Fourth Quarter Meeting

Leisure Lake Membership Association August 14, 2005


President, Margaret Paden verified that a quorum had been established and called the meeting to order at 10:08 a.m.

Present: Margaret Paden (President), Brenda Lallathin (Secretary), Diane Wolf (Treasurer),

Trustees: Duane Cadle, Fran Croft, Jim Hawksworth, Sharon Phillips, and Larry Swab.

Minutes of the April 10th and July 10th, meetings were read.

Margaret Paden – President’s report:

Margaret thanked members for the many donations including everything from diesel fuel to potatoes for the kitchen.

Thanked those who volunteered on work week–ends.

Golf cart raffle made $750.00 in profit.

Monti Carlo made $600.00 in profit.

Activities since October had an income of $8,214.00 and expenses of $3,697.00 as reported on the bulletin board.

Thanked Rex King and Duane Cadle because Duane Stull stated the sewer plant is 91% better than it’s ever been.

Thanked workers for fixing the main water leak behind Quentin Childers.

Explained the use of a backhoe on a trial basis. Jerry Delp looked it over. The backhoe comes with a dump truck and is for sale for $5,000. Bud McDaniel asked for more information about the backhoe. It’s a John Deer, diesel, closed in cab, late 60’s, about the size of Duane’s. Margaret explained that the bucket needed some work and Sandy Nagy volunteered to fix it. Margaret stated that Diane has received over $4,000 in the past month from delinquent dues and suggested using that money to purchase the equipment.

Juliann Estlack made a motion to purchase the backhoe that comes with a dump truck for a total of $5, 000. 2nd by Dale Paden, the floor was opened for discussion. Fred Mehlman asked if there was enough money to run the park until May 1st. Diane answered yes. Laurie Miller explained it costs $750. to rent one and you had to find someone to pick it up. Bob Mills asked about the benefits. Margaret explained for one, we could purchase larger quantities of gravel at a lower price and use the equipment to spread it. Ken May stated the membership had ok’d the purchase of a backhoe long ago. Margaret called for a vote = 182 yes, 8 no, motion carried.

There is another water leak in Phase II near a main power line. Need to call to have the line marked before digging.

Thanked steak fry workers – served 80 steaks.

The Mike Winland Spaghetti dinner was a huge success - $3,366.00

 Diane Wolf gave the Treasurer’s report: As of August 10th, Checking =       $18,924.02, Savings = $158,398.02, Money Market = $36,882.39. Out of the electric fund, $12,662.64 was spent and there is $12,108.66 left.

Old business:

The pool table was purchased for $1,200.00 and it brought in $230.00 in the last week and a half. Fred Mehlman asked about the old pool table. Margaret stated that as of week before last he was to pick it up. Margaret called and left another message Friday.

Margaret has washers and dryers lined up to purchase.

Bob Mills asked why we were heating the whole sales bldg. when we never heated it in the past. Margaret explained it wasn’t the whole sales bldg. Ken May explained the well is heated for water at the dump station.

Bud McDaniel gave a status update for the wireless internet. The number of people signed up went from 15 to 29. Time Warner doesn’t service this area. Satellite is the only option through Direct Wave. The equipment to start would be $1,299. Monthly income from 20 subscribers would be $300.00. A monthly expense of $129.00 with a total monthly income of $171.00. This would mean the equipment would be paid for in 7 ½ months. Individuals would be responsible for their own fire walls. Kathy Mustar made a motion to go forward with the $1,299 expense and start internet service, 2nd by Sherry Almasky-King. Floor was opened for discussion. Brenda explained that we didn’t have a staff to 1) handle billing (unless it was included in the yearly billing), 2) turning the service off and on when extended to Coast to Coast during the week, or 3) collection from Coast to Coast. Pat Detrick didn’t think the membership should spend the money for only 29 interested. Margaret called for a vote = 26 yes. 114 no. motion denied.

Tom Wolf gave an update on Glenda Preece. Glenda was convicted and ordered to pay restitution which the court will control over the next five years. We are now running out of time to go forward with a case against her husband Bob because he benefited from the stolen funds. Tom needed to know today if the membership wanted him to continue with the case and explained we have no better than a 50/50 chance of winning and could cost in excess of $10,000. JoAnn Mociolek made a motion to drop the case against Robert Preece, 2nd by Lisa Griffin. Vote = 126 to drop, 27 to go forward with the case, motion carried.

       New Business:

Margaret explained that too many people had keys to the maintenance shed. Equipment was being used but not cleaned, not filled with gas, and gas was missing. People operating the maintenance did an audit. Common areas were cut by Thursday, then no mowing. By Sunday, 13 gallons of gas and diesel fuel were missing. Locks were changed on the maintenance shed. The only ones with keys are the nine Board members and two maintenance operators. Since then, zero gas has come up missing. A list of equipment operators has been created. When Margaret is not in the park, her key is given to Max Dunn. Max has been instructed that no one gets a mower or tractor unless the person is on the list. We are also going to start a mowing service – twice a month for $30.00.

Margaret explained the trees marked with B (bucket) or C (climb). There are approximately 72 trees labeled. A boom truck is $995.00/day. After further discussions with NES, Margaret got them to agree to $900.00/day. They are willing to deliver on Fri., we can use it through Mon., at a one day rate. Danny Spells has been taking down trees and not charged the campground yet. He has a full time job but has agreed to $100.00 for an 8 hr. day using his own equipment and we furnish gasoline and sharpen his blade. Believes he can do three trees a day. The Board has discussed this and a veteran member stated that in the past, if one of the designated trees is on your lot, that member paid $50 per tree. Letters will be sent in small groups; if paid, the tree comes down. The letter will state that the Park and /or Danny Spells will not be responsible for damages. Due to illness in his family, Danny will not be available until the 3rd week in September. Jim Bialota has a neighbor who’s been in business for 30 yrs. Jim will check on a rental bid from his neighbor. The game plan for the wood…Danny will take some, and we need volunteers to cut and split. The wood will be stored in the locked area of the sewer plant and will be for sale to members.


Because the 3rd qtr. Meeting was postponed, Margaret explained the date for         submitting resumes has been extended to August 30th to be posted by September 15th, 2005. The three members of the election committee will meet and be informed of what needs to be done. Margaret explained that the Vice President and Treasurer would be signing checks. People signing checks would not be bonded because they are volunteers; but we will run a credit check on those running for these positions.

Margaret read the duties of the Vice President and opened the floor for nominations:

Dale Paden nominated Doris Hastings – Accepted.

Bob Mills nominated Bud McDaniel – declined.

Milton Sparks nominated Joe Kuprevich – accepted.

Ken May nominated Pam Priddy – declined.

Julius Toth nominated Fred Mehlman – declined.

Randy Borlie nominated Laurie Miller – declined.

Diane Wolf nominated – Delores Stevenson – declined.

Vernon Pemberton nominated – Bob Mills – declined

Mary Mehlman nominated – Myrna Engledinger – declined.

Nominations for Vice President were closed.

Margaret read the duties of the Treasurer and opened the floor for nominations:

Margaret Paden nominated Diane Wolf – accepted.

Pat Detrick nominated Joann Mociolek – accepted.

Nominations for Treasurer were closed.

Margaret red the duties of the Trustees and opened the floor for nominations:

Tom Wolf nominated Rex King – accepted.

Sherry Almasky-King nominated Bill Grubb – accepted.

Diane Wolf nominated Sam Johnson – declined.

Ken May nominated Fran Croft – declined.

Diane Wolf nominated Shawn Robinson – declined.

Randy Borlie nominated Noah Robinson – declined.

Nominations for Trustee were closed.

Brenda passed out Resumes for the prospective candidates to fill out and submit.

Lemuel Reed addressed the membership to screen in his porch. Tom Wolf asked if the screens would remain year round. Lemuel answered yes. Tom explained that pursuant to the declaration, Lemuel just needed to submit diagrams to the board for approval. Lemuel withdrew his motion. The Board voted unanimously to allow Lemuel to screen in his porch.

Sharon Phillips stated that the steak dinner made approximately $200. From her on out there would be no more bands and no extra activities. She is tired of the "hear say" of her spending and of those boycotting activities.

Fred Mehlman stated the membership needs to get themselves a real estate attorney. Due to the transfer of the Park from Shadyside to the Membership. Fred feels that Phase II had provisions providing for 1/120 rights to a lot and their rights were transferred away with the take over. Laurie Miller stated the deed from Shadyside transferred the common areas and unsold interests.

Jerry Delp stated paid rovers dues were not $600.00. Sharon Phillips explained that when Jeff Kurtch was President, the Paid Rover dues had been broken into three charges; dues, assessment for not moving and winter storage. Margaret stated when she joined Leisure Lake as a Paid Rover, she was informed the dues where $600./year. She was never given a break down.

Bob Mills stated it was not fair to vote on a dues increase in January when half the Perms were not there to vote. Margaret stated that past practice of a dues increase was always voted on in January. Myrna Engledinger made a motion to increase dues across the board, motion was not 2nd.

Joe Kuprevich stated that on July 10th, 11th, and 12th, 10 golf carts arrived at his campsite. He has contacted a lawyer and told it was a case of harassment. Joe also brought up his quest setting off one bottle rocket on the 4th of July weekend. Margaret stated his guest was visited by security and told to stop but she continued. Joe insisted it was one. Tom Reed explained that Joe wasn’t even there. Margaret stated the rules are NO fireworks.

Joe then brought up Brandon Paden’s violation. Margaret stated she was tired of the rumors and the way her son was being treated. He did not set the pool bldg. on fire, he burned the bottom of a sign. His punishment included two spankings, no pool or clubhouse privileges without adult supervision, and shoveling dirt to re-fill the trench on the electric line. Since then, Bob Mills pulled up to security, on a member’s lot, in front of guests and told security they better not write anyone else up until something is done with…and proceeded to use extreme profanity to describe Brandon. Member’s expressed their opinions of this action.

Pam Priddy made a motion to adjourn, 2nd by Juliann Estlack.

Respectfully submitted,

Brenda Lallathin