First Quarter

Leisure Lake Membership Meeting

January 14, 2007  10:00 a.m.


President, Margaret Paden verified that a quorum had been established and called the meeting to order at 10:08 a.m.


Attendees:  Margaret Paden – President, Doris Hastings – Vice-president, Diane Wolf – Treasurer, Brenda Lallathin – Secretary, Trustees: Bill Grubb, Tom Reed, Noah Robinson and Shawn Robinson.


Absent:  Trustee – Rex King.


Margaret asked that all cells phones be turned off unless absolute emergency.


Minutes of the October 8, 2006 meeting were read.


President’s report:

Margaret stated that Rex had surgery on his leg and foot, Noah is going through treatments, Shawn and Tom work a lot of Saturdays and Bill can’t do everything by himself.  Margaret asked all members to help in this time of need.  At the last Membership Mtg, Margaret informed the members that there were 12 sign-up sheets for projects scheduled for work week-end.  Members left the meeting and not one person signed up to help.  We need more involvement.  One or two trustees cannot keep up with the work load.


We have been notified by our insurance company that Chows, Pit Bulls, Dobermans, Rotts, German Sheppard and Akita are considered to be dangerous dogs.  These doges are prohibited by our insurance company and our general liability coverage will NOT apply if a claim arises due to the exposure of any of these breeds.  Sandy Wilder is an insurance agent and confirmed that our coverage will be dropped in a minute if we allow these dogs access to the park.

Margaret also reminded Members that dogs that are allowed in the park MUST be kept on a leash. 


Vehicles – the Board has been receiving a lot of complaints regarding vehicles with no engines, no tags, and flat tires being stored in the park.  Brenda sent letters to those storing vehicles.  Most have been removed, two members have been fined.


Margaret explained the concern over the motion passed at the last meeting with regards to the dues increased for those members paying for sewered lots.  Originally, sewered lot dues where to be double the amount of paid rover dues.  Margaret feels she will have a hard time leasing the sewered lots with the increased amount.


Fred Mehlman asked if the Members on sewered lots were told the dues were doubled for sewered lots at the time they purchased their memberships.  Margaret answered yes.


Sandy Nagy stated that these members could move to a non-sewered lot which would be a loss of $600.  It’s something to think about.


Bob Mills asked if a limit could be set (a cap).  Margaret replied that would be impossible because you never know what rising costs could occur.


Bob Mills, Sr. asked if the park couldn’t be run more efficiently and referred to the park being open all winter.  Margaret stated that’s what sets us apart.


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Bob Mills asked if we knew how many members we had two years ago and how many we’ve lost. 


Tom Wolf explained that the membership voted to allow members to convert deeds to membership agreements.  When a member leaves, we lease to someone else and gain $1,000. for a new membership.


Ellen Savage asked how many visitors we have during the summer.  Margaret again stated that’s what sets us apart and that we have no one to man the gate to regulate guests.


Simon Adler started to make a motion but withdrew…stating that he could just move to a non-sewered site and save $600.00. 


Brenda Lallathin stated she was concerned over Simon’s remarks and made a motion to decrease the dues for members on sewered lots by $100.00 so the 2007 dues increase is $100.00 across the board, 2nd by Sandy Nagy. 


After additional discussion, Margaret called for a vote on the motion.  81 yes, 34 no, motion carried.


Margaret informed the members that the invoices would be going out February 1, 2007 and added that the flyer included with the invoices would explain the insurance company’s dangerous dogs and the website address. 


Margaret announced some of the upcoming activities including the Lasagna dinner on Jan. 20th and the pool tournament on Jan. 27th.  There is a soup contest scheduled for Feb. 3rd. On Feb., 10th, stuffed chicken breast dinner for $6.00 ea., and Valentine dance with the Jeff Poulos band.


Fred asked if the activities would be posted on the website.  Brenda stated she just sent the entire year to Dan Carpenter for the website in Excel spreadsheet format.


Bob Mills, Sr. asked if the meeting agendas could be posted on the website.  Margaret stated we would try to do that.  Bob also asked about the camper down below parked across two lots.  Bennett Pemberton asked about campers tungs to the road.  Margaret tried to explain that Janet Lopez’s camper is on one lot, that there is a small access road in front of her camper so the tung is facing the road.


Bob Mills stated that members were denied the right to vote and he can’t find anything in the constitution or Roberts Rules of Order.  Margaret stated that members arriving after 10:00 a.m. will not be given voting rights because we cannot interrupt the meeting to check voting rights.  It is up to the discretion of the chair person.  Margaret would never deprive anyone from entering but refuses to extend voting rights when the meeting would have to stop to verify.  Tom Wolf stated that if it’s not in Roberts Rules or the constitution, it’s at the discretion of the chair person.  Fred stated that when issues like this come up, all they are asking is that the members are informed.  Betsey Linger stated that was brought up and explained in a past meeting.


Bob Mills requested that the agenda be posted 45 days ahead so members could decide if they want to attend.  Pat Detrick explained that the Board can only make an agenda of what they plan to cover.  You never know what else may be brought up.


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Tom Wolf stated that some members are in the early stages of heading a fund raising fishing tournament which could be open to the public, sometime in June, prizes, raffles, maybe $10.00 per member, serve lunch, sell pop…this is in the early planning stages and they will need help.  We will need to advertise, create flyers, visit area bait shops and ask for prizes.  Bob Mills volunteered to help.


Margaret thanked Brenda and Doris for the Christmas party.  Rick, Randy and Jackie have volunteered to organize the 2007 Christmas party.  They may want to offset the costs with raffles during the year. 


Jim Bialota stated that non-members living on the south side of the lake and their guests have been fishing in our lake and wondered if there was a way to divide the lake with a screen.  Tom stated we would have to mark an area for the tournament.  Brian Coulter asked if we couldn’t post No Trespassing signs.  Simon Adler will work with Bob Mills on signs.


Diane Wolf gave the treasurer’s report.  Checking = $29,243.50, Savings = $100,085.83 which is what we have to work with until May.  Bob Mills asked if the electric bills were by zone.  Diane stated yes but she doesn’t know which bills are for which zones.  Myrna volunteered to help determine.  Tom Reed stated that he was already looking into that.  Diane will again post the treasurer’s report on the bulletin board and asked that members ask for a copy rather then take the one off the board.


Margaret informed the membership that the books were audited last week.


Pat Detrick stated that Karaoke was voted down by the membership.  Margaret stated that last year, $6,800 was spent on Karaoke.   Pat was upset because bathrooms need to be replaced and we’re spending money on entertainment.  Margaret explained that this was a business decision because $2,500 was spent out of activities money for the Karaoke equipment and music.  This money did NOT come out of dues money.  Pat was upset because it wasn’t brought to the membership.  Sandy Nagy stated that he spends at least $50.00 every time they have Karaoke.  Sharon Phillips stated that bingo raised 15 to 16,000 per year to pay for activities and the left over money went back into the park.  The equipment will offer more chances to raise money.  If there is no entertainment, no one will come to the park.  Margaret stated that everyone may not agree with every decision made but you need to remember that we ran unopposed.  Pat stated we’re not complaining; we would just like to vote on things that are non-essential.


Old Business:

Margaret stated the boom lift will be back in the spring.  Sherry Bunner has paid to have a tree removed.  We have had to hold off because volunteers to go up in the boom are scarce. 


Jim Bialota asked if a committee could be formed to investigate the fishing lake that the state might support.  Sam Johnson explained that if the state gets involved, we would have to open the lake to the public.


New Business:

Margaret informed the membership that we were looking for a used pickup with a snow plow in the $1500. range.




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Margaret asked for everyone’s attention and explained that we have been contacted by the Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources…they control dams in Ohio.  This was brought to their attention from an anonymous phone call.  She read the certified letter dated November 15th, 2006 regarding Leisure Lake’s dam violations.  Explained that a committee was being formed to meet with them but really can’t answer any questions right now because she doesn’t have any answers.  Joanne Galayda volunteered to be involved with the meetings.  According to the Dept. of Natural Resources, we had been notified of problems in 1995.  This project could prove to be very expensive and requires an Ohio Registered Professional Engineer to oversee and signoff on the project.  Karen Mills mentioned a dam fee permit which was approximately $160.00 / year.  Margaret stated that one of the questions she has for them.  What was the fee for if they haven’t been here to inspect the dam since 1995.  Lori Olexo suggested members write down any questions they can think of and submit them to the office.  Bob Mills asked that we keep the members updated with notices on the bulletin board.


Tom Wolf made a motion to adjourn, 2nd by Duane Pinkston.


Respectfully submitted,

Brenda Lallathin, Secretary