Leisure Lake Membership Association

Fourth Quarter 2013 Membership Meeting

October 13, 2013 at 10:00am


Brenda Lallathin stated that a quorum had been established.

Roll Call:  Present were:  Jim Cox, Vice President; Joanne Mociolek, Treasurer; Lisa Phillips, Secretary; Trustees:  Steve Phillips, Joe Mociolek, Quentin Childers, Wayne Reinhart, Lynn Barbee

President, Kent Tompkins was absent, excused.

Pat Detrick made a motion to waive the reading of the previous membership meeting minutes (7/13) to expedite the time for this meeting.  Quentin Childers seconded the motion. 


In the President’s absence, Lisa Phillips, Secretary, read his report.  He asked that we take a moment to reflect on the recent passing of Dennis Croasmun.  We also have many members who have served, are serving, or have family members serving in our military and safety forces, for there service, how about a round of applause.

He explained his philosophy for volunteers of the park – family – work – park – in that order. 

He discussed improvements made this past summer to our park.   Drainage is being addressed,  some of the narrow roads have been widened, the creek was dug out, we upgraded or hired to upgrade some of the sewer plant requirements, we were ordered by the health department to properly close some old water wells in the park and this was accomplished, the new mower was put to use, added another park owned Hay Wagon, made some upgrades to the clubhouse electric, kitchen, office, security cameras, and thanks to Dan Carpenter, installed wireless internet throughout the park. Rex has improved the lake again and has additional improvements planned for next year.

We still have a lot to do, we are making progress.  It will take many more years to get to the point where we spend more time on maintenance than improvements, but we will get there.

THE PERMIT HAS BEEN ISSUED for the new comfort station.  New contracts are being reviewed and discussed and once agreed upon, dates for construction will be announced.

He stated that there were a few security and campground rules issues this past summer. While I am sure that no member comes to camp with the intention of being an issue, alcohol, domestic relations, and personal reasons can create a seemingly violent situation. The security team along with CAST volunteers did an exceptional job within the rules that guide us. We are always looking for more volunteers. Please see Jim C or the security trustee if you are able to help out the CAST team.

He thanked each and every volunteer who has assisted the park. “It would be impossible for me to mention every one and I fear I would inadvertently leave some out. I would however like to thank the outgoing BOD member – Joe Mociolek.  . 

He stated we would be voting for two open officer positions and two trustee positions.   The Officers, VP Jim Cox and Treasurer Joanne Mociolek are running unopposed and although at the July membership, we had three members accept nominations for these positions, for personal reason, 2 of them cannot fulfill this obligation, returning trustee Steve P is still running and the rules of the park now require the BOD to solicit members for this position and then the BOD will elect / appoint a new trustee. If you are ready, or know of someone who is ready and could not attend this meeting, please notify one of your BOD members following this meeting.

“In closing, I want to thank everyone in attendance for caring about the park and making the effort to be here, during the agenda members of the BOD will be sharing information and in some cases, opening up items for discussion. Please be respectful to the BOD and your fellow members by staying on point and adding to the discussion in a professional manner.”


Jim Cox, VP stated “I want to take a little time here to say I few things that I feel need addressed.  First I want to remind you this is your camp grounds everyone here has decided to come to leisure lake for different reasons , I have seen members come and go for different reasons, but just remember this is your park.  We the Board of Directors are members just like you , we have been elected by you we have chosen in our hearts to step forward and help the membership in maintaining the constitution that was put together by the members.  I have seen a lot of changes in the park along with just maintaining it.  With Kent being at the helm of the Board and working with him side by side I have learned from him as he has from me.  This is a business and with running one you must be devoted to what you believe in.  When I first came on as a trustee there was a few things said to me that stay with me always - one was ---Do not be part the problem, become the solution to the problem or another one was, camping the way you knew it is about to change. Wow how true!  So to make this short The Board that you see here, that you voted in to run your park, has made these changes and we are here to keep it running according to your constitution.  And I want to thank every one of them

Capital improvements - as in Kent's letter he stated we have the permit, it has been three years , we have more on the books put we have two major ones that we need to complete first. The comfort station and the walls at the waste water plant.  You will see later in the meeting their price tags.  This meeting is going to be a long one and I feel I said enough.  Thank you for having me as your Vice President.”


Joanne Mociolek (the “Treasurer”) gave current account information:

Operation Savings                      $128,609.00

Savings                                                4,466.82

Checking                                            13,146.06


Total                                               $146,221.88


She stated that Trustees had signed off on the 3rd quarter books and the records had been forwarded to the accountant for preparation of our income taxes.  We currently have an $800 credit with the IRS for current taxes.


The Treasurer stated that the accountant received a letter from the IRS and that we owe $10,404.52 for penalties (stemming from non-payment of taxes from 2005-2010).


She discussed the process of the winter electric bills and that the last monthly bill would be available 11-9-13.


She stated that there were two crews going to be in the kitchen next season and thanked all that volunteered.


In answer to a question from the previous meeting, the Treasurer stated that when the electric meters were installed, it was at a cost of $136,590.   To-date, we have recovered $118,939.67 with $17,650.33 outstanding.  When assessments are paid, the money goes back into the capital improvement budget.





Lisa Phillips, Secretary, thanked those that had assisted her in keeping the office running.


She also stated that she had witnessed people walking their dogs in the putt putt course and to please stop this – there are many other places to walk dogs.




Buildings – Joe Mociolek – Joe thanked those who had helped him during his tenure as Trustee and stated it had been a rewarding two years.

Security – Quentin Childers – Quentin thanked the C.A.S.T. members and all those that had volunteered throughout the season.

There was a drawing for the trailer full of wood – Bill and Cathy Caracanas won the drawing.

Water/Sewer – Lynn Barbee – thanked all those that helped her.  She stated that the water would be turned off on 11-2-13 and she was looking for volunteers to assist in the process.

She reviewed the pool report and thanked Dan Carpenter for his dedication to keeping the pool up and running.

Special Projects – Wayne Reinhart – thanked members for their help and cooperation.

Grounds – Steve Phillips – Steve thanked all the volunteers that helped him throughout the season.


Reminder that the Halloween festivities will be 10/19.



Dog Rule - due to technology changes, vagueness and new Portage County guidelines, the new rule for dogs is:  “When a dog is on its owner’s/member’s lot, a dog must be under the control of the owner.  When a dog is off the owner’s/member’s lot, a dog must be on a permanent leash and under the control of the owner.”

Memorial Park – there had been discussions on a memorial park for deceased members.  The Board decided that we would compile a list, and as the budget allowed, would plant a tree in memory of the deceased member and place a plaque near the tree.  Park benches were discussed and this cost was out of the budget range. 

Multiple Golf Carts – a member had asked if there could be more than 2 golf carts permitted per membership –there was a general discussion amongst the membership about setting a “cap” with no fees involved so there would not have to be any monitoring.   It was decided that the Board will continue to discuss this issue and make a decision.

Budget Committee – Dues increase proposal – Pat Detrick presented President Kent Tompkins presentation on a proposal for a dues increase (The slide presentation will be available in the office).   Pat Detrick then made a motion to increase the dues per membership in the amount of $108.  Joanne Mociolek seconded the motion.

There was a lengthy discussion – the membership:

·         Questioned the need for new equipment and capital improvements. 

·         Members stated that capital improvements were a “wish list” and should be done when there is money or people to complete them.

·         Questioned why things were being “farmed out” and not having members do the work?

·         Questioned a previous statement from someone that the dues would not go up since we started paying our individual electric bills.

·         Questioned there being an assessment instead of increase – it was explained that an assessment just to cover the retaining walls in the sewer plant would be in the approximate amount of $200 per membership.

·         Questioned whether we could vote on this at the next meeting, so members could have a time to digest the information and discuss it amongst themselves.

·         Questioned the numbers involved in the proposal – the percentages of increased costs versus dues percentage increase.

There was a call for a vote on the motion on the floor.  The votes were counted:

                     In favor of dues increase:   46

                     Against dues increase:        73


There was a call for the vote on the election of officers.   The ballots were collected by the election committee, counted, and the results were:

                      Jim Cox – 87

                      Joanne Mociolek – 90

                      Steve Phillips – 88

The Officers and Trustee were sworn in by Brad Dunn.



A member questioned if a background check was done on the current incoming officers as stated was required in the Constitution.  There was a discussion - Jim Cox stated that this would be completed and the results posted.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting, the motion was seconded – the meeting was adjourned

Submitted Lisa Phillips, Secretary