Leisure Lake Membership Association

Fourth Quarter 2011 Membership Meeting

October 9, 2011 at 10:00am


Brenda Lallathin stated that a quorum had been established.

Roll Call:  Present were:  Kent Tompkins, President; Jim Cox, Vice President; Joanne Mociolek, Treasurer; Lisa Phillips, Secretary; Joe Lewis, Trustee; Jerry Deryuter, Trustee; Bob Mills, Trustee; Randy Cox, Trustee; Randy Vesey, Trustee.

Pat Detrick made a motion to waive the reading of the previous membership meeting minutes to expedite the time for this meeting.  Crystal Mociolek seconded the motion. 

Kent asked the membership to take a moment to remember those serving the country.

President’s Report – Kent Tompkins (the “President”)

The President stated that the main purpose of this meeting was the election of new Board members.  He thanked Joe Lewis for his dedication and hard work for the past two years.  He also introduced Randy Vesey who stepped up when Mike Czonka resigned.  Randy has stepped up and into the position and is already working on several projects.  The President also introduced Lisa Phillips, who accepted the secretary position when Dee Wurz resigned.  He thanked Mike Czonka and Dee Wurz for their work and participation.

The President thanked the Board of Directors (the “BOD”) for its hard work this past summer, heading up committees for work weekends, so that the members could participate and the opportunity to participate in the parks present and future.  He acknowledged the efforts of past BOD and members which have given us the opportunity we have today

The President mentioned that the contract for the comfort station had been awarded to Ken Mills Construction and demolition should start within the next two weeks.  Jim Cox, Vice President was to give more details during his report.

The President thanked the following committees and made a brief statement about each:

            Aesthetics Committee:  Bill Williams, committee chair.  The President stated that there was now a process in place for handling the notification, etc., and projected that next year things will really begin to look better.

            Grounds Committee:  Chaired by Frank Uncapher, under the direction of Trustee Joe Lewis.  The President acknowledged the difficulty in keeping the grounds mowed with all the rain we have had so far this year.  Good job!

            Lake Committee:   Rex King, chair.  The President stated we can all see the results of the job our lake committee has done this year, and there is more to come.  He stated that Rex does what all committees and trustees should do – take ownership – Rex has a plan, which he updates it every 4 months or so, puts together a request, or budget at the beginning of the year, and then makes it happen. –

            Pool Committee:  Chaired by Dan Carpenter with the assistance of Beth and Jeff Lewis.  There was a challenge this past summer in keeping the pool open.  Multiple times, equipment broke down and needed replaced.  The association now owns a back up pump for the pool, as to limit the amount of down time if the current pump fails.  Even with the pool being down for 35 days, the pool was enjoyed by 3800 members/guests this year.

            Kitchen Crews – The Mociolek and Detrick families, Pierre’s Patio (the Wurz and Linger families) and the Holiday crew (Miller and Wolf families) and their crews.  We have some very dedicated and steady kitchen crews – we are always looking for more crews to have the kitchen open more weekends.  See any of the crews for volunteering and information.

            Lot Committee:  Chaired by Joe Mociolek.

            Electrical Committee:  Gary Kratz, Myrna Engeldinger, and Charlie Guthridge.

            Security Committee:  Chaired by Bob Mills.  Thanks to the security team – they really stepped up and became very active.  Just remember, the security team is there to make sure everyone is safe.

            Activities volunteers:  Chaired by Maryanne Tompkins.  Many activities throughout the year for children and adults.

            Coast to Coast   Our coast to coast membership is growing and it brings in annual revenue of about $30,000.   We saw the need for an “ambassador” to help the coast to coast members register, get situated, etc.  Ken May stepped up for this task.

            The coast to coast association let us know we need to create some drive through lots for the big rigs that come in.  We will be making three sites this year as we do not want to lose our good status with the coast to coast.  The President stated that in the last several years our Coast to Coast rating went from a 2 to a 5.

Vice President’s Report – Jim Cox (the “VP”)

The VP thanked all of the members present, all of the volunteers who have helped the trustees and committees in moving the park forward, keeping up with the maintenance of the park, emergency repairs, capital improvements, and security especially on Holidays.

The VP stated that the “horse shoe pit” comfort station demolition near the maintenance building will begin in the next two weeks. It will include 5 toilets per side, 3 showers, 3(?) sinks, and will be ADA accessible. The contractor, Kent Mills construction, knows to save the grinding wheels and the BOD is looking for input as to where and how to use them.

The VP reported on the following additional capital improvement projects:

            Coast to Coast:  the BOD is working through the process of deciding where to put in drive through lots for the coast to coast members, in order to maintain our status. There is more to it than just the base, we have electrical, sewer and water issues to consider as well, this topic will continue to be a discussion at the BOD meetings with a recommendation to the budget committee once decided.

            Serving counter and stage:  The final phase of the serving counter and stage, should be completed over the winter.

            Putt Putt:  Many members will be building their hole attraction over the winter and the goal is to open it next camping season.

            Electrical upgrades:  He stated the BOD will be meeting with the electrical committee to determine the next electrical feed upgrade.

            Butt Hut:  This is on hold until we get a final ruling from the health department on its eligibility. We have been challenged on its legality to be used as a “smoking patio” and may have to make a few minor changes to comply, we built it as discussed with a contractor and following the ORC, but we did not get it inspected by the health department.  We have been talking to the board of health and they will be coming to inspect it.

            Pool – There is a new law regarding an automatic shut off that we must have installed in order to operate it. We are in the early stages of getting advice and estimates for this. We are also going to research the cost of installing an outdoor patio with direct access to the pool.  Some of the issues are: Keeping grass out of the pool, providing a shower to dilute sun screens, sweat, etc, and the type of material to use as a patio.

            Signs – we have been passing out camper numbers as requested by the health and fire departments, lot signs are next on the list and are still discussing type, costs, etc. Once the lot signs are complete, we will move on to road signs etc.

The VP stated that there are many other capital improvement projects on the list.  He asked that members help where they can to help keep costs down.   He also asked that members continue turning in suggestions.

Treasurer’s Report – Joanne Mociolek (the “Treasurer”)

The Treasurer stated that the books for the quarter had been reviewed by Trustees Randy Vesey and Joe Lewis, they were found to be in order and the report would be posted on the bulletin board in the hallway.

The Association’s accounts had the following balances

            Operational Savings            $166,613.50

            CD Savings                            $48,906.58

            Checking                                    6,972.39


The Treasurer stated that the books will be sent for yearly review within the next two weeks.


The Treasurer stated that there were many campers without the lot numbers on them.  This is a requirement by the County Health Department, not the park.  If your camper doesn’t have the numbers on it, please see someone in the office to get a set.


The Treasurer discussed the winter electric billing schedule.  If you will not be camping during the winter, but leave your electricity on, you are more than welcome to provide the office with a self addressed stamped envelope and we will mail the bill to them.  If you unplug your camper, there shouldn’t be an electric bill.  The October bill will be available the second weekend of November and then the winter billing begins – no bill again until February.   She thanked the members that paid their bills promptly.


The Treasurer thanked the people that volunteered in the kitchen.  She stated that she would like to see the kitchen open every weekend in the summer and that if anyone was interested, there would be help and guidance available.


The Treasurer stated that sweatshirts would be ordered after the meeting and would be received by the park’s Halloween Party weekend.  Anyone who was interested in ordering a sweatshirt should let her know after the meeting.


The President discussed the secretarial position opening and fulfillment.   He stated that there were standard operating procedures (“SOP”) in place now, making it easier for someone to volunteer in the office. He hoped people would be more willing to volunteer in the office over the summer.   He introduced Lisa Phillips who is the new secretary.



Trustee Reports

            Bob Mills – Bob stated he would like to thank all the gate workers.  He also stated that he would like to see the amount of outside security help needed on holiday weekends and the more volunteers we had, the more money we could save.  The President stated that every hour we could use a volunteer instead of outside security saved the Association approximately $12.

            Randy Vesey.  The President state that Randy was in the process of cleaning up the buildings, painting, and seeing which roofs needed replaced in order of severity and necessity.

            Randy Cox.  Randy stated he would like to thank Steve Phillips, Red and Jim Cox for helping him throughout the season with the water and sewer and when he was hurt

            Jerry Deryuter:  Asked when the water was going to be shut down.  Randy Cox stated he didn’t have a date yet, but would probably be the first weekend of November.

            Joe Lewis.   Thanked Frank Uncapher and all the crew for sticking by him and working with him for the past two years.

Activities Report – Maryann Tomkins

            Halloween – Halloween at the park will be on 10/22/11.  There are still 7 stations open and they are looking for volunteers.  Maryann stated she was looking for volunteers to bake cookies, cupcakes, etc for the party.  There was a discussion on the hayrides, schedule, judging, and activities on the 22nd.  Maryann posted a schedule several places throughout the clubhouse and park.

            Thanksgiving – Joe Mociolek and his family will be cooking the Thanksgiving Dinner scheduled for 11/19 at the clubhouse.

            Christmas – the Christmas party is going to be on 12/10/11.  Hosted this year by Rick Baron, Randy Ohler and Jackie Nussbaum.

            Putt Putt – materials are available.  There have been six volunteers to do a hole – need 3 more.  Maryann said she was hoping the course would be up and functional for spring.

            Maryann stated it was a great year for activities and thanked those that helped.

Unfinished Business

The President discussed the electrical billing and penalty process for non-payment.  There are 29 members delinquent for an approximate amount of $1,000.  There was a discussion on the amount of time it takes to track the unpaid bills and ways to avoid becoming past due on your electric bill.  There was a discussion on possibly instituting a late fee of a specific dollar amount or percentage of the past due amount.  The President stated the BOD had discussed the continued delinquent accounts at a recent meeting and the discussion led to a decision that starting May 1st, any member who is delinquent and gets a sticker will be billed $5 or 5% of their late bill, whichever is greater.    It was brought up that the Association could possibly use PayPal as a way for people to pay their bills.  The President stated he would look into possibly using PayPal.  The BOD will look into the PayPal accounts..

Old Business

The President stated that there was an issue was tabled from the last meeting on permitting 4-wheel drive carts to be used in the park.  Doug Miller was present to discuss the issue.  Doug stated that he wanted to make it clear he was not looking for 4-wheelers, or ATVs to be permitted in the park, but 4 wheel drive carts, or UTVs.  UTVs are very similar to golf carts, they have headlights, taillights, steering wheels, brakes, and are insured just like a car or truck.  A UTV owner is required to have the same minimum requirements of insurance as a car owner.

Joe Lewis said he agreed with Doug in some areas, but a UTV had a bigger motor, and how could a 800cc vehicle be controlled.   Doug stated that a UTV had a speedometer, so it would be easier to monitor the speed.

There were questions from the members about safety issues, speeding issues, damage to roads.  Doug Miller stated that again, the UTVs had a speedometer, the owners would be under the same rules and guidelines as a golf cart owner, the UTV owners were required to have insurance, they would cause no more damage to the roads than the golf carts or trucks or cars do.

Doug Miller made a motion to allow a change to the Leisure Lake Membership Association Golf Cart Rules to allow a UTV to be permitted to be used in the park, to be insured, and to follow the same rules as golf cart rules.  Katie Hogue seconded the motion.  A vote was taken and the motion passed - 59 agreed; 27 disagreed.

New Business

The President discussed the insurance issue with dead trees/branches/limbs and notice of a dead limb/branch.  There was a pending case of a member who had damage done to her camper.  The camper was not insured.  There was a discussion on the necessity of members being responsible for having insurance on their campers and the Association requiring this insurance.  The majority of the members present agreed that each member should have insurance on his/her own personal property.  The President read a letter from our insurance agent discussing a hold harmless agreement and the agent recommended changing the by-laws to make it mandatory to require at least liability insurance.  It is believed, per our attorney that a hold harmless agreement would not stand up in court.

The President brought up the issue of recent dog bite incidents in the park and the need to have shot records and/or dog licenses on record.  The President stated that every time the BOD got a report on a loose dog, they investigated it.   Various members brought up that they had seen kids throwing rocks at dogs – it was recommended that they inform the officer on duty and we will take each incident as it occurs.  Leash rules and general cleaning up after your pets was discussed.  The license will also help identify the Breed as many dogs are difficult to identify.  After a discussion about this issue, it was agreed that the responsibility would be put on the members to have their pet records on hand.  If a specific incident occurred, then the pet owner would be required to show the records/license.  If no records/license were available then discipline would be given.  The President stated that the BOD would have to work out the details for compliance and the penalties for failure to do so.

Election of the Board of Directors

Positions open - Vice President- Treasurer – 2 Trustees.  Jim Cox, incumbent Vice President, and Joanne Mociolek, incumbent Treasurer, were running unopposed.   Members running for the Trustee positions were Joe Mociolek, incumbent Bob Mills, Quentin Childers, and Steve Phillips.

Ballots were placed into the ballot box under the supervision of the Election Committee:  Ellen Savage, Janet Lopez, and Betsy Linger.  The Election Committee then took the ballot box into the office, locked themselves in and counted the votes.

The results were:  Jim Cox, Vice President; Joanne Mociolek, Treasurer; 

Trustees:    Steve Phillips - 104 votes

                   Bob Mills – 64 votes

                   Quentin Childers – 20 votes

                   Joe Mociolek – 68 votes

The President thanked Bob Mills for stepping up and fulfilling a vacated Trustee.  He stated that Bob worked very hard and more than fulfilled the job.

The President asked if there were any questions from the membership.  Ellen Savage questioned whether the camper on Lot 140 could be condemned – it was a health hazard.  The President stated that was an issue for the Board Meeting.  Ellen said she would fill out a form and turn it in.

Joe Lewis again thanked the grounds crew for sticking with him.

Betsy Linger made a motion to have the ballots destroyed.  Cliff Martin seconded the motion.

The President swore Steve Phillips and Joe Mociolek in as Trustees of Leisure Lake Membership Association, and they accepted the duties of the position.

The President stated that our cleaning man, Walt Whittle, had suffered a heart attack, and was not in good condition.  He asked that the members step up and help if they saw something that needed taken care of until there was a resolution of him returning or a new crew hired.

The President stated that there were going to be two hay wagons for the Halloween party thanks to Bob Mills.

The President made a motion that the meeting be adjourned.  Betsy Linger seconded the motion and the 3rd Quarter 2011 Membership Meeting of Leisure Lake Membership Association was adjourned.


Submitted by Lisa Phillips, Secretary