Leisure Lake Membership Association

Second Quarter 2012 Membership Meeting

April 15, 2012 at 10:00am


Brenda Lallathin stated that a quorum had been established.

Roll Call:  Present were:  Kent Tompkins, President; Jim Cox, Vice President; Joanne Mociolek, Treasurer; Lisa Phillips, Secretary; Joe Lewis, Trustee; Jerry Deryuter, Trustee; Bob Mills, Trustee; Randy Cox, Trustee; Randy Vesey, Trustee.

The President stated that a quorum had not been established in January, so there was no meeting.

Pat Detrick made a motion to waive the reading of the previous membership meeting minutes (10/11) to expedite the time for this meeting.  Doug Miller seconded the motion. 


Kent Tompkins (the “President”) stated there was a lot to discuss today.  He thanked the members in attendance and discussed the importance of member involvement in the park.  He thanked the Board of Directors and the volunteers who helped on work weekends throughout the winter.  He thanked the committee chairpeople who were in attendance and discussed the importance of committees.  He discussed the changes that had been made in the park since June of 2009. 

He discussed the budget report and some ways we can make money and asked for volunteers to assist in some of these projects.  He discussed the “cash flow” budget and the importance of it in relation to our tax liability and the changes he would like to see in the report. 

The President made special thanks to the military men and women serving our country and stated that Pat Detrick had contacted Sherrod Brown and she and Glenn purchased and donated a flag that had flown over the capital building. 


Jim Cox (the “VP”) thanked everyone in attendance for coming.  He thanked the winter security crew and the members who gave their time for work weekends over the winter months.  He stated that H.E.L.P. Electric had been in the park and were doing improvements to the electric lines.

The VP stated he had been in frequent contact with Ken Mills on the construction of the comfort station and the delay being the result of permits requiring ADA compliance.

The VP thanked Mr. Miller, who with a friend over Easter weekend, roofed the maintenance building and the park only had to pay for the shingles.

He discussed the camaraderie of the current BOD and that we are continuing to move forward on various projects with the help of the committees.


Joanne Mociolek (the “Treasurer”) gave current account information:

Operation Savings               $132,585.07

CD                                          49,666.68

Checking                                  7,684.89


Total                                   $189,936.64


The Treasurer stated that she and her family would continue to open the kitchen one weekend a month for breakfast, that Laurie Miller and her crew would be cooking for holiday weekends, and that they were looking for volunteers to open up at least one more weekend a month.  There was a discussion on the benefits to the park and members.


The Treasurer stated that the park had t-shirts and sweatshirts on sale – if different sizes or colors were desired, there were forms at the front desk that could be filled out and when there were enough requests, and order could be placed.


The Treasurer discussed that the new billing procedure for late payments would go into effect on May 1st and that the procedure was included with the dues bill and was posted on the bulletin board of anyone had any questions.  Thank you to members who continued to pay on time.


The Treasurer stated that the Board had looked into using PayPal as a payment option, and as their fees were higher than we were currently paying, PayPal will not be used at this time.


The Treasurer stated that the office would be open after the meeting for people who wanted to pay their dues.




Lisa Phillips (the “Secretary”) stated that effective May 1st, the office would be open the first and second weekend both Saturday and Sunday from 10am – 2pm and on the third and fourth weekend, the office would only be open on Saturdays from 10am-2pm.  Holiday weekends the office will be open both Saturday and Sunday. 


The Secretary will also be posting a blank calendar for volunteers to sign up and work in the office.  She stated that there are standard operating procedures set up to make things easier for volunteers.


The Secretary thanked Karen Childers for stepping up and taking photos during work weekends and activities.




Water/Sewer – Randy Cox

Randy thanked the volunteers who helped get the water leaks fixed and the water turned on.  He thanked them for their very long days.

Buildings – Randy Vesey

Randy discussed the progress he had made with the clubhouse, hamlets, maintenance building.  He stated that he had plans to replace the doors in the pool building as they were getting rusty.

Randy introduced and thanked Mr. Miller for shingling the maintenance building.  The park only had to pay for the shingles, all labor and other material was donated by Mr. Miller and a friend of his.

There was a discussion on the lowering of the Hamlet rental fees.  We will not be charging $65 for a single night rental, $90 for non-holiday weekend rental (2 night), $175 for non-holiday weekly rental (6 nights) and $195 for holiday weekly rental (6 nights).  The rates were lowered in hopes of getting more people to rent them.   There were some questions from members regarding dogs in the Hamlets, visitors causing damage, etc.  The President stated that there are pre and post rental inspection forms that will be used and deposits paid.  The Board will discuss the potential situation of higher cost damages than deposits paid.  There was also a discussion on using linoleum versus carpet.  Randy Vesey will check into the cost differences.  Randy Borlie volunteered to fix the steps into #2.

Security – Joe Mociolek

Joe discussed the tree removal being planned and the need for members to fill out a form to get a tree/branches on their property on the priority list.

There was a discussion on the Camper Assist Security Team (CAST), their function and that they would be wearing green vests, they will also have a sign in their lot and have lights on their golf carts for easy identification to be used in an emergency situation.

Golf Cart/UTV stickering – Joe and his team will be handing out the new rules and stickers from 11-1pm on May 5th and May 12th.  If members cannot make those times, please notify Joe or the office.

There was a member question on the time limit the park had in place for once a tree is dropped and when it should be cleaned up.  There was a discussion and the President stated that the park had a 30 day rule for projects to be completed once they are started and that this should also apply to trees being dropped and cleaned up.

Grounds – Steve Phillips

Steve discussed the need for a new zero turn mower and that they would be trading in the old John Deere.  There was a discussion with members on the need to have 2 mowers in the fleet and that mowing the park was a time consuming job and that we were currently using 2 member’s personal mowers and time to keep up right now.  The President stated that there was planned to have 2 mowers in the fleet eventually and rotate them, it just wasn’t feasible financially this year.  Steve stated that the tractor and accessory equipment was better this year and that hopefully people would be more comfortable using it.  There was a discussion on the cost that was quoted to fix the current mower.  There was a member request to re-evaluate the fixing of the John Deere we currently owned and the value of the equipment.  Doug Miller stated that he thought the John Deere could be fixed for around $300 and that Dave Tietz said he would volunteer to fix it.

The President asked for a show of hands for people who thought we should trade the mower in and a show of hands of people who thought we should keep the current John Deere and buy a new mower.  The majority of members who raised their hands thought we should keep the John Deere and get a new zero mower.

Based on the hand count The President suggested a change to the budget to no more than $10,000 for a new zero turn mower and to keep the John Deere and take Doug Miller at his word to get the old one fixed for under $300.

There was a discussion on the potential need for equipment with attachments to dig holes, etc.   The President stated that it wasn’t in the budget this year, but it could be presented in the future.


Maryann Tompkins has been the activities director for the past 3 years she has worked with a budget of $2,000 and raised $9,000 and put it all back into the park and was able to keep kids activities free or very affordable.  Maryann stated that the activities were posted on the facebook page, but unless people stepped up and volunteered the activities will begin to decrease.  She discussed upcoming bus gambling trip, the cinco de mayo celebration and the need for volunteers for the putt putt course, the upcoming bus trip.

Lynn Barbee stated that bingo would be continuing this year.  There will be games scheduled on Saturday evening at 6:30pm and Sunday at 12:30pm.  There will be bingo scheduled two times on holiday weekends.


The President stated that the issues of personal property insurance and dog requirements/penalties were still being discussed at the Board meetings and would be presented at the July Membership Meeting


Taxes    The President discussed the current and back income tax situation.  A detailed report is available in the office.

There were some questions from the members regarding bonding of officers –our officers are not bonded as the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions offers protection.  There was also a question on errors and omissions insurance – if we don’t have it, we might want to look into it.

There was a discussion on the proposed amendment that will keep the membership informed that tax returns are being filed.  Members were asked to sign the petition to have this amendment placed for membership vote at the July meeting


Fracking.   The President discussed the fracking situation in the area.  A more detailed report is available in the office.

DCR Amendments

There was a discussion on the proposed amendment to eliminate the January membership meeting, as in the past 4 years a quorum was not established.  The Members were asked to sign the petition to have this amendment brought up for membership vote at the July meeting.

There was a discussion on the proposed amendment that will keep the membership informed that tax returns are being filed.  Members were asked to sign the petition to have this amendment brought up for membership vote at the July meeting


Budget Proposal

Pat Detrick thanked the budget committee for all its hard work and read through the proposed budget.

There were some questions about the lake money – the President stated that Rex King, Lake Committee Chair, had requested the carry over of the left over funds from last year and thought he wouldn’t require further funds.

There were questions and discussion about the credit card fees and members potentially paying them.  The President stated that it was a cost of doing business and explained that credit card companies had it in their contract that you will not charge an extra fee for people who use the credit card.  This was offered as a convenience to the members and the Board would take into consideration not accepting credit cards in the future.  There was a discussion on the use of using your personal bank-on-line function.

Brad Dunn made a motion to accept the budget as recommended.  Ellen Savage seconded the motion.  A vote was called and there were 80 votes in favor to accept the budget as recommended and 0 votes against acceptance.  The motion carried.


The President stated that as a reminder, quiet time was normally 11pm, 12am on weekend nights, and 1am if there was a band/function, etc.  Please be aware that quiet time does not just involve a curfew, but courtesy to your neighbors during the day, i.e., extraordinarily loud music, barking dogs, etc.

The President stated that our prior cleaning person, Walt had retired and that Ashley Lugiewicz was cleaning the buildings at the same price this year.

The President stated that nominations would be taken at the July meeting for 3 trustee positions (Randy Cox, Jerry DeRuyter & Randy Vesey), the President, and the Secretary.  He stated that volunteering and taking these positions did involve a little bit of work, but that it could be rewarding.


There was a question as to why members weren’t notified when campers were broken into.  The President stated that the members who were affected were notified, but some were broken into or sheds broken into that we were unaware of.  There was a discussion on putting this on facebook – or starting a list of members and their e-mail addresses.  The Board will look into this – if someone would like to volunteer to start compiling the list, that would be great.

As there was no further business, Randy Vesey made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Randy Cox seconded the motion, the motion carried unanimously and the meeting was adjourned.

Submitted Lisa Phillips, Secretary




The President stated that his first official exposure to the parks finances was when he was asked to be on the budget committee. That was in the spring of 2009.  As he went through the line items in detail, a few items seemed out of the parameters he expected to see, one of them was the fees paid to accountants. It was too low.  This was his first sign. The second sign came when he was acting President during the then President’s illness in Late November. The Treasurer, Joanne, informed him that the accountant had not provided a return from the previous year along with this year. She informed him of her efforts to get the accountant to comply and wondered if we should look for a new accountant, he asked how long the park had been using the current accountant and was informed that this was the accountant the prior treasurer had been using. He instructed Joanne to insist on getting last year’s return before we would submit this year’s reports, we tried for several months and then fired her. By this time the then current President had passed and he decided to use his business accountant as he already had a relationship with him.  He was able to contact and convince the old accountant to turn over our old returns, or so we thought, only to find the fiscal year 2007 – 2008 receipts unopened by her. The rest of the previous year’s “returns” were made unavailable.

The time frame now was spring of 2010. It was at this time the new accountant had made contact with the IRS and set up a phone conference with him, the accountant, an assistant, and an IRS agent. Once on the phone, after giving them our Federal identification number, the agent informed me that while he sees our EIN, I would have to request in writing for further information.

About this time my accountant was having internal issues with his firm and after waiting patiently until the fiscal year 2009 – 2010 returns needed to be filed, along with his business returns as his fiscal year ends in August, we (both LLMA and KBT Enterprises) decided we needed to move on. This was November of 2010. So we both fired him and his firm.

After searching for a new accountant, we finally decided on a 2 tier program; a basic accountant to assist us in current accounting and a specialist to assist and advise us in the past returns. This was in the spring of 2011. After searching through numerous boxes stored throughout the park, Joanne and her assistants were able to locate what we thought would be the required paper work in an attempt to solve this issue. This included a road trip to the park from our “basic” accountant. It took about 4 months for her and Joanne to locate and organize all of this and get it to the specialists. Once the specialists got involved, they found that the last return available in our paper work was 1997. Due to the complexity of this issue, I have prepared a power point presentation in hopes of conveying were we were, what we are doing, and were we are headed. 


The President stated that several companies have contacted him about fracking, this includes a research company that wanted to perform testing in the park. He used the BOD and the LLMA Consulting committee to review this and the end result is that the AMENDMENT states that all ground mineral rights were obtained by Shady Side and that we have no right to any of the revenue. We also gave Shady Side the rights to remove the energy including the process. In other words they can come in and set anything from a drill, well, or even a fracking plant. (show on slide) Since we do not have the right to say no to fracking, we determined we do not have the right to say yes. So as of now, to my knowledge, they have moved on. He stated that he had no idea if or when this may change. He does know that the offers will only go up. Here is one of the unsolicited offers received through email.:

Parcel: 27-039-00-00-001-001 (23.946 acres)

Parcel: 27-039-00-00-001-000 (27.123 acres)

51.069 acres total

More particularly, Endeavour Exploration, L.L.C. is extending the following lease terms: