2ND Qtr leisure lake membership Assoc Meeting

APRIL 19TH 2009



President Jeff Stevenson verified a quorum had been established and called the meeting to order at 10:06am



Attendees: Jeff Stevenson-President Ron Cox-Vice president Joanne Mociolek-Treasurer Cheryl Farrell-Secretary Trustees- Shawn Robinson jr Jim Cox Mike Farrell Jerry Deruyter Mike Csonka

Cheryl read the minutes of the January 11th 2009 meeting.

Joanne read the financial report:

Cd savings:43,786.67

Operating savings:99,128.57

Checking 9,447.72

Total $152,362.98

The books were checked by two trustees- Jim Cox Mike Farrrell the books were good.

The savings thru out the winter months total $10,00.00 Good job

The savings were in the following areas: Elect-2,00.00 propane-3,00.00 allied-1,00.00 direct tv-456.00

Dues paid as of 4/18/09 118      $88,397.00

Meters paid as of 4/18/09     143    $61,565.00

New members $4,500.00

Joanne ask for help in the kitchen. We do have a schedule

Brenda reminded everyone that some lot# could change due to the meters.

Joanne reminded everyone not to forget to purchase your locks for your meters.

Pat read the budget and presented it to all members a vote was taken and their was 142 votes accepted-passed

Jeff Stevenson- Presidents report:

Jeff thanked Ron Glover and Mark for all their help this winter as well as all the work they did.

Jeff stated we need all the help we can get.

We spent $532.00 on the paint anyone interested in painting please see a board member.

Jeff thanked Laurie Miller and Diane Wolff for all the diners they cooked thru out the winter.

Tina Csonka for the great job she did on the Easter party for the kids.

Jeff also thanked the staff for all their hard work.

Cement being poured in the comfort station may delay the comfort station from being done by 5/0109.

Ron  Cox reminded everyone about the 50/50 raffle for memorial day weekend.

Jeff wanted to remind everyone to please share all your ideas with any board member.

The water will be shut of one day this week during the week to fix a water leak.

The ritz will not be rented this year due to the bad shape it is in.

Ron Cox thanked everyone for all their work and wanted to remind everyone that Jerry Deruyter is in charge of security in the park please if you have any issues please see him.

Please pick up any trash you may see as you are walking or driving down the roads. We need to keep the park clean.

The walking bridge needs repaired it has been taped off with caution tape.

Randy Vessy volunteered to repair the bridge.Glenn Dedrick said he had the railroad ties and would donate them. Thank you

Front sign: The shrubs have been removed. We need to pull out the shrubs and the post holes need dug.

Diane Wolff reminded us the zoning needs to be notified to make sure the size of the sign is ok.

Jeff Steveson stated electric golf carts would be permitted however the board of directors do need meet to establish a new policy on this.   

 Tom Wolff stated enclosing decks are not permitted and we do need to get ahold of portage county to see what the rules state about a campground enclosing their decks.

Once the board has established the rules we will post them for everyone.

Doug Miller ask if you were permitted to pour cement under your camper this will also have to be looked into and will be posted as well.


Laurie Miller announced  there will be a benefit diner on May16th for some of the campers who are having some health issues.     


Motion to adjourn the meeting by Mark second by Tina Csonka


Respectfully submitted,

Cheryl Farrell