OCTOBER 10TH 2010   10:AM



Vice President Jim Cox verified a quorum had been established and called the meeting to order at 10:12am.



Attendees: Jim Cox-Vice President, Joanne Mociolek-Treasurer, Cheryl Farrell- Secretary, Trustees: Mike Cszonka, Mike Farrell, Jerry Deruyter, Bob Mills, Joe Lewis

Absent: Kent Tompkins- President- Excused


Cheryl Farrell read the minutes of the July 11th 2010 meeting.

Jim Cox made a motion to accept these minutes second by Karen Chillders.


Jim Cox welcomed all the members to the meeting.

Jim Cox took a moment to read the list of the members who have passed and ask the members to take a moment to reflect on not only what they meant to the park, but to remember them in a memorable moment,this is keeping their memories alive.

Mrs. Marshall, Jim Ruebel, Jeff Stevenson, Marie Holder, Maryann Coulter, wayne Smith, Sharon Phillips, Lisa Cox.

Jim Cox introduced Dee Wurtz who read the opening letter from President Kent Tompkins.

Hearing the names of those who are no longer with us reinforces my decision not to be here today. All of the family and friends of those who have passed would agree that they did not spend enough time with them, and wish they could have had at least one more day. This is where I am today, spending the day with my family and friends. “No Boos from the Steelers fans”, but I am at the Browns game tailgating as I have done for my whole life, starting as a kid with my late Father and Uncle.

While I understand the commitment I and the rest of the board made to the membership, I have and always will manage the park with these principles in place – You take care of Family, your job, and then the park. I hope you understand, now on to park business.

This past summer was a summer of re birth for the park. We have seen the park once again become a destination location. This led to a record number of visitors and guests. The activities have blossomed under the guidance of Maryann and the help she has been receiving has been noticed. Two of the comfort stations have been completely remodeled and updated with a third well under the final planning and approval process as required by our constitution. The comfort stations have been cleaned all season and this has lifted a huge burden of off the board as this has been an issue ever since I came into the park.

The pool has been a challenge the past year do to the amount of swimmers, especially on Holidays, while we have had a few members put out feelers, as of yet no one has stepped forward to be on Dan carpenters “pool committee”. Thank you Dan for the great Job you have been doing and I will continue to ask for help.

The grounds have been well taken care of under the direction of Joe Lewis, Frank Unkaford, and his crew of volunteers. How about a hand for these members….

The lake has been a real challenge for Rex King and his crew as this has been one of the hardest summers for lakes all over the state, having someone with the talent and drive of Rex King has made the difference for our lake, how about a hand for Rex and his crew of volunteers.

The buildings needed and received a fresh coat of paint under the direction of Bob Mills Jr (goober) and his crew of volunteers, another round of applause please!......

I cannot say enough about how much help several of the members who are not board members have been to me during the transition from VP to President, I would like to mention in no particular order, My wife Maryann, Brenda Lallathin, Dee Wurz, Tom Wolfe, Brad Dunn, and Pat Detrick.

The board in front of you has been outstanding this past year.  The challenges that I put them to was simple, you “gotta wanta” . What I mean by this is that in order to help run this park, it takes time, courage, patience, commitment by not only you, but in most cases by your family and friends. This board was challenged by me to get into the habit of communicating with each other constantly through technology – email and facebook.  They have - and we are a better place because of it. We are always aware of what is happening at the park.

I also would like to acknowledge the membership. We are all in this together. At most campgrounds, someone takes care of the grounds, the cleaning of common grounds, the activities, the billing and collection, the pool, the playgrounds, etc. Here at LLP, you are the “someone” We have had great support thorough out the year in making this park better - a Destination location.

And finally, the one person who has been there every time for me is VP Jim Cox. The amount of help he has provided me cannot be measured. The amount of time he puts into this park has made it move forward and he continually saves us  money! I believe that next year, if Jim decides to step down, the new VP will have their work cut out to maintain what he has brought to the park, how about a round of applause for VP Jim Cox……………………


As you have heard, my message this meeting has been all about the positives of this park, LLP has a lot of great people volunteering their time and expertise in making this a great campground. Not unlike all families, business’s, or communities, there are times were this positive atmosphere is challenged, that is to be expected, but you cannot let this dictate or have it alter the path to success. We have and will continue to make the tough decisions based on what is best and fair for the membership as a whole.

I have a vision for the park and am currently working on a business plan for the park. One of the first lessons in business training is to have goals and to plan how to achieve them, I will be working on this along with the board of directors and hope to have it complete for the April meeting.

In closing, I want to thank everyone in attendance for caring about the park and making the effort to be here, soon you will be asked to vote for members who have made the decision to be a part of the parks board. Whomever you choose I have confidence that they will give their best, gotta wanta, so good luck to everyone. Thank you for listening. Kent Tompkins -President

Jim Cox thanked Dee for reading the presidents report.

Jim Cox made the announcement that this meeting the membership would be voting for the President, Secretary, and three trustees.

Jim Cox CI improvements, winter closing:

Lucy lane should be complete by the spring of 2011

Comfort station on the hill we do have 2 bids in now but are in need of 1 more.

Butt hut we only have 1 bid in.

The building in the back still needs painted.

November 6th will be the closing of the park. Please see Bob Mills or Joe Lewis as they will be in charged of this.

Jim Cox then introduced Gary Kratz to do the electrical presentation.


Gary Kratz (electrical chair person) gave a presentation on the necessities for the camp ground which will cover the guidelines and safety as well as the structural reasons. Attachment to follow.

Jim Cox then turned the floor over to Joanne for the treasures report.

Joanne stated that that Jerry and Joe did audit the books and all was found to be good.

October bill will be available on November 13th.

After this billing it will be every three months.

Joanne thanked everyone for all the help in the kitchen this year.

Joanne stated there will be zippered hoodies available now to order.

Treasurer’s report:

Cd $47,413.34

Operations $166,484.93

Checking  $15,659.75

Jimmy thanked Joanne and reminded everyone of the upcoming activities planned from Maryann Tompkins activities director.

Browns / steelers tail gate party




News Years eve

At this time Jim ask the members if they had any questions?

No questions were ask at this time.

Jim ask the ballot committee to come up and post their ballots.

Jim introduced the ballot committee:

Doris Hastings

Tammi Kratz

Janet Lopez

At this time all members cast their ballots and the ballots were taken by the ballot committee to be counted.

Results are as follows:

President – Kent Tompkins-108

Secretary-Cheryl Farrell-106

 Jerry Deruyter- 102

Mike Cszonka- 91

Randy Cox- 64

Randy Vessey- 40

Frank Uncapher jr -39

Quentin Chillders- 33

Jim Cox made a motion to destroy the ballots

Second by Cheryl Farrell

Dee Wurtz swore in the new officers

Jim Cox made a motion to close the meeting

Second by Dee Wurtz

Meeting adjourned at 11:20am





        Respectfully submitted,

Cheryl Farrell