Fourth Quarter

Leisure Lake Membership Meeting

October 8, 2006  10:00 a.m.


President, Margaret Paden verified that a quorum had been established and called the meeting to order at 10:07 a.m.


Attendees: Margaret Paden – President, Doris Hastings – Vice-President, Diane Wolf – Treasurer, Brenda Lallathin – Secretary, Trustees: Bill Grubb, Rex King, Sharon Phillips, and Shawn Robinson.


Absent: Duane Cadle


Margaret Paden - President’s report:

Thanked volunteers and reminded everyone that we were still looking for volunteers to run the kitchen every other weekend.

Informed everyone that work weekend was moved to Oct. 14th due to the benefit dinner for Noah Robinson.

The hamlet was painted with the exception of the peak which we hope to complete when the boom truck is in the park.

The fence at the entrance of the park – one side is done.

The backhoe has been repaired but needs a seat.  Jerry Delp and Rex King are taking care of that.

The pool was closed on Sept., 23rd for the season.

Water turn off – for those who are not consistently here, you should have your camper winterized by November 1st.

Untagged vehicles – Letters will be sent to those members informing them to either get current tags, remove the vehicle or it will be towed at the owner’s expense.

The lift station has been repaired.  Margaret explained that the problem was caused by feminine hygiene products being flushed and getting wrapped around the pumps.  Also reminded members to inform their daughters not to flush feminine hygiene products in the campers because they still end up at the lift station.

Under age drinking:  Parents have told Margaret that providing alcohol to their own under-age children was ok.  Margaret called the Ohio Bureau of Alcohol and Tobacco and was informed that it was not legal and you are either 21 years of age or you are not.

Add-on construction – Margaret explained that there was a lot of construction taking place with no plans submitted to the Board for approval.  Also plans are being submitted and the construction is not performed as submitted.  Margaret asked the Membership how they would like the Board to handle this.  After discussing, Brenda made a motion to have any member who has constructed add-on enclosure(s) since LLMA acquired the park from Shady Side to be fined $200.00 a month until proper approval and in compliance with Leisure Lake guidelines, 2nd by Carol Borlie, vote: 78 yes and 40 no, motion carried.

We received a letter from the County Auditor.  Estimated market value of the park has increased by $126,090.  Based on last year’s tax rate, there will be a $3,000 to $4,000 increase in property taxes this year.

Margaret stated a sign for Noah’s benefit dinner that had been defaced (asking what Noah has ever done for this park).  After listing 16 things off the top of her head; including gravel, purchased donations for the kitchen, kid’s activities, work in the park, and security); she explained that if any member approached the Board regarding a member in need of assistance, there wasn’t a member on this Board that wouldn’t arrange for a fund raiser or help of some kind.

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Margaret announced that the benefit dinner for Noah raised $5,914.50.  For those of you who are unaware; this past summer we took up a collection for Noah’s boss (Orville Nicolas) in appreciation for allowing the park to purchase gravel at a discount and the use of his company’s trucks to deliver and spread.  Orville was kind enough to also pass that on to Noah. 

Activities:  Saturday, October 14th at 5p.m., Laurie and Diane will be providing a swiss steak dinner for only $6.00 per meal.  Halloween festivities will be posted on the bulletin board and the web site.


Diane Wolf – Treasurer’s report:

As of today, checking = $21,613.12 and savings = $151,595.22.  A breakdown of the income and expenses can be found on the bulletin board.


The Budget Committee addressed the membership:

Fred Mehlman – Stated the electric bill(s) from Oct. through Mar. totaled $41,000.00 (approx.  $6,800/mo).  Electric bill(s) from Apr. through Sept. totaled $44,000.00 (approx. $7,300/mo).  Fred doesn’t understand why there isn’t a significant difference in the winter when there are less people in the park.  Total expenses for Oct. through Mar. = $91,487.31 and total expenses for Apr. through Sept. = $125,335.90.  At the April mtg., the Committee asked for money making ideas.  No one approached them.  In April, the Committee asked the Board what their budget would be; they submitted $21,000.00 for odds & ends.  Until the Committee receives a plan from the Board, Fred believes we should rely on the $50,000. surplus from last year and there should be no raise in dues.

Pat Detrick – Stated the Committee received no formal budget from any committee.  As far as improvements, the Board is hard pressed because there is no money for improvements.  Electric is not going down and we need everyone to conserve.  There was talk at the last meeting with regards to the sales bldg.  Dues are half of what they are every where else.  For the long term, Pat believes there needs to be a $100.00 dues increase to keep us running on a shoestring.  Pat contacted Ohio Edison to inquire on the possibility of each site being metered.  The price would be astronomical.

Pat Detrick made a motion to increase 2007 – 2008 dues by $60./Rovers, $100/Perms & Paid Rovers, and $200 for sewered lots, 2nd by Joanne Mociolek.  After discussing, members felt the dues should be $100.00 across the board.  Margaret called for a vote, motion was denied. 

Pat Detrick then made a motion to increase the May 1st, 2007 membership dues $100.00/ea.  for Rovers, Perms, and Paid Rovers and $200.00/ea. for Sewered lots, 2nd Joanne Mociolek.  Vote: Yes = 69, No = 52.  Motion carried.  Myrna than indicated that a section of members (10 votes) were not included.  After adding their 10 (ten) “No” votes; bringing the total No’s to 62, the motion still carried.


Margaret thanked Sharon Phillips for all her hard work and indicated that Sharon has agreed to continue to run bingo.

Margaret asked the Election Committee to please come forward and verify that each candidate received at least one vote (since all were running unopposed).  The Election Committee did verify and Tom Wolf swore in the newly elected Board Members; Margaret Paden – President, Brenda Lallathin – Secretary, and Trustees: Tom Reed, Noah Robinson and Shawn Robinson.


Tom Wolf made a motion to adjourn, 2nd by Brenda Lallathin.


Respectfully submitted,

Brenda Lallathin, Secretary