Second Quarter

Leisure Lake Membership Meeting

April 15th, 2007  10:00 a.m.


President, Margaret Paden verified that a quorum had been established and called the meeting to order at 10:10 a.m.


Attendees:  Margaret Paden – President, Doris Hastings – Vice-president, Diane Wolf – Treasurer, Brenda Lallathin – Secretary, Trustees: Rex King, Tom Reed, Noah Robinson and Shawn Robinson.


Absent:  Trustee – Bill Grubb.


Margaret asked that all cells phones be turned off unless absolute emergency.


Minutes of the January 14th, 2007 meeting were read.


President’s report:

Margaret thanked the Volunteers and stated the water was turned on to fix leaks.  Reminded everyone to pay their dues by May 1st, 2007 to avoid a 10% late fee and that the next work week-end would be May 5th.

Past activities – Jan. 20th Lasagna dinner brought in a total of $290., Feb. 10th Chicken Dinner made $241.00 with a total of $496.00 after other fund raisers, and the Easter Party was a success with low attendance due to the weather.


Carpet for the front room was donated by Arnie Roeble and we needed to find a volunteer to install it.


We need volunteers to man the gate and patrol the park for Memorial Day week-end.  Please see Noah to signup.


Diane & Laurie have volunteered to run the kitchen two wk-ends a month during this summer, JoAnn Mociolek & Pat Detrick have volunteered to run one wk-end a month after being shown the ropes.


We need volunteers to start working in the office beginning the last week of April.  Please see Doris Hastings to sign up for two hr. shifts.


New Business:

Margaret explained the incident of the stolen copper pipes and that the Board had one person (a guest) removed from the park, relinquished Terri Hersey’s membership and gave her limited time to remove her belongings from the park.  The third person involved (Wayne Pendergrass) will be dealt with when he gets out of jail.  He will be moving to RI.  Terri would like to address the Membership.  Terri apologized to the membership, and pleaded for the membership to give her a 2nd chance.  After discussing, Robert Mills, Sr. made a motion to stand behind the Board, all parties concerned are to be evicted from the park, and all parties concerned made responsible for damages and restitution, 2nd by Marie Whiticare.  Vote:  87 yes, 14 no, motion carried.  The Board will meet with Terri for time allotted to remove her belongings from the park.


Margaret stated that Rick & Randy have scheduled a sock hop for May 12th.  This will take the place of the 50’s dance previously scheduled for July.  Randy addressed the membership, explained there would be contests, Lip sync, signup on the bulletin board. He encouraged everyone to take a flyer and stated that this would be a fund raiser to help cover the costs of this year’s Christmas party.



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Margaret covered some of the upcoming scheduled activities:

            a) Bake Sale Sat., May 5th 3:00 p.m. (asking for donated baked goods)

            b) Sun., May 13th – Monther’s day breakfast (Mom’s eat free)

            c) Sat., May 26th – Horseshoe and washer tournament

d) Sun., May 27th – Golf cart Poker Run (Laurie asked that interested parties sign up so they

    have a head count).

e) Sun June 17th – Father’s day breakfast (Dad’s eat free)

f)  Sat., June 23rd – Adult Scavenger Hunt

g) Sat., July 14th – Monte Carlo Night

h) Sat., Aug. 18th – Steak Fry


Tom Wolf explained the Fishing Tournament and that Doug Miller and Bob Mills were going to need more volunteers to make it a success.


Margaret also explained that Max and Carolyn Dunn were in FL and were no longer members due to health issues.  Their children will be having a yard sale on their lot around noon next Saturday.


Margaret informed the membership that the Board had decided to NOT renew Michael Ressler’s membership agreement because he refused to comply with campground rules by not removing his electric golf cart.  He repeated verbal warnings, ignored letters, and made threats.  Mike addressed the membership and after discussing, the Membership agreed to stand behind the Board’s decision.


Tom Wolf reminded everyone to sign-in (at the counter) or we may not have insurance coverage.


Betsey Linger stated that three meetings ago we were told the backhoe was up and running.  They have been on a list for 2 years for a gray water pit.  Margaret explained the backhoe was fixed this winter and is now up and running.  She asked Brenda to make a note to purchase supplies for gray water pits.


Robert Mills, Sr. stated that he is working with a golf course to have a fund raiser golf outing (like $50. per person).  Robert will get more details and get with Brenda and Doris.


Old Business:

a) Margaret stated that we have been going back and forth with the insurance co. over the policy for dogs and we’ll have more information when it is clarified.

b) Margaret informed the membership that the Board passed a policy regarding unleashed dogs.  First offense, the member will receive a verbal warning.  2nd offense, the member will be suspended from the park for 30 days.  Bob Mills stated there is also an issue with barking dogs. 

c) Margaret read the Dam Update which has been posted on the bulletin board and attached to the minutes.  Margaret sent a letter to ODNR per the professional engineer which was mailed on 3/29/07.


Diane gave the Treasurer’s report.  As of day:

Savings = $119,692.66, Checking = $13,802.89, and Money Market = $39,436.20.


Tom Wolf made a motion to adjourn, 2nd by Paul Linger.


Respectfully submitted,

Brenda Lallathin, Secretary