1st Qtr Leisure Lake Membership Assoc. Meeting

Jan 11th 2009 10:00am



President Jeff Stevenson verified a quorum had been  established and called the meeting to order at 10:09am.



Attendees:Jeff Stevenson- president, Ron Cox- vice president, Joanne Mociolek-treasure,Cheryl Farrell-secretary,Trustees: Jim cox, Shawn Robinson jr, Mike Farrell, Jerry Deruyter, Mike Csonka




Cheryl Farrell read the minutes of the October 12th,2008 meeting


Jeff Stevenson- Presidents report

Thanked all the volunteers for all their hard work during the holidays.

Informed everyone we are in need of volunteers to work the office during office hours which will start on March 7th.

The dates and times will be posted on the bulletin board.

The health dept was in: tires in the dumpster needs to stop we are not permitted to put those in the dumpster.

Wood needs to be off the ground.

Violations: Speeding in the park is a problem we have written violations out and will continue to write them when needed.

Past activities fund raisers:Halloween:$389.00-hayrides kids activiies-$71.24

Kitchen-$441.18 5050-140.62


Lori Miller will have a diner on work weekend in Feb cost will be $6.00

Which includes stuffed chicken breast,salad,potatoes

Kent- electric

The board has made the decision to go with H.E.L.P ELECTRIC

JC ELECTRIC : 1 YEAR WARRANTY,does not include reading the meters

H.E.L.P: 3 YEAR WARRANTY includes reading of the meters for the first year

Information to follow in your statement for your dues.

Jeff- Thanked Kent and Diane and Tom Wolff for all their time spent on this.

Jeff turned the floor over to Joanne foe the treasurers report

Monthly bills were lower than past wanted to thank everyone for this.

Last 3 mths are posted in the glass case.

Operations $119,299.09

Cd $43,252.58

Checking $12,207.79

Joanne thanked everyone for their help in the kitchen and stated we need more volunteers PLEASE

Jeff stated that their will be a few people staying in the park year round to handle situations that may come up when there is no board member there

Ron Glover and Mark will be handling the maintance when needed

Jeff no one is permitted to stay in your camper without you being there.This is listed in your rules.If you know of anyone doing this please notify anyone on your board.

Jeff stated we are in need of volunteers throughout the park.Please volunteer your time.

Shawn Robinson jr questioned about the speed bumps

Jeff They will be installed by spring

Motion to adjourn :Glenn Detrick.

Second by Joe Mociolek       10:53am



Respectfully submitted

Cheryl Farrell