Leisure Lake Membership Association

Fourth Quarter 2012 Membership Meeting

October 14, 2012 at 10:00am


In Kent Tompkins’ (President) absence, Jim Cox, Vice President (“VP”) called the meeting to order and asked if a quorum had been established.

Brenda Lallathin stated that a quorum had been established.

Roll Call:  Present were:  Jim Cox, Vice President; Joanne Mociolek, Treasurer; Lisa Phillips, Secretary; Joe Lewis, Trustee; Jerry DeRuyter, Trustee; Bob Mills, Trustee; Randy Cox, Trustee; Randy Vesey, Trustee.

Kent Tompkins, President, was absent

Pat Detrick made a motion to waive the reading of the previous membership meeting minutes (7/12) to expedite the time for this meeting.  Crystal Mociolek seconded the motion. 


In Kent Tompkins absence, Lisa Phillips (“Secretary”) read the President’s report. 

In remembering recently deceased members, Na Weaver and Larry Bowers, Kent wanted us to take a moment to reflect on what is really important in life, our family and friends.  

We have many members who have served, are serving, or have family members serving in our military and safety forces, for there service, how about a round of applause.

Kent gave the three basic rules he follows and encourages all other members of the BOD to follow along with other volunteers of the park.  Family – work – park – This is the order of importance.  I am tailgating with my family as I have done since I was a young boy.  While I understand the commitment I and the rest of the board made to the membership, I have and always will manage the park with these principles in place – You take care of family, your job, and then the park. I hope you understand, now on to park business.

He addressed some of the improvements we have made this past summer to our park. Drainage is being addressed, narrow roads have been widened, the creek was dug out, we upgraded or hired to upgrade some of the sewer plant, ordered by the health department to properly close some old water wells and this was accomplished, the new mower was put to use, added another park owned Hay Wagon, made some upgrades to the clubhouse electric, kitchen, office, security cameras, and thanks to Dan Carpenter, installed wireless internet throughout the park. Rex has improved the lake again and has additional improvements planned for next year.

We still have a lot to do, we are making progress.  It will take many more years to get to the point where we spend more time on maintenance than improvements, but we will get there.

The “new bathroom” continues to be an issue permit wise, it too will get done. The BOD had no idea the amount of red tape involved with this project. This will help us be more diligent in the future.

He discussed some of the security and campground rules issues this past summer.   The security team along with CAST volunteers did an exceptional job within the rules that guide us. The decision to hire the Sherriff was based on the amount of visitors and activity that the park has been getting since our “rebirth” that began with the installation of electric meters. We are always looking for more volunteers. Please see Jim C or the security trustee if you are able to help out the CAST team.

I would like to thank each and every volunteer who has assisted the park. It would be impossible for me to mention every one and I fear I would inadvertently leave some out. I would however like to thank the outgoing BOD members: Randy Vesey, Randy Cox, and Jerry DeRuyter. 

We have 3 members who had accepted nominations at the July meeting for the outgoing Trustee Positions:  Wayne Rinehart, Quentin Childers, and Lynn Barbee.  Welcome to the board Wayne, Quentin, and Lynn.

Secretary – Lisa Phillips accepted the nomination and is also running unopposed.

President – I was nominated and accepted another term.

In closing, I want to thank everyone in attendance for caring about the park and making the effort to be here, during the agenda members of the BOD will be sharing information and in some cases, opening up items for discussion. Please be respectful to the BOD and your fellow members by staying on point and adding to the discussion in a professional manor.


Jim Cox (the “VP”) stated summarized the pool report and thanked Dan Carpenter for his continuing work on the pool and Jeff & Beth Lewis for helping and giving Dan some time off. 

He thanked Daryl Miller and his crew for again volunteering to do the shingling of the portion of the clubhouse that was in immediate need of repair.  He asked for volunteers for the next round of roofing.

He thanked Dan Carpenter and those that have assisted in the placement of the Wi-Fi throughout the park. 

He thanked Rex King and his crew for the continuing work on the lake.


Joanne Mociolek (the “Treasurer”) gave current account information:

Operation Savings               $146,232.83

CD                                          14,148.35

Checking                                15,406.50


Total                                   $175,787.68


The Treasurer stated that the quarterly audit had been completed by Jerry DeRuyter, Steve Phillips and Randy Cox and that the report was on the bulletin board.


She stated that the current accountant checks the accounts quarterly instead of annually and that on their recommendation, an estimated tax payment in the amount of $875 was made


She discussed the improvements in the kitchen and thanked the volunteers who regularly run the kitchen, Laurie & Diane, Betsy, Dee, and Paul, the Detricks & Mocioleks.  She stated that the Detrick/Mociolek group was retiring and she was looking for a new group to open up at least one more weekend a month.  The more the kitchen is open, the more money it can make, kitchen profits purchased the new stove.  She stated that a new flat top had been purchased and would be installed after the holidays.  She thanked Beth and Jeff Lewis for scrubbing down the kitchen – it is bright and shiny again. 


She also stated that the park had t-shirts, golf shirts, hats and sweatshirts on sale – if different sizes or colors were desired, there were forms at the front desk that could be filled out and when there were enough requests, and order could be placed.




Lisa Phillips (the “Secretary”) thanked the volunteers who helped in the office – Jan Platt, Dawn Riggins, Wendy Rhoads and specially Pat Detrick, Crystal Mociolek and Joanne Mociolek for making her job easier.


She discussed the office hours and that the office was where a member should address issues, unless it was an emergency.   If the office is open, please go there first, then to the officer on duty if an issue needs addressed immediately.




Buildings – Randy Vesey

Randy thanked the volunteers that had helped him with various projects throughout his term.

Water/Sewer – Randy Cox

Randy thanked those that had helped him throughout the past years.

Jerry DeRuyter – Special Projects

Jerry thanked those that had helped him throughout his term and stated that there was a pool patio being planned and that if anyone had any comments or suggestions or was willing to help build the patio, to see Dan Carpenter or Jim Cox.

Security – Joe Mociolek

Joe thanked the C.A.S.T. members for all their hard work. 

He stated that they had sold some of the wood and the money went right back into the tree budget.

He thanked those that had helped his family in the kitchen.

Grounds – Steve Phillips

Steve thanked the volunteers who helped him with mowing, hauling gravel throughout the year. 


In Maryann Tompkins’ absence, Lynn Barbee read the activities report, discussing Halloween, Thanksgiving Dinner, and the Christmas Party and that some donations were needed for these activities.  .   She stated that she was looking for hosts of the kids party and evening dinner, as Rick, Randy & Jackie would not be hosting the events this year.  She also reminded everyone that the New Year’s Party would be her last scheduled activity as Activities Director and that volunteers were needed to organize some activities next year.  Remember, if everyone only hosted one activity (poker run, dinner, karaoke, movie night, bocce tournament, etc.) we could have a full schedule of activities.  Maryann also thanked everyone that had helped her during her 3 ˝ years as Activities Director.


Pool Patio

The VP stated that the plans were in the works, and capital improvement funds being allocated for the building of a pool patio with access from the inside only.  Please see Jim Cox or Dan Carpenter if you have any ideas or the willingness to participate in the building of this project.


The VP stated that in the 2009 July Membership Meeting, funds were authorized to purchase a backhoe and that the BOD would begin seeking estimates for purchasing this very important piece of equipment.  There are several capital improvement projects that would need this type of equipment.


Ballots had been handed out at the beginning of the meeting and Members were requested to cast their votes for the open positions.  Although each position was running unopposed, our constitution provides that we must have a secret ballot vote.

The ballots were turned in to the Sergeants at Arms.  The election committee, Ellen Savage, Pat Detrick and Crystal Mociolek then took the ballots out of the room for the count.   The count was announced as follows: 

Kent Tompkins  66 votes

Lisa Phillips – 64 votes

Quentin Childers 63 votes

Wayne Reinhart 59 votes

Lynn Barbee 59 votes


Pat Detrick swore the new Officers and Trustees in.  Kent Tompkins will be sworn in as President by Jim Cox next weekend.


Pat Detrick made a motion to destroy the ballots – Ellen Savage seconded the motion, the motion carried and Lisa Phillips, Secretary, shredded the ballots.



Wayne Reinhart questioned the placement of a Member with a Rover Deed in Phase II.  Jim Cox stated that this was an issue to be discussed at a Board meeting.

Charlie Guthridge questioned keeping the Sales Building and the old lake comfort station buildings standing, as we paid property taxes on the buildings and they were not used for anything other than storage.  He thought it would seem more beneficial to fix up the buildings and rent them out to make some money, or to tear them down.  The VP stated that we would look into the taxes being paid on the buildings and the costs of repairs and we would further discuss this at Board meetings.


The BOD would like to thank Bill Williams for assisting us in creating the SOP in aesthetics. This included reviewing of all park, health, and DCR rules and regulations, creating a time line, inspection sheets, chain of command, and member notification process. While Bill took some unwarranted heat for this, his effort has paid off and the park has benefited from this.  As we move forward, the BOD will be establishing a fining procedure to help encourage the members to keep their camping area in proper condition as this is their responsibility. This will be announced during the April membership. Thank you, Bill for all your hard work and dedication. With that being said, Bill is stepping down and the BOD is looking for a new aesthetics committee chair. Please see Jim Cox if you are interested.

Randy Vesey made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Julius (Al) Toth seconded the motion, the motion carried and the 4th Quarter Membership Meeting of Leisure Lake Membership Association was adjourned.

Submitted Lisa Phillips, Secretary