Leisure Lake Membership Association

Fourth Quarter 2016 Membership Meeting

October 9, 2016 at 10:00am


President: Laurie Miller called the meeting to order.

Brenda Lallathin was asked to confirm that a quorum had been established, she affirmed.

Roll Call:  Not completed

Previous membership meeting minutes not read into the record, no motion made to waive the reading of minutes.

Laurie called for the newly elected trustees and officers Quentin Childers, Spike Smith, Dave Simons, Dee Rzepka and Dale Cannon to be sworn into office so that they could run the meeting.

The new board members were sworn into office by Laurie who then thank the exiting board members and left the podium.

Members thanked departing board members for their service.

Diane Wolfe announces the upcoming Halloween activities and that a band had been secured for New Year’s Eve.

Gary Kratz advised he would run the meeting.



Dale advised that as he nothing to report at this time.


Gary presented a list of completed projects and accomplishments that without the many volunteers, including Laurie, Rex, Dale, Beth, Jeff, Doug, Diane, Wayne, their crews, the trustees and others that assist throughout the weeks that make everything happen. 

New Comfort Station

Lake over flow drain – relocated and will allow the trucks on the other side of the lake

Park ditches and drain lines

Steel Roofing on the Hamlets

Small electric line upgrade

Lake care and maintenance

Coast to Coast increased activity and upgrades

Cast Team


Mowing and Lawn Maintenance

Road Maintenance

Water Lines

Equipment Repairs

Club House cleaning and landscaping maintenance

Office Assistance


Upcoming Pool House Project – with volunteers, donations and materials purchased at cost it is hoped to complete both the Women’s and Men’s Restrooms, if you are able, please consider volunteering, this will be ongoing through the winter.

Pool Maintenance – drain, painting – drain replacement with warranty



Gary provided the treasurer’s for Joanne who is on vacation, the current account information is:                              Operation Savings          $130,875.86

                                              Savings                5,103.99

                                           Checking                9,484.86


                                                  Total          $145,464.71


Second quarter ends Oct. 31, 2016, the books will be reviewed by two trustees and sent to the accountant.  Reports will be posted by the office.

Reminder to members who travel to warmer areas in the fall/winter, October electric bills will be available for payment Nov. 12th, be sure to pre-pay, use credit card or leave self-addressed envelope, this will help avoid any late fees, this applies to all members and the electric billing information is posted in the Clubhouse and available on the website.  Any questions regarding the financials you may send email to address on website and Joanne will answer upon her return.

If you wish to order Sweatshirts and/or pants – see Crystal after the meeting. 


She wished to acknowledge Beth & Jeff Lewis for their hard work and dedication to assisting our RPI and Coast to Coast guest, having them available to assist has increased our revenue from C to C and RPI $2,939.00 this year and we are able to put this revenue into improvements.






Dee advised nothing to report at this time.





GROUNDS – Steve Philips – Advised that the water shut off will be October 21st, 22nd and that water lines should be disconnected or they will be cut.

WATER & SEWER – Quentin Childers stated that the water lines that our hooked up to the campers need to be food grade water lines, ‘Potable’ water hoses.  There are a few tickets left for the wood raffle and it will be drawn just after the meeting.  Also, anyone interested in volunteering for Haunted areas in the wood, be sure to sign up or pick an untagged site.

BUILDINGS - Joe Mociolek – Nothing at this time

SPECIAL PROJECTS/ACTIVITIES - Spike Smith – expressed his appreciation to Diane for providing information on the events for Halloween.  He will be working on other events going forward.  Advised of the raffling baskets at Thanksgiving Dinner, all proceeds will go to purchase the kids gifts for the Christmas Party.  Any/all volunteers are welcome, please see Kim, Crystal or Spike.  Also, the age and gender of kids will be needed for gift purchases, something will be set-up on Facebook for RSVP and the date for the Christmas party is set for December 3rd.

SECURITY Dave Simons – Asked that anyone interested in volunteering for C.A.S.T. – Camper Assist Security Team, may see him.


No committee reports at this time.


There was no new business discussed at this meeting.



Dale Lindeman – Would like to know if 50/50 raffles could take place with proceeds going towards the purchase of new disc for the Karaoke.  Gary – advised that the Wi-Fi upgrade to the park is on schedule and we may be able to download material.



Crystal Mociolek – advised that the Thanksgiving Dinner will be November 12th, and asks for any volunteers.

Beth Lewis – advised that anyone who wishes to participate in a hot soup potluck during the water shut off is welcome to bring a pot of soup.


Election of Members of the Board of Directors

The election procedure was held outside of the membership meeting in accordance with newly passed amendment to Article XV – Sections 15.2, 15.4, 15.6, 15.7, 15.8 & 15.10 of the Leisure Lake Constitution


Brenda Lallathin expressed that this board did a fantastic job taking over and running the meeting as they were newly installed and then made a motion to adjourn the meeting.

Seconded by Steve Philips

Meeting Adjourned


Respectfully submitted

Dee Rzepka, Volunteer-Secretary