3rd Qtr Leisure Lake Membership Assoc. Meeting

July 13th, 2008   10:00 a.m.


President Margaret Paden verified a quorum had been established and called the meeting to order at 10:05 a.m.


Attendees: Margaret Paden – President, Ron Cox – Vice-president, Joanne Mociolek – Treasurer, Brenda Lallathin – Secretary, Trustees: Jim Cox, Bob Mills, Tom Reed, Shawn Robinson, Jr, and Shawn Robinson, Sr.


Brenda Lallathin read the minutes of the April 13th, 2008 meeting.


Margaret Paden – President’s report

Thanked all volunteers for security throughout the park and at the gate, kitchen crew, activity workers and begged for more volunteers.

Informed membership of the lift station costing $1,600.00 and explained the installation failed after three minutes due to duct tape wrapped around the motor.  Members should not let anything go into the lift station but body waste.  We should not be washing golf carts there.

We are in the process of seeking bids on the sewer plant because the EPA is requiring the sand to be removed and replaced.  We have been informed that members can do the work as long as we get certification from the sand provider.

We are also seeking bids for the comfort station at the horseshoe pits.  It will be a remodel rather than replaced because replacing requires permits and certified plumbers and electricians to do the work. 

Two additional security cameras have been installed by Dan Carpenter and motion (light) detectors are being installed.  The motion detectors are being installed because the break in of the kitchen is on tape but too dark to identify the parties.

Due to the campground needing revenue:

1.      The price of the rentals has been increased.  The Hamlet is now $65. per side and the Ritz is now $40.  Those who already had reservations will be grandfathered in at the old price.  Brenda has a list of those.  Pets are no longer permitted in the rentals.

2.      During Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day weekends visitors will be charged as follows.  $2.00 each under 12 years of age.  Adults $5.00 each.  Wrist bands will be provided.

3.      We need a paint crew and monetary donations to cover the cost of paint.

4th of July activities:  Golf cart poker runs brought in $270., 50/50 = $140., Bocce = $52. Kitchen = $562.10, and kid’s activities brought in approximately $208.

We are still in need of an activities director.  Margaret heard that no one will step up to the plate because they believe there is no money to hold activities.  Margaret explained that activities makes its’ own money and is separate from dues.  No activities are paid for by membership dues.


Margaret informed the membership that John Adkins has requested to address the membership.

John explained that he had been parking his semi on the service road at the entrance.  The Board voted and decided he could not park there anymore due to complaints received from members.  He has agreed to fix the current ruts and any future damage caused by his semi.  After discussing, John Adkins made a motion for any member in good standing to be allowed to park his semi at the 225 service road as long as it doesn’t affect our zoning, 2nd by Doug Miller.  Vote:  yes = 56, no=48, motion carried.

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Joanne – Treasurer’s report:

The quarterly report is in the glass cabinet.  June is on the bulletin board.  The operations acct. = $199,959.28, Savings = $42,375.98, and Checking = $9,143.26.  Taxes for July have been paid.  Total of $251,478.52 includes everything.  Drew Wurz asked about the money collected for electric repairs.  Joanne stated the figures include everything.  The electric money was never in a separate account, just ear marked for electric. 


Joanne turned the floor over to Pat Detrick, representative for the Budget Committee.

Pat explained that in 2007, $242.414. was expensed, over spent the dues income by $39,000.

This year, we billed $215,100, but we only collected $197,340.00 so we’re short again.  We need to cut expenses and / or increase income.  The budget was based on the $215,000 billed but we didn’t collect that. 

The biggest expenses last year were:

            Electric = $84,691.

            Propane = $23,900

            Taxes = $22,318

            Sewer plant = $15,000

            Insurance = $15,000  ($17,000 this year)

            Grounds = $7,600

            Pool = $4,752  (although some of the propane was used for the pool)

The Budget Committee gave suggestions to the Bd to increase revenue and some of the suggestions have already been passed unanimously.  (i.e. fee for guests and rental increases).  If anyone has any suggestions today to increase revenue, put them in writing and submit them.

The Budget Committee is making the following recommendations:

1.      Raise dues $200.00 across the board.

2.      Assessments for electricity

3.      Closing the park down in December, January, and February to save between 9 and $10,000 in electric and propane.

4.      Place an accessment those who have doubled their living space by adding on.

Pat opened the floor for discussion.

Margaret added (and had pamphlets from other campgrounds) that Willow Lake charges $1,200 for annual dues for two people, $600. more for each additional child and $800. more for each additional adult, and an additional $150. for electric.  Homerville charges $1,375. plus $150. for each kid and $200. for a pool pass. 

Ken May stated that in Florida, they are now charging him an additional $2.00 per day surcharge for electricity. 

The membership was informed that if they didn’t come up with better suggestions, that we would probably have to adopt the Budget Committee’s suggestions.



President:  Margaret read the duties of the President and opened the floor for nominations:

Margaret nominated Jeff Stevenson, 2nd by Shawn Robinson, Jr., Jeff accepted.

Bob Mills, Sr., nominated Cliff Martin, declined.

Rich Sherman nominated Fred Mehlman, declined.

Cathy Caracanas nominated Karen Mills, declined.

Wayne Smith nominated Glenn Detrick, declined.

Margaret closed the nominations for President.

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Secretary:  Margaret read the duties of the Secretary and opened the floor for nominations:

Shawn Robinson, Jr. nominated Brenda Lallathin, declined.

Fred Mehlman nominated Ellen Savage, declined.

Bob Mills nominated Beth Boggs, declined.

Brenda Lallathin nominated Cathy Mustar, declined.

Ron Cox nominated Dee Wurz, declined.

Fred Mehlman nominated Karen Childers, declined.

Myrna Engeldinger nominated Fran Croft, declined.

Ellen Pugh nominated Doris Croasman, declined.

Brenda Lallathin nominated Cheryl Farrell, 2nd by Ellen Savage, accepted.

Myrna Engeldinger nominated Randy Ohler, declined.

Karen Childer nominated Laurie Olexo, declined.

Margaret closed the nominations for Secretary.


Margaret explained there were three Trustee positions open, read the duties of the Trustees and opened the floor for nominations:

Doug Miller nominated Myrna Engeldinger, 2nd by Rick Barron, accepted.

Ellen Savage nominated Mike Farrel, 2nd by Shawn Robinson, Sr., accepted.

Bob Mills nominated John Adkins, declined.

Fred Mehlman nominated Todd Jordan, declined.

Lisa Cox nominated Drew Wurz, declined.

Jan Williams nominated Bob Mills, 2nd by Shawn Robinson, accepted.

Linda Guthrie nominated Duane Pinkston, 2nd by Tom Reed, accepted.

Delores Stevenson nominated Bill Grubb, declined.

Jeff Stevenson nominated Rex King, declined.

Brenda Lallathin nominated Randy Cox, declined.

Shawn Robinson, Jr. nominated Mike Csonka, 2nd by Randy Ohler, accepted.

Jeff Stevenson nominated Keith Stevenson, declined.

Shawn Robinson, Sr. nominated Sandy Nagy, declined.

Ron Cox nominated Jerry Deruyter, 2nd by Margaret Paden, accepted.

Myrna Engeldinger nominated Doug Miller, declined.

Bob Mills nominated Dave Croft, declined.

Margaret closed the nominations for Trustee.


Those who accepted the nominations were asked to step forward to be introduced to the membership and resumes were furnished.


Fred Mehlman made a motion to adjourn, 2nd by Ellen Savage.


Respectfully submitted,

Brenda Lallathin, Secretary