ease of operation.  Also I’ll be taking Bids through the end of the month for the Road Gravel, #57 Limestones, approximately 250 tons, if anyone is interested please have sealed bids mailed to Leisure Lake Park.  We put down approximately 360 tons last year, the front is holding up pretty good, most of the side roads are pretty good, the main roads are needing more than any and also were the road was dug up for the electrical lines.


Kent stated that Bob Mills was going to talk about the Golf Carts, but was not able to make it today.  The rules of our Park indicate that we had to have our Golf Cart identified with your membership number, the same with your camper; it would have a membership number on it.  That does not help the Health Department or the Fire Department.  We also are supposed to have our Lots clearly marked.  The reason membership numbers were used before is because when that rule was first written many campers had to move every two weeks, again one of those changes that are indicated because we now don’t move our campers around.  When you had to move your campers all the time it was easier to look at the camper, look at the membership number, come up to the office, find out who owned it, then contact them.  So we’re going to go with just Lot numbers and the goal is for the Park to provide everyone with a set of Camper ID’s and at least one Golf Cart ID which will have your Lot number on it and we’ll mark the Lots.  Part of this process is trying to pick a material that is the same throughout the Park, that is non-offensive, something that won’t damage the trailers, giving the option of putting it on a plaque and attaching it, deciding where it has to be, as they were very specific about what they wanted, along with the size.  They want the letters for the campers to be 5” for ease of identifying.  We are talking, by the time we do the whole park, all three of those things, estimates coming in around 10k.  We don’t really feel that the membership should have to pay for it, but were under somewhat of a time table to get it done, so we’re waiting for the bids to come in for the Bathroom because the Bathrooms have to be done in order to stay open.  So all of this is in the works, we are working on it all the time, were just not ruling it out yet, partially due to funds and partially due to the fact that every time you make a change everyone has to adjust to it and you like to implement changes slowly and in the order that you have to.  So Bob Mills and the Board discussed at length about Golf Cart Inspections to make sure that you have two (2) Front Lights, white and two (2) rear lights, other than white, as voted on by the previous Board and put in place.  So we have order a yearly sticker, similar to the one you get for your windshield, again it’s a material that will peel off and hopefully not take the paint off.  We have not yet determined how and where the sticker should be placed, but once the Golf Cart Inspections are implemented and you are given the sticker, if you are seen driving your Golf Cart without that, you will simply be asked to get it inspected to make sure it is safe. 


Kent stated that Mike Csonka is Trustee for Building Maintenance and he’d asked him if he had anything he need to express to the membership and he said not at this time.  So we will see if he has anything more in July.


Kent stated that as you know Maryann Tompkins has been the Activities Director for the last two years, she has decided to continue for at least one more year.  Last year she had a Park Budget of about $2,000 to spend.  Well she spent $10,000, however through your generous donations and people helping out, she was able to raise over $10,000, so essentially all the Activities that you saw happen all year didn’t cost the Park anything and most of those Activities for the Kids were free to them.  That doesn’t happen without the Adults at the Adult Activities buying Raffle Tickets, buying 50/50 tickets Chinese Raffles and such.  We will now hear from Activities Director, Maryann Tompkins.


Maryann Tompkins stated that she would like to thank everyone for participating in our Activities; the only way we can keep them going is by people coming up, helping out and participating.  One of the things I’m looking at this year is getting an Activities Committee together.  I have ideas of what I’d like to do but I’m sure you all have different ideas on some things you would like to do.  I’m looking at getting a team together of six or eight people that will help put a schedule together.  I’m also looking for people that would like to volunteer time, you don’t have to spend your whole summer helping out, but if you can help do a Golf Cart Run, if you could help do a Kids Activity, you know just that one Activity frees me up to do something else and it also gives me a chance to participate in some of these Activities.  I don’t want to always be the one behind them; I would like to participate as well.  For example if you look at the Activities Calendar there are no Activities scheduled for the end of April, because I won’t be here. And If I’m the only one doing this right now, that may limit you on the Activities happening in the Park.  Again those that can help with collecting tickets at the door, baking, selling Raffle tickets, organize just one activity, any little thing you can do helps out.  One of the issues we’re looking at right now is the Bingo schedule, as we only have a couple of people that are willing to step forward to organize and run it, this will mean we’re looking at having Bingo only once a week.  If anyone is interested in helping out please see Lynn Barbee who will be heading that up, as any help would be greatly appreciated.  If we get enough help we might be able to have Bingo more than one day.  Also we are looking at redoing the Putt-Putt course behind the clubhouse; we are having an Adopt-a-Hole program.  We are going to be replacing the carpet and the trim, but we would like people to pick out a theme and create a design of your choice.  We currently have four people who have Adopted-a-Hole but we still have five more holes in need of people. So if you’re interested please let me know.  That’s all I have for now, thanks for continuing to participate and any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.


Kent introduced Treasurer Joanne Mociolek for her report.


Joanne stated that the Operation Savings Account has $128,232.90, the CD Savings is $48,196.70 and our Checking Account has $12,319.64 which as of today gives us a total of $188,749.24.  Joe Lewis and Jerry DeRuyter audited the books and signed off that all was in order.  Our Custom Summary Report for the Month of March and our Quarterly Report are posted on the bulletin board.  I would like to thank everyone for the cooperation with their Electric.  The Electric bills for the quarter will be out the 2nd weekend in May and after that they will be available the 2nd weekend of every month through the summer.  The Kitchen has done very well the last year, I’m sure you’ve all seen our new commercial grade stove, thanks to all the people who supported it because the money generated by the Kitchen paid for that piece of equipment, not our dues.  We also have Cambro units to keep the food warm before serving and all the people that work in the Kitchen are very appreciative of it.  We will be starting Breakfast in May, my family will do a weekend, Pierre’s Patio has agreed to do a weekend and Diane & Lori have agreed to do the wonderful Holiday weekend Buffets.  Anyone else who would be interested in picking up a weekend so that we can keep the Kitchen open every weekend please come and see me, I’ll help you get started, you can cook what ever you want.  We could also do lunch, whatever you choose.  We are always looking for help.  It’s not only the money the Kitchen generates but the camaraderie in the campground, as you can come up to the clubhouse on Saturday or Sunday morning an visit with there fellow campers.  Also we have Leisure Lake Hooded, Zippered Sweatshirts and also the T-Shirts for anyone who’s interested.  Does anyone have any questions, none were asked.  Thank you.



Kent stated that the Budget Committee this year consisted of members Brad Dunn whose is not here, Diane Wolf and Pat Detrick, who will be giving the proposal, along with President, Vice President and Treasure, the six of us had meetings, working on and developing this Budget.  Kent introduces Pat Detrick to give the presentation.


Pat stated looking at the Budget proposal sheet, right at the top we talk about income; we gave you how many members were billed 287 for $216,693 and projected collectable income of $210,000 plus miscellaneous income of $15,000 totaling $225,000.  Following that we listed our expense categories, we looked at these very closely and we did a six percent increase because of the cost of living increase.  Joanne called several of our service providers to check of the fees for the coming year such as Direct TV and Allied Waste so that we could budget appropriately.  Some of the things that could mess us up with the budget are fuel surcharges, as gas prices continue to rise, companies that make deliveries to us may tack on fuel surcharges and that will vary month to month and will not be a set amount.  Also, as with Allied Waste there are EPA fees that get added on and can vary month to month depending on the quantity of garbage picked up.  These are some of the things that we don’t have any control over.  Insurance is currently being shopped and the board will review the proposals we receive and make a decision.  We shop insurance rates every two years, so we used the current amount we are paying, plus 6% and that could possibly go up or down.  There are some expenses that we have no control over at all; those would be our Permits and Real Estate taxes, State Permits have gone up, Pool Permit, Campground Operation Permit as well as our Taxes, so we increased those expenses in the Budget.  Next, Grounds and Maintenance, we added the category for Tree Maintenance, as this will be ongoing maintenance because our Insurance Company requires us to remove the dead trees, it is our responsibility.  Last year was the first year we really dealt with this so it has been added to the Grounds/Maintenance category, but we were able to use a lower amount as a lot of tree removal was done last year but the need to have funds available for ongoing maintenance was necessary.  Road Maintenance also went down a little bit because we did all our roads last year, we got wonderful bids and were able to do them all, so we were able to lower that a little this year and that’s where we got money for the Tree Maintenance.  Gas & Diesel that was another one that gave us a bit of trouble, Jim Cox check for us as to how many gallons we used last year for mowing, the tractor, Hay Rides, Snow Plowing, etc… because gas prices keep going up we budgeted that amount high, using $4.35/gal and hope that prices don’t get that high.  Outside services was put into the Budget last year for the first time and was added again this year for things such as Meter Reading, Holiday weekend Security, Cleaning Staff for the Restrooms, we know everyone appreciates coming in and having a clean Restroom.  They are doing a wonderful job and we will be continuing with their service.  For the Sewer Plant category we broke it down so that we have Maintenance for the Sewer Plant and Outside Services.  The new EPA ruling requires more readings on the Sewer Plant and the gentleman that does that for us will be coming more often and that’s a greater expense so we kept it separate.  We need money for maintenance; we know that we will have to replace the pump shortly as they only last so long, so we budgeted for maintenance needs.  Anything that was not budgeted then flowed into the Capital Improvement Funds.  Also we gave you a breakdown of the Activities and Kitchen Expenses and on the backside of the sheet we gave you a Capital Improvement Recap.  This is the Budget we are presenting to the membership for approval.  Does anyone have any questions, member questioned the dates for the Activities and Kitchen Report, should those not be …to 3/20/11, Pat said yes they should, just a typo.  Betsy Linger made a motion to accept the Budget as proposed, seconded by Wayne Reinhart.  Sergeants of Arms please tally the vote, in favor of accepting the Budget as proposed – 88, opposed – 0, motion carried.


Kent thanked the Budget committee and the members.  Kent stated that we will now discuss unfinished business. Last October, Gary Kratz from the Electrical Committee gave a presentation on the importance of following Local, State and Campground guidelines for supplying power to your camper, deck, sheds, etc… He along with other members from the committee spent a lot of time inspecting and preparing a report for each campsite that needs corrections.  We have prepared notification letters and these will be hand delivered, when possible, by a Board member along with a committee volunteer to answer any questions and assist in a solution.  Every violation that was found by the committee has a diagram of the problem along with a solution and an offer of assistance to correct the problem.  None of these violations were safety concerns but they could get us written up by the Health Inspector because they are not Campground Approved connections.  There are about 38 of them and beginning May 1st we will begin by attempting a soft approach to the individuals with these violations and assist them in making the corrections.  Also there will be a yearly inspection of electrical connections, last year it was done late in the year and some members had left for the winter.  Now about the Electrical Meter, at the October 12th, 2008 4th Quarter Membership Meeting a motion was made to have the Park metered.  There has been a little bit of, confusion, I will call it, between the current Board and some members when they are selling their “Deeded Interest” as to what this assessment meant.  In other words, when an assessment is made it’s made on the members of the membership.  The motion read as follows; Tom Wolf made a motion to direct the Board of Directors to move forward on placing Electric Meters on individual Lots to be paid by the member not to exceed $425 for each and to be completed by May 1st 2009 and was seconded by Ken May, questions regarding the motion on the floor; Pat Detrick asked if you have multiple lots do you have to pay for a meter on each if you only have one camper on both lots, answer: yes.  Ron Cox asked if you transferred your lot would you be reimbursed for your meter, answer: no.  Dee Wurz stated that it was in the best interest of the park to move forward.  Bob Mills, Jr. stated could the progress of this project could be posted on the bulletin board.  A vote was called for and the result was 189 for the motion 29 against.  Motion carried.  So obviously the Park wanted to move forward and that’s where we are today, people paying their share of the electric and assessing the membership is how we got it done.  What isn’t in this or any Membership note is the fact that in order for the Electrical Committee at the time working with the Board to get the meter fee at $425 the Park had to purchase a certain number of meters, so even lots not in use were metered.  The Park paid a total fee of approximately $22,000 and not all of it was paid by the members.  Through discussion and review of notes, it has been determined that every new member coming in would have to pay the same assessment, which is why you saw the membership fee increase from $1,000 to $1,425, what we do is take $425 of that off the balance every time its paid, that’s were that money goes, sort of an internal loan, we didn’t actually borrow any money but borrowed it from the membership, so each time a new member comes in they pay that fee.  The problem that has arose is that sometimes when a “Deeded Interest” member sells they feel that since they paid the assessment that the persons they are selling to should not have to pay this assessment.  To date there have been 5 persons who have refused to pay it stating that they were told it had already been paid previously.  The Board has discussed the interpretation of the motion, at length at the Board meetings and listened to the members concerns regarding want they felt was intended by the motion.  After review of the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions the Board has the authority to do these assessments and that is what we are going to do.  So basically if you’re a “Deeded Interest” holder and you are selling your deed that new member is going to pay there share of the electrical assessment as well.  The 5 members who have not paid this will be notified that they should have and will be reviewed by the Board as most were willing to pay but desired clarity on the issue.  The Board of Directors has the authority to attach an assessment to every membership in order to become a member regardless of whether it is a “Deeded Interest” or a “Membership Agreement”.  Kent asked if there are any questions on this.  Member asked if there was an end date to that.  Kent stated that are intention is to have every new member pay this assessment until the balance is gone.  Member Tom R. asked if when this is paid off why we wouldn’t just continue to charge new members this assessment and put it into the Capital Improvements Fund.  Kent stated that once that’s paid off this part of the motion would be done and then the Board can elect to continue to charge this based on the Budget of the Park and that once it’s paid off does not mean the membership fee will drop.  The goal is to make sure that the people coming in, appreciate the value they’re getting but not at the sacrifice of the current membership that has helped build all this.  Kent asked if there were any other questions on this.


Kent stated he was moving on to what happens when you sell your “Deeded Interest”.  There are specific rules in the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions regarding the conveyance of these interests.  Kent read Article VI - Conveyance, Section 3, (a) (b) (c) and (d) from the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions which can be viewed on our website.  Recently a member sold their “Deeded Interest” without following these simple rules and this “New Member” had some activity this winter that caused the Board to become involved.  One of the first things we always do when we become involved is look into and do what is allowed.  So a background check was done and this is his rap sheet including theft and violence.  We don’t have the authority at this point to remove him based on this information, but we will be documenting what is going on now.   Several members voiced the concerns regarding this member.  Kent stated first let me just say that the Board is taking the necessary steps to handle this situation. But what we are going to do in the future is require Background checks on potential new members as we are allowed.  But we will need to establish guidelines and rules and I’ve instructed the Board to begin work on this process.  Once we establish these guidelines and rules we will make a presentation to the membership on what we came up with.  The bottom line is that if you’re selling your “Deeded Interest” you have to give the Board notice of the potential new member.  This is required and we will begin to enforce this policy.  Members who attempt to sell their “Deeded Interest” without following this process will be approached.  Kent asked if there were any questions regarding this.  Several members again voiced their concerns regarding the member in the Park with the Criminal record, wanting to know if there was any potential danger to us by this member.  Kent stated that this member is not physically in the Park and his access is currently being restricted as he already has a couple of violations of Park Rules and Regulations and reiterated that the Board was taking the necessary steps and documenting the process for potential removal of this member.  Questions regarding the transfer of “Deeded Interests”; member Brenda L. asked if someone does transfer their deed without following this process what avenues do we have.  Kent read Article VI – Conveyance, Section 1 - Restrictions on Transfer from the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions which can be viewed on our website.  Member Lori M. asked if in the Declaration; does that provide provisions for the Board to refuse the sale to a specific person and if the Board refuses the Sale do they have to compensate the seller if they brings us a bona fide purchase contract; is this first right of refusal.  Dee stated that she thought that it said somewhere that no reasonable offer of sale would be refused.  Lori stated that the problem is that the rules were set up when the Park first opened, Shadyside ran it and that the Association referred too was the social group which had no governing authority.  Dee stated that the amendments to the Declaration changed that.  Kent stated that we are going to try to continue to monitor this so that people who are selling their “Deeded Interests” let us know in advance.  Everything in these documents always puts the responsibility on the member to notify the Association.  Member Pat D. suggested that we put out a form with the information and guidelines for the sale of “Deeded Interests”.  Kent said he would be surprised if we didn’t have one already, but if not then one will be created.  Pat stated also that Article VI – Conveyance, Section 2 – Enforcement was in the Declaration.  Kent stated that we would have more information in July regarding this matter.


Kent stated that there has been a lot of talk about the Dam and that all the information I’ve been able to obtain states that the report by Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources (ODNR) gave notice to the membership that the Dam needed to be repaired or the Park would be closed.  This report is available in the office for review by the membership.  The LLMA Board of Directors at the time felt that repairing the Dam was not a financial option and that bypassing was the only option that was why it was done.  After researching and communicating with several government entities as well as private experts I can’t disagree, so let me just clear up some rumors.  The Army Corp of Engineers (ACE) built the Dam, False; they have no record of being involved in this project.  The ODNR condemned the Dam because underneath the earthen Dam was not structurally sound and would fail.  There was supposed to be a yearly inspections of the Dam, which may or may not have saved it, but as near as I can tell the last time it was inspected was in the 90’s and it was the Parks responsibility to request this inspection.  When they came to inspect it this was precipitated by a year of heavy rains and Dam failures throughout the state.  The ODNR was instructed to do routine inspections of earthen Dams which is why they were here to inspect.  So the options to save the Dam at the time was not as easy as just having the hill fixed so we could keep the Dam, you now had to improve it which would have been very costly, which is why the Lake had to be drained, we simply did not have the money.  So going forward we wanted to see how we could get the Lake back as the membership desires.  So we have been talking with Jim Sanderson., who built the Lake on the adjoining property, to see what options he thought we might have and we have discussed many options.  Bottom line is that we are probably looking at a cost of $30,000 to $40,000 for this project.  So we’ve looked at it and we’re still contemplating it, but obviously we can’t build a Lake before we complete the Comfort Station and other improvements, but it is being worked on.  Also this has been the same approach that we’ve taken with the Flood control; I sought information from the Army Corp of Engineers and the ODNR to see if they would provide any help with the Flooding.  They sent information on the 1948 Flood Control Act, section 205 which Kent then read; but they will not deal the an entity such as Leisure Lake and that we would need to get Paris Twp and/ or Portage County to request this and they would have to finance it, so basically they are not interested.  So were back to looking at a private means of fixing this issue.  The day we met with Jim Sanderson about the Dam and Lake issue the Park entrance just happened to be flooded.  So he looked into this issue as well and said that we have two issues, one being heavy rains flooding, which we may never be able to do anything about that situation, because of the fact that the problem is downstream, that there is a bigger river that West Branch uses to dump their excess water into and that when they do this, it fills up that river and then the creek backs up.  The other issues that are fixable would help with the heavy rains flooding and that is, what we all know, cleaning out the ditches, not only ours but all the way down the road.  Mr. Sanderson indicated that the Portage County Engineers had a program for this and he knew the Engineer, so he would speak with him.  But the Engineers office is no longer responsible for this it is a private firm called Soil Conservation.  So what Jim explained to us is that what the engineers office did in the past was come in, identify the problem, do the necessary work cleaning out the ditches and bill the affected property owners but that now we would have to do this as they are no longer handle it and the community themselves must take care of the problem, and by the way there are twelve homeowners adjoining our property that are affected by this.  So we would need to contact all the property owners, tell them what we’re going to be doing, get an estimate, tell them what there portion would be, pay to have it done and collect from the homeowners.  No agency will get involved in this project.  So again it may not seem like things are happening but there is a lot of work going on with these two problems, it’s just that we keep hitting road blocks.  So we are requesting an estimate and we’re going to look into it, possibly a letter writing campaign to the neighbors.  Jim did tell us that of the twelve property owners affected he thought that maybe as many as eight of the property owners may be ready to do something about this problem.  Kent asked if there were any questions on the Lake or Flooding problem.  None were asked.


Kent asked if there were any other questions or concerns from the membership. None were asked or voiced.


Final announcements, Kent stated that we are going to hire the Security guard for the Holiday weekends 10pm to 10am.  That worked out well last year.  Also we will be looking for volunteers for the days 10am to 10pm; currently Bob Mills is in charge of Security, though he has indicated that if his health continues to be an issue we may need to replace him.  We’ll have updates on this, but in the meantime we will have sign-up sheets available May 1st for volunteers.  Also we are going to try a Self-Serve Ice machine policy this year; we’ve purchased an allegedly unbreakable lock-box.  The Ice machine will be open and we are asking people to take their ice and put their money in the box on the honor system.  If we at least break even we will continue this practice.  And regarding Facebook, Facebook is supposed to be a way for us to communicate with each other.  Please don’t use other peoples name when posting your concerns, but we will attempt to answer questions.  Also it is not for classifieds, there is a tab on our webpage for this and you can contact Dan Carpenter and he will put your classified information on the webpage.  We will also be looking for volunteer on the Holiday weekends to do pool sitting to maintain control. 


Kent asked if there were any final questions from the membership.  Member Brenda L. asked if we had increased the price for our guests who come in and stay on a Lot.  Kent stated that the price had not increased from last year and that the rate is $15 a night/no electric and $20 a night with electric.  Brenda asked if this $20 a night with electric included sewer sites as well, that answer in not known and will be looked into.  Member Lynn B. asked about the Tree Maintenance and that she has a tree on her site that really needs to be removed.  Kent asked if she had filled out the Tree form and also that any concerns members have regarding their specific issues should be brought to a Board meeting.  Member Ron C. asked about the use of 4 wheel drive vehicles.  Kent stated that 4 wheel drive vehicles are not allowed as this was voted on by the previous Board.  Member Ron C. asked if this issue could be revisited.  Kent stated that the proper procedure for this would be to request that this issue be put on the Agenda so that the membership could prepare and then discuss it and the possibility of overturning that vote.  Kent asked if there were any other questions.  None were asked.


Kent thanked everyone for there attention. 


Dawn Booth made a motion to adjourn, Seconded by Randy Cox.


Meeting Adjourned.

Minutes submitted by Dee Wurz