1st Qtr Leisure Lake Membership Assoc. Meeting

January 13th, 2008   10:00 a.m.


President Margaret Paden verified a quorum had been established and called the meeting to order at 10:02 a.m.


Attendees: Margaret Paden – President, Ron Cox – Vice-president, Joanne Mociolek – Treasurer, Brenda Lallathin – Secretary, Trustees: Jim Cox, Bob Mills, Tom Reed, Shawn Robinson, Jr, and Shawn Robinson, Sr.


Brenda Lallathin read the minutes of the October 14th, 2007 meeting.


Margaret Paden – President’s report

Margaret expressed her disappointment in the number of volunteers who showed up for work week-end and thanked those who did participate.

Margaret explained the issue of not enough flow for the lift station and that the work that needed to be performed was estimated at about $3,600.

Past activities:

- Halloween celebration brought in $315. and Margaret thanked all those who participated in making the haunted forest such a big success.

- Thanksgiving dinner had a large turn out and the volunteers who cooked were thanked.

- Rick, Randy, and Jackie were thanked for making the Christmas party a success in spite of the bad weather.

- Everyone had a great time at the New Year’s Eve party with a DJ and a full clubhouse.

Valentine Day dance is scheduled for February 9th, with Driven’ Wheel scheduled for music.

The annual dues invoices will be going out February 1st.

We received a $4,000.00 estimate for repairs needed on the well.  We are going to get the ball rolling on this the end of winter or early spring.

Margaret expressed the need for an activities director.  We had talked to Sharon Phillips but she will be unable to accept due to health issues.

Those wishing to help out with security for the upcoming season were instructed to see Bob Mills.

Margaret explained that we were working on a new policy for how violations would be handled in the future.  In the past, violations were addressed with members being banned from the park.  This is being changed to a system of fines.  Karen Childers asked how much the fines would be.  Margaret used an example of $25.00.  Larry Swab stated that $25.00 was not enough.  Margaret explained that the amount of the fine would depend on the severity of the violation…The Board will put guide lines in place and post it.  Pat Jordan asked that this be included in the notice that went out with the invoices.


Joannne Mociolek gave the treasurer’s report.  The qtrly report and regular reports were posted on the bulletin board.  The checking account = $11,662.80, Savings = $106,822.44, and the CD = $41,311.55.  The electric is our largest expense being $7,000. month and she’s expecting the property tax bill in February.  Fred also mentioned the price of propane going up. 

Joanne also stated that she wants to get the kitchen open for business this spring.  Joanne and Pat Detrick will cook 1 week-end a month and will make sure that food is available for other volunteers to cook.  Please see Pat or Joanne if you’re interested in helping out.


Margaret informed the members that there was a list on the bulletin board of items needed for the kitchen for those who would like to donate.



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Fred Mehlman stated that the $15,000 needed for the well was not in the budget.  Fred made a motion to add $15,000 to the budget to cover the expenses for the well, 2nd by Brenda Lallathin, vote taken was unanimous, motion carried.


Fred also asked if there were any other big projects for 2008 that the budget committee needed to be aware of for the 2008 – 2009 budget.  Margaret stated definitely the comfort station by the horse shoe pits.  Ron Cox added that the electric needed to be upgraded, repairs to the well, and the sewer plant.  Margaret added the normal spring gravel, mulch and paint buildings.


Shawn Robinson, Sr. made a motion to adjourn, 2nd by Fred Mehlman.


Respectfully submitted,

Brenda Lallathin, Secretary