Second Quarter

Leisure Lake Membership Meeting

April 9, 2006  10:00 a.m.


President, Margaret Paden verified that a quorum had been established and called the meeting to order at 10:05 a.m.


There was no First Quarter Membership meeting because a quorum had not been established.  Therefore, the minutes of the October 9, 2005 (Fourth Quarter) minutes were read.


Margaret Paden – President’s report:

1. Margaret thanked everyone for showing up and thanked all the volunteers who participated in work week-end.

2. Explained that the water in the swimming pool needed to be replaced.  The fire dept. will drain it, but we need volunteers to help clean it once it’s drained.  To prevent damage, it can only be empty for a very short period of time.

3. Need summer volunteers for the kitchen.

4. Memorial Day is getting closer and those who signed up for security will be notified of a meeting being scheduled.

5. Doris Hastings was the winner of the100 Ohio Lottery scratch off’s raffle.  The membership made $765.00 as a result of the raffle.

6. A $120.00 BBQ grill was purchased to be raffled over the Memorial Day week-end.

7. Fire wood is still available.  $50.00 for a pick-up truck load.  If anyone is interested, they should see Rex.

8. As of last week-end, five new memberships have been sold.

9. Volunteers have installed the bushings and got the backhoe running.  Need a battery and brake lines so they can start cleaning ditches (to help with water drainage) and offer services for grey water pits.

10. Upcoming projects include painting the hamlet, clubhouse, and removal of bushes at the pool bldg.

11. The comfort station by the horse-shoe pits has a new roof thanks to volunteers including some of Shawn Robinson, Jr.’s co-workers and special pricing through Shawn’s company.

12. The Board agreed to purchase 250 tons of gravel, we currently have 228 tons down.  Based on the rate, trucks and delivery provided by Noah’s company, it looks like we will be able to gravel all the roads in the park.

13. About a month ago, Duane was able to purchase a zero turn mower with a 50 inch blade at a silent auction through his company for $1,348.50.

14. Ron Glover was able to use his discount and purchase two brand new furnaces for the club house for $1600.00.

15. Kelly Collins has refused a certified letter requesting payment for damages he caused to the Membership’s tractor.  Even though some members have cautioned the Board that Kelly could make phone calls that could have an adverse affect on the campground, the Board feels that if we are doing something wrong, we need to know, so we can correct it.  Doris and Margaret are going to the Court House to proceed with the civil suit.

16. Margaret asked Tom Wolf to address the membership with his findings with regards to the possibility of renting the sales bldg. in the future.  Tom explained that Leisure Lake falls under a 501C Non-profit Corp.  Our dues income is non-taxed.  Renting the sales bldg. can fall under Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT).  For the most part, it could remain non-taxable if it were all done by volunteers.  i.e. A reverse raffle held by an outside contractor would be taxable.  If done by volunteers, it would not be.  Rental income cannot exceed 15% of unrelated business income.  All income would have to be recorded as separate income for tax purposes. 


- 2 -


Margaret asked Tom to explain the provision in the tax code regarding different dues amounts.  Tom stated that in order to maintain our tax exemption, we cannot charge different rates with out substantial differences in privileges.  Margaret thanked Tom for his research.

16.  Margaret explained to the membership that Joe Kuprevich had been posting signs on the bulletin board making false accusations.  Margaret address each and every sign posted and displayed them for the membership to see.  Margaret then turned the meeting over to Vice-President, Doris Hastings and stepped down from the podium.  Margaret took a seat, raised her hand, and was recognized by Vice-President, Doris Hastings.  Margaret stated, that Joe has been fined repeatedly for his unsightly camp site, was thrown out of the clubhouse with his porno pictures, was plugging into electric boxes two sites down, entered the pool bldg. wearing nothing but a trench coat where children were present, continues to have tarps up even though he’s been told to remove them, continues to harbor a guest who has been permanently banned from the park, leaves his dog tied unattended, and if there is one more poster or innuendo, she WILL file a law suite.  Margaret has spent time on the phone with the county prosecutor, and even though Joe is a deed holder, he owns an interest in phase II of Leisure Lake, NOT land.  They gave her the phone number of the Bar Association.  She used their referral service, spoke with a paralegal and the first appointment with the attorney is only $30.00.

Margaret then made a motion to proceed with the legal avenue to get Joe Kuprevich evicted from Leisure Lake Park, 2nd by Ken May.  Vote = 107 yes, 4 opposed.

Margaret took back the podium and turned the meeting over to Diane for the Treasurer’s report.


Ed Eberle stated that Joe should be given a chance to respond.  The floor was turned over to Joe.  Joe’s response: he felt the gate should be changed to key cards instead of push button.  He then showed pictures of other member’s lots with standing water.  Standing water as a result of rain storms has always been an issue within the park.  Joe was asked to take a seat.


Diane gave the Treasurer’s report.  Checking = $11,387.87  Operations = $ 109,203.40 and Money Market = 37,018.21.  Diane also stated the pool table has brought in $711.00 so it is more than half way to paying for itself.  So far, we’ve collected $47,396.28 in dues.  The budget committee is going over the expenditures.


New Business:

At the last Board meeting, a new policy was put into place.  We will no longer be offering additional lots to existing members unless already submitted and approved in writing.  These lots can be used to bring in new members/revenue.


Duane stated that all the flooding has also washed out the roads causing additional expense.  The next area to be worked on is by the creek.  Last week-end they ran out of time getting the backhoe work completed.


Doug Miller explained the flooding is not because of gravel, there’s not enough drainage.  Duane explained it’s because we have four times the flow.  We can’t widen or deepen the creek.  We can clean them out but there’s a beaver dam near the neighbor and he won’t let anyone on his property.  He stated he’s high and dry and doesn’t care about LL.


Mr. Deitrick stated there is an electric box in the Creek.  Duane explained it’s on a dead line.


Mrs. Uncapher stated there is a water leak on lot 144.  We are aware and it will be fixed.



- 3 - 


Margaret asked members not to bring trash from home and stated we will be watching the dumpsters.  Laurie Miller explained that people are dumping items into the burn pile that won’t burn (i.e. mattress springs and refrigerators).  Sandy Nagy suggested strategically placing the dumpsters throughout the park where more people could be watching.  Doug asked if BFI would charge more.  Lori Olexo stated no.  We may not want the large trucks on our roads.


Dee Wurz made a motion to adjourn, 2nd by Quentin Childers.


Respectfully submitted,

Brenda Lallathin, Secretary