4th Qtr Leisure Lake Membership Assoc. Meeting

October 12th, 2008   10:00 a.m.


President Margaret Paden verified a quorum had been established and called the meeting to order at 10:14 a.m.


Attendees: Margaret Paden – President, Ron Cox – Vice-president, Joanne Mociolek – Treasurer, Brenda Lallathin – Secretary, Trustees: Jim Cox, Bob Mills, Tom Reed, Shawn Robinson, Jr, and Shawn Robinson, Sr.


Brenda Lallathin read the minutes of the July 13th, 2008 meeting.


Margaret Paden – President’s report

Thanked the volunteers and begged for more.

Informed the Membership that Bob Mills withdrew his nomination due to health.

The lift station cost $4,643.41 to repair.

The sand was replaced at the sewer plant as required by the EPA at a cost of $7,900.

Margaret explained the letter received regarding losing our Coast to Coast status due to the condition of the comfort station(s).  Jeff Stevenson will be overseeing this project to regain our status.

Past activities:  Steak fry = $766., Spaghetti dinner = $990., Poker runs $155., 50/50 = $159.50 and the kitchen brought in $300.

Expressed concern over tires being left at the dumpsters, this is against the law.  Members should not be bringing items from home to dump.

The last storm caused quite a bit of damage and some members could not be reached due to phone numbers no longer in service.  Margaret asked if anyone knew how to reach Greg &/or Melissa McKinley to please let us know.

The Board made the following decisions to save money – raising the price of pop, raised rental fees, started charging pavilion fees (any function which includes 15 NON-members at the function will cost $100.00 to rent), cancelling direct TV, cancelled ice through the off season and the back room will be locked and heat turned off (bingo will need to be moved to the main room if they wish to play), and decreasing the number of times the dumpsters will be emptied.

Margaret explained that we would like to increase the number of sewered lots available to prospective members.


Jeff Stevenson made a motion to open any and all sewered lots for possible new members, 2nd by Pat Detrick, vote:  159 yes, and 20 no, motion carried.


Margaret turned the floor over to Tom Wolf for discussion on installing electric meters on each member’s campsite.


Tom explained that there was a get together of members last Saturday to discuss a possible dues increase and what other options may be available.  A business owner told Tom that he looks at the three biggest expenses and tries to find ways to reduce the cost or increase revenue to cover the expense.  Electric appears to be one of our biggest expenses.  In the past, when the idea of installing electric meters was mentioned, we were always told it would cost too much but no one could say what the exact cost would be.  Several members banned together to research this topic.  The electric company suggested JC Electric. Tom met with them, and toured the park.  They discussed the type of meters, hookups, suppliers and prices for RV pedestal meters for each lot.  Unsure of who would read the meters at this time.  Lake Village Park’s (in Andover, Ashtabula County) expenses were too high and their park was in danger of closing.  They assessed each member the cost of electric meter(s) with members responsible for the cost of their own electric. 

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Their excess revenue (created by installing the electric meters) has been spent on capital improvements and after three years, they were able to lower the annual dues back to before the meters were installed.  It only took them three years but they have twice as many members.  The electric company can read the meters for a service charge per month.  The electric company can help (for hardship cases) to finance the cost (of the meter(s) and installation) over four years and can bill at home for electric used at the park.


Some questions from last Saturday’s get together include:

1.      For those who don’t stay year round, is the meter disconnected by the electric company?...turned on/off for a fee?

2.      Reading meters…options of reading here and bill or electric company read and bill?

3.      How long would this take…answer: with a three to four week notice, the job could be completed in three to four weeks.

4.      Cost?  Between $350.00 and $400.


Questions from the floor:

Karen Mills: Is this company licensed and approved?  The electric co. gave the name…JC Electric.

Pat Detrick: Doesn’t our by-laws require three bids?  Margaret stated when the campground pays the bill.  The clubhouse and pool would need to be separate.  The current electric in the park is a health hazard.

Bob Mills, Sr.:  Do we know the price per kw?  Tom didn’t know that.

Bob Mills, Jr.:  What does the meter consist of?  Answer:  120, 30, and 50 amp.

Janus Darling:  What would stop a neighbor from plugging into your meter?  The boxes would be locked. 

Kathy Mustar:  What about empty lots and rovers?  Extra lots would have to be metered and suggested $3.00/day electric fee.

Doug Miller stated that raising the dues $200.00 would pay the electric bill but would not allow for improvements and would only be a band-aid, we would be throwing good money after bad, and there would be no money left to update the electric.


Tom Wolf made a motion to direct the Board of Directors to move forward on placing electric meters on individual lots to be paid for by the member not to exceed $425.00 for each site and to be completed by May 1st, 2009, 2nd by Ken May. 


Pat Detrick asked if you have multiple lots do you have to pay for a meter on each even if you only have one camper on both lots?  Yes.

Ron Cox asked if you transferred your lot would you be reimbursed for your meter?  No. 

Dee Wurz stated it was in the best interest of the park to move forward.

Bob Mills, Jr. asked that the progress of this project be posted on the bulletin board.


Margaret called for a vote on Tom’s motion.  Vote:  yes = 189, no = 20, motion carried.


Ron Cox – Vice-President’s report:

Ron stated that he withdrew his proposed amendment to the constitution.

Halloween party is Oct. 18, need volunteers and thanked Shawn, Jr. and Bob Mills for working on the haunted forest trail.


Joanne Mociolek – Treasurer’s report:

The fiscal year end report for September 30th is on the bulletin board under glass, the monthly report is on the regular bulletin board.

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The CD = $42,888.08, Operations = $148,424.06, and Checking = $12,129.95

This month’s electric bill is approximately $7,000.00.  For the remainder of the year we have $160,554.00. 

The books will be going out for the external audit.

Joanne thanked the kitchen volunteers and stated the kitchen was opened for the last week-end until April.

November 15th at 5:00 p.m. we will have Thanksgiving dinner.  Turkey, dressing and mashed potatoes will be furnished.  Everyone is asked to bring a covered dish and asked for volunteers to sign up to help.


Kent Tompkins – Budget Committee:

Kent stated that he was the business owner that Tom was referring to.  Each year he looks at his three highest expenses and tries to find ways to raise money or cut expenses. 

He thanks Drew and Dee Wurz for their homework. 

Additional ways to cut costs were discussed.  The laundry room will be closed over the winter as well as the back room.  We should be monitoring that members are out of the park at least 90 days a year.  The installation of the meters will also determine where the biggest underground losses are so those issues can be fixed. 


Margaret asked for the Election Committee to come forward and cast their ballots.  Members’ ballots were collected and the Election Committee assembled to count ballots.


Election results:

President:      Jeff Stevenson = 164 Votes

Secretary:      Cheryl Farrell = 162 Votes

Three Trustees:         Mike Csonka = 170 Votes

                                    Mike Farrell = 154 Votes

                                    Jerry Deruyter = 151 Votes


                        Myrna Engledinger = 62 Votes

                        Duane Pinkston = 59 Votes


Karen Mills made a motion to destroy the ballots, 2nd by Lisa Cox.


Tom Wolf swore in the new officers:  Jeff Stevenson, Cheryl Farrell, Mike Csonka, Mike Farrell, and Jerry Deruyter.


Tom Wolf made a motion to adjourn, 2nd by Doris Croasmun.


Respectfully submitted,

Brenda Lallathin