3rd Qtr. Leisure Lake Membership Assoc. Meeting

July 9th, 2006   10:00 a.m.


President Margaret Paden verified that a quorum had been established and called the meeting to order at 10:05 a.m.


Attendees: Margaret Paden – President, Doris Hastings – Vice-president, Diane Wolf – Treasurer, Brenda Lallathin – Secretary, Trustees: Duane Cadle, Bill Grubb, Rex King, and Shawn Robinson.

Absent: Sharon Phillips.


Minutes of the previous meeting were read.


Margaret Paden – President’s report:

1. Thanked volunteers and those who contributed to Gravel donation – to purchase a gift for Noah’s boss for donating his trucks, gas, and allowing us to purchase gravel at a discount.

2. Brian Coulter – a new member (and a plumber), has informed Margaret that he can get 6 shower stalls and 6 sinks for the lower comfort station for approximately $1,000.00.  The floor would need to be fixed.

3. The pool table has brought in approximately $900. so it is well on it’s way to paying for itself.

4. We are looking at getting the boom lift again in August to cut down trees.  Last time we spent $1,200 and brought in $3,100 (which includes selling the wood).

5. We are still looking for volunteers to work the kitchen every other weekend.

6. Vandalism – the sales bldg. experienced some vandalism due to intruders.  We believe we have determined how they are getting in and resolved it.  The old log splitter was sitting by the maintenance bldg. (to be picked up for repairs).  When they came in to pick it up, it was not there.  Margaret asked anyone who knew anything about it to please contact us.  Gas has again disappeared, electric plugs are being pulled, and water has been added to some members’ golf cart gas tanks.

7. Because unattended children are being found in the clubhouse as late as 1:30 a.m., we are enforcing the rule for children to be at their campsites by 11:00 p.m.


Diane gave the treasurer’s report: As of now, savings = 160,538.47, checking = 39,844.69.

We had to spend $400. on new weed whackers because ours came up missing.  The pool is costing more to operate because people are wearing street clothes to swim.  Dues have brought in $189,603.27.


Old Business:

Fred Mehlman reported on behalf of the budget committee:  In 2003 – 04, expenses were $12,900.   In 2004 – 05, expenses were $15,500, and in 2005 – 06, expenses were $17,605.  These were “necessary expenses”.  We had $193,000 available with an expense projection of $211,000…that’s an $18,000 deficit with no other expenses…so major expenses like the sales bldg is out.  We may have to raise dues and charge additional monies for running air conditioners and refrigerators.  A $50 increase would result in a $16,800 income.  Another option would be to close down the park four months during the winter…a big decision needs to be made.  Members began giving their thoughts and the membership felt that a separate meeting to discuss options should be setup.


Margaret stated that the Hamlet needs to be painted to preserve it.  It needs to be power washed, dry, caulked, and windows taped.  Anyone willing to help should see Carl Olexo at lot 352. 

- 2  -


Status of Joe Kuprevich:  Legal steps were in process to have Joe evicted from the park permanently.  When servicing Joe with a 30 day suspension from the park, he stated that he wanted to sell his two memberships.  The Wolf’s and Lallathin’s purchased the memberships to help the park avoid further legal fees for the eviction.


Brenda used a white board to explain LL account numbers.  Members need to post their RV id numbers on their campers…this number identifies the member without posting their name, address and phone numbers.  This is necessary if there is damage (i.e. trees/branches falling, fires, or vandalism) because some insurance companies only allow so much time to report a claim.  Brenda will post the account number explanation on the bulletin board.


Brenda also explained how a reverse raffle works.  Numbers are currently being sold and the raffle will take place on Sun., Sept. 3rd, 2006 at 7:00 p.m.  Additional information and rules are posted on the bulletin board.


Margaret thanked Rick, Randy and Jackie for organizing the last Christmas parties; explained that they would like to take a year off and asked for volunteers to step up to the plate.


In Sharon’s absence, Margaret announced upcoming activities:

July 15: Ice cream social 3 p.m. $1.00 sundae

July 22: Kids swim party – games and prizes 12 noon – 3 p.m.

             Washer tournament 11 a.m. @ the horseshoe pits

             Horseshoe tournament to follow

             Cookout during both tournaments.

See bulletin board for more details.


Margaret explained that three Trustee positions would be available for the Oct. election, read the duties of the office of trustees and opened the floor for nominations:

Sherri Almasky-King nominated Shawn Robinson, Sr. – accepted

Bob Mills nominated Tom Reed – accepted

Teri Grub nominated Noah Robinson – accepted

Ellen Savage nominated Kathy Mustar – declined

Diane Wolf nominated Ellen Savage – declined

Ellen Savage nominated Duane Cadle – declined

Kathy Caracanas nominated Quentin Childer – accepted

Rich Sherman nominated Bob Mills - declined

Margaret closed nominations for Trustees


Margaret read the duties of the secretary’s and opened the floor for nominations:

Ruth Roeble nominated Brenda Lallathin – accepted

No other nominations were made so Margaret closed nominations for Secretary


Margaret read the duties of the president and opened the floor for nominations:

Arnie Roeble nominated Margaret Paden – accepted

Bob Mills nominated Dan Carpenter – declined

No other nominations were made so Margaret closed nominations for President.





- 3  -


New Business:

Bob Mills brought up the condition of the sales bldg.  Tom Wolf mentioned permits and expenses for catering.  Sandy Nagy stated the need to forecast income vers. rebuilding expenses.  Doris Croasmun wants everyone to keep in mind that the laundry facilities would need to be moved.  Erika Nagy asked about extra liability.  Tom Wolf suggested Diane contact our insurance agent.  After discussing, Bob agreed to head a committee to review and get estimates for the costs to repair the sales bldg.


Cindy May expressed concern over standing water because her neighbor had gravel delivered which has clogged the ditch.  Donna Derflinger also expressed concern over the standing water issue.


Sandy Nagy expressed the need for a diesel motor volunteer.


Ellen Savage made a motion to adjourn, 2nd by Tom Wolf.


Respectfully submitted,

Brenda Lallathin, Secretary