3rd Qtr Leisure Lake Membership Assoc. Meeting

July 8th, 2007   10:00 a.m.


President Margaret Paden verified a quorum had been established and called the meeting to order at 10:08 a.m. and asked everyone to turn off cell phones unless it was an emergency.


Attendees: Margaret Paden – President, Doris Hastings – Vice-president, Diane Wolf – Treasurer, Brenda Lallathin – Secretary, Trustees: Bill Grubb, Rex King, Tom Reed, and Shawn Robinson.

Absent: Trustee Noah Robinson.


Brenda Lallathin read the minutes of the April 15th, 2007 meeting.


Margaret Paden – President’s report

Margaret informed everyone about the health of some of our members…Wayne Smith and Jim Hawksworth (both had heart surgery), and Arnie Roeble health took a turn for the worst.  She also announced that Ellen Savage had a card she planned to deliver to Arnie if anyone would like to sign it.


Thanked volunteers and stated that the kitchen is now running at a $537.00 profit.  We are also looking for volunteers to sell snacks next weekend during Monte Carlo.

The Board is also looking for a member to temporarily fill in for Noah because of his health.

We also need a volunteer with a 5th wheel to pull some campers due to non-payment of dues.

At the last Board meeting, two motions were passed.  1) The price of ice is going up to $1.25/bag beginning July 14th.  2) Pit Bulls, or any part there of, and any other aggressive dogs, no mater what the breed, are not permitted on Leisure Lake property.

Informed the membership that Dan Carpenter got three of the security cameras working and he’s looking into the others.

Margaret gave the floor to Shawn Robinson to inform the members that a couple of sheds, an awning and the campground golf cart would be sold to the highest bidder today.  See Shawn after the meeting if you think you might be interested.

Thanked Michelle Carocci and her group for painting the ladies side of the comfort station (and they have agreed to do the men’s side).

At the last meeting, we announced that we would again rent a bucket truck to cut down trees.  We will not spend the money to rent the truck if we don’t have volunteers lined up to go 80 ft in the air in the bucket.

The past activities; Bake sale = $177.00, Washer Tourn. / Meals on wheels = $150.00, Fishing Tourn. = 87.50, Golf cart poker run = 168.00, Raffles = 416.00, Ice cream social = 61.00, Wine tasting = 117.00.

Upcoming events: Reverse Raffle Tickets go on sale Sat. 14th during Monte Carlo, Sat. 28th 3:00 p.m. ice cream social, Sat., Aug 4th Corn roast and hot dogs @ 5:00 p.m., Sat. Aug 11th10:00 a.m. Kid’s Bingo, 9:00 p.m. – Midnight Highway, Sat. Aug 18th1:00 p.m.  – Horseshoe / Washer tournament

Labor Day wk-end –Sat 1st, 12:30 Big bucks bingo, 1:00 H/W tourn,  8 pm  reverse raffle.  Sun 2nd, 2:00 golf cart poker run, 9:00 Jeff Polis Blues Band, Sat. 8th8 p.m. euchre tourn., Sat 15th5 p.m. Fish Fry, Sat 22nd3p.m. ice cream social

The backhoe  is dead and needs to be buried.  Besides all the vandalism, it now has a blown motor.  On the positive side, Bucky White has offered $2,500 to 3,000 as a trade-in.

We have purchased a brush hog arm for $450.00





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Discussion turned to the backhoe that was delivered by White’s tracker to show the size of equipment that some members feel the campground needs.  Lori Miller explained that it came with a three year/3000 hour warranty, approx. $16,000.00/ includes trading in the old backhoe. 

Sam Johnson asked if we could afford it?  Diane Wolf stated yes.  Margaret stated we would generate revenue from gray water pits.  Joann Mociolek stated that before there was a vote, we should see a budget report.  Tom Wolf stated there should be a cost analysis: 1) What is the need, 2) Will it satisfy the need, 3) Cost analysis should include what is spent now (costs to rent, pickup and delivery), 4) What is the true value to cost efficiency, 5) What is the value if you pay over time or out right.  Fred Mehlman stated it should be tabled until they have more information and a cost analysis.  Lori Miller stated if this was tabled, it would push the purchase out to October.  Ken May made a motion to give the Board of Directors the authority to review a cost analysis and purchase a backhoe at a reasonable cost not to exceed $20,000.00, 2nd by Tom Wolf.  Vote: 109 yes and 9 no.  Motion carried.


Dam update: On June 17th, we received the preliminary drawings for review.  When ODNR approves, we will lower the lake 10 ft.  So far we have paid the engineer $5,600.00 for his professional services.  We are currently waiting on ODNR to give their stamp of approval so the work can begin.  We were also told that if we were confronted by any surrounding neighbors with regards to the lake being lowered, we were to encourage them to contact ODNR, not try to explain.  Tom Wolf asked if we lower the lake 10 ft. from what level to classify as non-life threatening.  Margaret will get a clarification.  Bob Mills asked about the fire department.  Diane will call them.  Margaret will also ask Mike if the lower lake can be made deeper. 


Treas. Report – Diane Wolf – As of right now, Savings = $187,243.51, Checking = $31,070.61, and Money Market = $40,060.61


Bob Mills asked about nominations to fill in for Noah.  Tom Wolf stated any nominee can specify if they want to be considered as a fill-in for Noah.



VP – Margaret read the duties of the Vice-President and opened the floor for nominations:

            Sam Johnson nominated Fred Mehlman – declined

            Bob Mills nominated Sam Johnson – accepted

            Margaret Paden nominated Doris Hastings - declined

            Diane Wolf nominated Lori Miller – declined

            Margaret Paden nominated Jeff Stevenson – declined

            Tom Reed nominated – Lemuel Reed – declined

            Diane Wolf nominated Ron Cox – declined

            Ellen Savage nominated Rex King - declined

            Nominations closed


Treasurer – Margaret read the duties of the Treasurer and opened the floor for nominations:

            Lori Miller nominated Diane Wolf – accepted

            Fred Mehlman nominated Joann Mociolek - accepted

            Nominations closed






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(2) Trustees – Margaret read the duties of the Trustees and opened the floor for nominations:

            Sam Johnson nominated Ron Cox – accepted

            Laurie Olexo nominated Rex King – accepted

            Tom Reed nominated Bob Mills – accepted

            Ellen Savage nominated Bill Grubb – declined

            Diane Wolf nominated Jim Cox – accepted

            Brenda Lallathin nominated Rich Sherman – declined

            Rich Sherman nominated Bill Williams – declined

            Rich Sherman nominated Bill Fordyce – declined

            Jim Bialota nominated Jerry Delp - declined

            Nominations closed


Margaret reminded nominees to pick up resume forms and to have them turned in by July 30th.


Tom Wolf explained to the membership that he has placed signup sheets on the bulletin board and office counter for estate planning.  If there is enough interest, one of the attorney’s from his firm will be scheduled.


Ed Hanna asked about building a bocchi court on one of the tennis courts.  Brenda explained that the tennis court surface is very expensive and asked if they would be willing to meet next week-end to discuss what is needed.


Tom Wolf stated we need to discuss the dues for the following year at the next meeting (three months from now). 


Doris Croasman stated that some members are leaving their air conditioners on when they leave the park.  Please notify the Board if you notice this has been done.


Sam Johnson asked about the theft in the park.  This was a private mater between individuals (no a theft against the park) and the Board has decided to defer to the court findings from the prosecutor.  We believe a court date of July 23rd has been set.


Ellen Savage made a motion to adjourn, 2nd by Bill Grubb


Respectfully submitted,

Brenda Lallathin, Secretary