Leisure Lake Membership Association

Third Quarter 2013 Membership Meeting

July 14, 2013 at 10:00am


Brenda Lallathin stated that a quorum had been established.

Roll Call:  Present were:  Kent Tompkins, President; Jim Cox, Vice President; Joanne Mociolek, Treasurer; Lisa Phillips, Secretary; Trustees:  Steve Phillips, Joe Mociolek; Quentin Childers, Wayne Reinhart, and Lynn Barbee.

Pat Detrick made a motion to waive the reading of the previous membership meeting minutes (April 14, 2013) to expedite the time for this meeting.  Dawn Booth seconded the motion. 


Kent Tompkins (the “President”) stated that we had celebrated the 4th of July this past weekend, a holiday that celebrates our freedom.  He made special thanks to the military men and women serving our country and the people who guide them, as we would not be able to enjoy this freedom without them. 

He thanked those that volunteer and help put the meeting together from setting up the audio/visual needs, signing people in, getting the doughnuts and the sergeant at arms.

In speaking of volunteers, the President noted that he had asked that the members of the board of directors (the “BOD”) send him a list of members who have assisted them this spring.  There were 61 members who had volunteered, some helping more than one board member, bringing the total up to 90 members from 46 difference campsites – we even have guests that volunteer their time.  This number might have been a shock, but not anymore.   Look around the park at almost any time, any day and you will find a volunteer performing a task for you and me.  This saves us money and makes our park special.   We are not your ordinary campground.

He stated that although he lets the board members thank those who have helped them directly, he needed to thank Shelby May who has stepped up and taken on the task of organizing most of the upcoming activities, adult and children’s activities both.  She feels that it is her time to give back, or pay it forward.   Having assisted his wife, Maryann with activities for the past four years, he knows how busy, yet gratifying this task can be.  Wayne Reinhart is the Trustee in charge of activities, so if you have any ideas or want to help or make donations, please see Wayne or Shelby. 

He stated that this was the meeting in which we would nominate members for various expiring BOD positions.  He stated that if a member thought it was his or her time to get involved, great, if not, he asked that respect be given to those who are about to take on the challenge, either by offering advice, assistance with projects, and/or support by encouraging others to do so.  He stated since he first came onto the BOD, there has been a huge change in the park, the BOD, the desire to give back or pay it forward and the members joining their friends and neighbors in accomplishing tasks.

He explained that Membership Meetings are for park business and if there is a specific problem with your membership or lot to bring that issue to a BOD meeting.  BOD meeting dates and times vary on the BOD member’s availability.   Our base date is the weekend following work weekend.   He stated that the next BOD meeting was scheduled for Saturday, July 20th.


Jim Cox (the “VP”) thanked everyone in attendance for coming.  He thanked everyone that has helped keep the park moving forward.

He stated that there are some major capital improvements still on the books, i.e. the comfort station, the retaining wall at the waste water plant, the pool house bathroom, roofing the buildings and a comprehensive plan for the sales building, which is still in the planning stage.

He stated that the projects worked on the past year were the lake - what a first impression it makes now, the pool patio, the bridge coming into the park, new entrance doors, backhoe purchase and already the back log of projects for it to stay busy for the next year (including drain pipe on the main roads this year and next year staring on side roads), well house generator room, further remodeling of the Hamlets, the putt-putt course, the horse shoe pit pavilion, street signs (as directed by the Paris Township safety forces), playground painting and repairs, the electrical repairs and upgrades.

A member questioned when the concrete would be put in to reinforce the entrance bridge.  The VP stated that they were talking to the contractor as they realize how important this issue is, and are working on getting it fixed.

It was stated that there are capital improvement forms a member can fill out if they have suggestions, but right now there are many projects that we need to complete to comply with state regulations and they will be the first priority.


Joanne Mociolek (the “Treasurer”) gave current account information:

Operation Savings               $161,258.79

Savings                                   14,859.16

Checking                                  6,335.29


Total                                   $182,453.24


The Treasurer stated that the quarterly audit was completed by two Trustees and signed off on.  The records will be sent to the accountant.


She thanked the new crew that is opening the kitchen and cooking breakfast once a month.




Lisa Phillips (the “Secretary”) thanked those members who have assisted her in keeping the office up and running during the past few months, our camp photographer, and those that consistently assist with getting the membership meetings organized





Buildings – Joe Mociolek

Joe thanked the people who assisted him in projects such as hanging and painting the doors, the hamlets, etc.   He stated that the roof over the clubhouse would be completed the next weekend – all done by volunteers (a member and his crew).

Water/Sewer – Lynn Barbee

Lynn thanked the volunteers who were helping her monitor the sewer plant and water testing.   She stated we were still waiting for the sealed bids for repair of the treatment plant retaining wall.

She stated that members could help maintain the pumps by not putting any sanitary supplies into the commodes, whether in their own campers or in the comfort stations.  She also stated that members should not wash their golf carts down by the dump station – the sand and mud can clog the system.

She also stated that she and Dan Carpenter were also looking for new volunteers to assist Dan in opening and closing the pool on weekends.


Security – Quentin Childers

Quentin thanked the volunteers who assisted him with security and cutting up trees – he stated they were going to have another wood raffle - $5 per ticket – see him for tickets. 

Grounds – Steve Phillips

Steve thanked the volunteers who helped him with the grounds.  He stated he anticipated being back on track with the pipe down the main road in the next couple of weeks

A member asked when some pipe would be replaced that was damaged during the electrical repairs.   Steve stated that it was on his list and would be scheduled when the volunteers were in place to complete the project.

A member brought up that the paths used for the haunted hayride are being destroyed.  The President recommended trying to figure out, for sure, who was damaging the roads and try to get them to fix the paths, and to stop.  It seems we are putting money into this every year and we need to attempt to benefit the masses while penalizing the few.

Special Projects – Wayne Reinhart

Wayne thanked the volunteers who helped him and stated it was nice to see the park back with the members helping.

Committee Reports

Dan Carpenter’s issue with looking for new weekend volunteers for opening and closing the pool were discussed by Lynn Barbee.

Pat Detrick wanted to remind everyone that there is a monthly electric bill – new bills come out on the second Saturday of the month – please come pay your bill on time – we would prefer people to pay their bills rather than have to fine them.


The President stated that we are moving forward with the comfort station.  We have experienced some engineering issues, but believe they are resolved and attorneys are now involved to do the new contract and hope to have the building permits very soon.  Permits will be posted when we get them.

A member questioned modular buildings that other campground have.  The President stated that the BOD had looked into these systems and it was cost prohibitive.

The President stated that the Hamlets were phenomenal – he would have no problem encouraging his family members to rent them for visits.  It was recommended that pictures be taken and posted.   Karen Childers stated she would be glad to do this.


The President stated that our budget is tight as we have had to use some of the “float money” between the bridge, the back hoe and final comfort station payments, but he believes we are still operating within our budget and progress will continue.  He stated money may be tight, but that is how we are supposed to be operating. 

DCR Requirements

The Secretary read the “job descriptions” for the board openings of Vice President, Treasurer and Trustee.

The President opened nominations for Vice President:

          Ken May nominated Jim Cox – Glenn Detrick seconded the nomination – Jim Cox accepted the nomination.

          Randy Cox nominated Gary Kratz – Al Toth seconded the nomination – Gary Kratz declined the nomination.

          Bill Williams nominated Steve Phillips – Steve is not eligible as another family member is on the executive board.

          As there were no further nominations, the President closed the nominations for Vice President and thanked the members who declined and Jim Cox for accepting the nomination.

The President opened nominations for Treasurer:

          Brenda Lallathin nominated Joanne Mociolek, Jim Cox seconded the nomination and Joanne Mociolek accepted the nomination.

          As there were no further nominations, the President closed the nominations for Treasurer and thanked Joanne Mociolek for accepting the nomination.

The President opened nominations for TWO Trustee positions.

          Wayne Reinhart nominated Steve Phillips, Randy Cox seconded the nomination and Steve Phillips accepted the nomination.

          Jim Cox nominated Joe Lewis, Ken Platt seconded the nomination and Joe Lewis accepted the nomination.

          Bill Williams nominated Bob Mills, Jr. – Dawn Booth seconded the nomination– Bob Mills, Jr. accepted the nomination.

Patty Raudonaitis nominated Joe Mociolek – Joe Mociolek declined the nomination.

Brenda Lallathin nominated Dave Biener – Dave Biener declined the nomination.

Bob Mills nominated Bill Williams – Bill Williams declined the nomination.

Mike Farrel nominated Dave Booth – Dave Booth declined the nomination.

Jim Cox nominated Tom Raudonaitis – Tom Raudonaitis declined the nomination.

As there were no further nominations, the President closed the nominations for Trustee and thanked all those that accepted the nomination and those that declined the nominations at this time.



A member questioned if all the electric boxes had been paid for.  The Treasurer stated we were still about $25,000 short.  Each new member, whether deed or membership agreement, is still charged an electrical assessment.  The Board will be discussing this at their next meeting.  There was a discussion on using boxes on the green spaces.

A member questioned the status of the membership versus a year ago.  The Treasurer stated it was about the same – we lose some every year and gain some every year.   She also stated that we are running out of available lots.

A member stated that he doesn’t think members realize hard trustees and board members work in the park and he thinks the BOD as a whole does a great job.

A member asked what was being done as the Wi-fi doesn’t work consistently.  The President stated that it has been a challenge to get things working within the budget we have.   There is an estimate to upgrade the system for approximately $15-20,000 and it will have to be presented to next year’s budget committee and then presented to the membership for approval.



The President thanked all those in attendance for coming to the meeting and that those who attend the membership meetings have a voice in what is going on. 

The President stated that the putt-putt course had been vandalized and it was every member’s job to keep an eye open, so as to help the park moving forward.

As there was no further business, the President made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Ellen Savage seconded the motion, the motion carried unanimously and the meeting was adjourned.

Submitted Lisa Phillips, Secretary