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Diamond, Ohio


Fourth Quarter

Leisure Lake Membership Association

October 9, 2005


President, Margaret Paden verified that a quorum had been established and called the meeting to order at 10:14 a.m.

Present: Margaret Paden (President), Brenda Lallathin (Secretary), Diane Wolf (Treasurer), Trustees: Duane Cadle, Sharon Phillips, Larry Swab.

Absent: Fran Croft, Jim Hawksworth

Minutes of the previous meeting (August 14, 2005) were read. Tom Wolf stated that a correction needed to be made to the minutes with regards to the motion made by JoAnn Mociolek to drop the case against Robert Preece, 2nd by Lisa Griffin. Vote – 126 to drop, 27 to go forward with the case…the minutes stated the motion was denied and should read motion carried.

President’s report – Margaret Paden:

1. Due to Max Dunn’s illness, the keeper of the keys is now Dennis Croasmun on lot 408.

2. Twenty-three trees have been taken down. Margaret thanked the volunteers. The camp paid $1,102.45 for the bucket truck; we’ve collected $800.00 and have been promised another $500. The logs lying at the entrance are being purchased by a logging company who has already written a check for $250.00. The park actually made money because volunteers did the work.

3. The other wood from the trees is being split and 6 loads have been sold. Any one interested in purchasing some wood should see Margaret.

4. Water turn off: The Board has agreed to watch the weather. Members who do not camp often should have their campers winterized by Oct. 30th. After that, the weather will be reviewed week to week.

5. Margaret thanked the kitchen volunteers.

Treasurer’s report – Diane Wolf:

1. The operations account = $142,372.36, Checking = $14,775.94, and the money market acct. = $36,080.12.

2. From October 2004 to September 30, 2005, the Kitchen made $9,755.82 with expenses of $4, 697.19 (approximately $420/mo profit).

3. Pool table was purchased for $1,200 and has brought in approximately $400 so far (and will pick up in the winter).

4. Membership dues collected = $217,131.90 – from 288 members

Diane turned the meeting over to Pat Detrick – Budget Committee

Pat Detrick stated the Budget Committee has been meeting since spring and consists of Diane Wolf, Fred Mehlman, JoAnn Mociolek, Ruth Roeble, and Pat Detrick. They are anticipating, 288 paying members, and with the perms additional $55.00, an income of $180,600 for 2006. The Treasurer feels we will be able to run the park if there are no unexpected repairs. If unexpected expenses occur, we could fall short. There are no funds for improvements. The Budget Committee’s recommendations:

1. More fund raising events.

2. Continued donations of items and labor.

3. Possibly suspend some services (i.e. shut the pool bldg, cable in the club house).

Sarah Robinson stated if you shut down the pool you may lose more members.

Dee Wurz asked if the committee considered a one time special assessment to boost cash reservoirs. Pat stated no, that would have to be a motion made by the membership.

- 2 -

Sandy Nagy stated he has been a member for a year now and pointed out that he doesn’t see those here today at functions. We are all going to have to work together to support the campground.

Dee Wurz thanked the Budget Committee.

Margaret stated there really wouldn’t be a lot of new funds from the sale of memberships because she has sold 140, she has 4 left and she would be capped.

Margaret stated that at the last meeting a motion was passed to purchase a backhoe that came with a dump truck. Since then, another member has found what he believes to be a bigger, better backhoe but it does not come with a dump truck. Duane Cadle addressed the membership with regards to the newer backhoe. The new backhoe has 3 times the power, a brand new motor, and two different buckets. Glenn Detrick asked about Duane’s backhoe. Duane stated it was too light on the front end. The newer backhoe is larger so some places may be too tight and have to be hand dug. Tom Reed asked about the dump truck. Duane didn’t believe it would last too long anyway. Shawn Robinson stated we could always get another dump truck. Duane stated there are only two hours on the engine, it’s bigger, it comes with two buckets, and it’s 20 years newer. Laurie Miller asked if it needed any repairs. Bushings and pins. Sandy Nagy stated that on the upside, it starts right up. Six members looked at the newer backhoe; three voted yes, three voted no, Duane was the tie breaker and feels the bigger one is the better one. Bud McDaniel asked what kind it was. Case 1979 K640

Orlo Cory asked how long it would take to get the bushings and pins repaired. Sandy Nagy can make the pins in a week and that they could dig now if needed. Duane Cadle made a motion to purchase the newer backhoe for $5,000., 2nd by Drew Wurz. Vote: yes = 111, no = zero, motion carried.

Margaret stated there was a rumor going around that there may be members who are getting government assistance for propane fuel and we believe that this campground is being used as a main residency. If we find this is happening, those members can lose their membership and/or deed. Sharon Phillips stated that she had to go to court over this before and the township is very strict with regards to this. Mary Mehlman asked if you still had to be out of the park 60 days. Tom Wolf stated the issue is listing this address as their residence.

Margaret read a memo from Dan Carpenter regarding Leisure Lake’s website. Dan will be taking over the duties of maintaining the website by November 1st.

New Business:

Ellen Savage asked if there will be updates with regards to the water turnoff? Margaret stated yes, also on the bulletin board and answering machine.

Margaret informed the membership that we had to purchase a new pump for the pool costing $1,291.00 which did not include installation. Ron Glover has agreed to install it.

Before the election, Margaret thanked Fran Croft (in her absence) for her service on the Board and informed the membership that Fran will continue to clean the rentals and bathrooms even though she’s not on the Board. Margaret also thanked Diane for her services on the Board and stated that Diane had another perfect audit.

Margaret introduced the candidates: For Vice-President = Doris Hastings and Joe Kuprevich; Treasurer = JoAnn Mociolek and Diane Wolf; Trustees: Rex King and Bill Grubb.

- 3 -

Margaret stated the Election Committee includes Dee Wurz, Kathy Mustar and Becky Bell and asked them to cast their ballots now.

Election results:


Doris Hastings 95

Joe Kuprevich 14


JoAnn Mociolek 51

Diane Wolf 62


Bill Grubb 92

Rex King 94

Margaret stated the Christmas Party will be on Dec. 10th. Randy Ohler, Rick Baron and Jackie Nussbaum will provide the main course and asked everyone else to bring a covered dish.

Joe Kuprevich addressed the membership:

1. Tiffany is going to press charges for harassment because we are not allowing her in the park.

2. People are not obeying the 5 M.P.H. speed limit and he started listing golf cart numbers and how fast they were going.

Margaret informed Joe that Tiffany was not a member, she was Joe’s guest, she was in the park when Joe was not here which is prohibited, she was setting of fireworks which were prohibited and when she was told to stop, she continued to set them off.


The new officers: Doris Hastings (Vice-President), Diane Wolf (Treasurer) and Trustees Bill Grubb and Rex King were sworn in by Bud McDaniels.

Fred Mehlman made a motion to adjourn, 2nd by Ellen Savage.

Respectfully submitted,

Brenda Lallathin, Secretary



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