SUNDAY, July 12, 2020


Membership meeting for July 12, 2020 was called to order at 10:04a.m.

This meeting is being recorded for accuracy and if anyone else is recording, please make it known to the entire membership – Dan Carpenter spoke up and said he was also recording the meeting.

President, Dale Cannon asked “Do we have a quorum” – reply - “yes we do”


Roll call: 

President – Dale Cannon (present), Vice President – Margaret Paden (present), Treasurer – Joanne Mociolek (excused), Secretary – Laura Snyder (present).  Trustees – Dave Simons (present), Joe Mociolek (present), Jim Marshall (present), Steve Phillips (present), and Mike Farrell (present)


Reading of the previous minutes – Pat Detrick made motion to dispense reading of the previous minutes to expediate the meeting as they were posted last October 2019.  Margaret Paden 2nd the motion. The membership agreed and we will move on. 


President report:

Dale Cannon: I first want to start by saying that there were only 2 members who submitted questions for this membership meeting, so there will be no other questions asked. This is in the constitution and we need to start following this rule.  Member’s parking on other lots – please have permission.  Dumpsters – open lids – put trash in dumpster not on top.  Pool is open – children 14 or under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and Dan will sanitize every 2 hours, so you will be asked to get out for 10 minutes. Volunteers are welcome to help and we need to thank Dan for stepping up to open the pool. Hours of operation for pool is Friday, Saturday, & Sunday noon till 8pm.


Vice President report:

Margaret Paden: First thing I want to do is squash this rumor for the Fresh Water Act. Some people have sent emails asking if there is any money left – we haven’t even touched that money. Jim will explain more when it’s his turn to talk. Dale, myself, and Joanne went to the Akron bank and opened a separate savings account for this project. Aesthetics – cleaning up lots. Members need to understand that it is stated in the DCR/By-Laws under Article 5 – Campsite Restrictions – Section 14. No stripped down, partially wrecked or junk motor vehicle or sizeable part thereof, and no discarded or abandoned material of any kind shall be permitted to be parked or stored upon any campsite or along any service driveway, street, park area or Common Areas within the Development. And Section 28. All recreational vehicles which are maintained on any campsite must be in good condition and painted and maintained on the exterior. We’ve had past members tell us that it’s cheaper to pay $800 a year then to pay for storage and or they don’t want to look at it deteriorating on their own personal property. We ask that you take pride in your lot. Members need to be responsible for complaints, they need to stop coming to a board member complaining but then don’t want to write the party involved up. We ask that you don’t complain unless you plan on writing a complaint form and following the process.

Projects completed in the park------

·         New fence at the entrance of the park

·         Remodel hamlets, including new furniture, larger deck, new flooring

·         Tile around pool area & extension on pool pavilion

·         Rented boom lift and volunteers removed and trimmed a lot of trees

·         A lot of new gravel throughout the park

·         Brand new fireplace & chimney – reminded members that the reason this was replaced was due to neglect. Members must be aware that we can’t have campfire sized fires in the fireplace. Please understand that if we have another insurance claim then our premiums go up which in turn will cause our membership dues to go up.

·         New entrance, street, and bathroom signs

·         Flowerbeds and grounds looking good. The park looked great for 4th of July.

·         Developing Tag-a-Long with new sewer and water lines and the park has gained 7 additional lots which means more cash flow into the park.

Things we’ve noticed that needs cleaned up on lots is deteriorating decks and sheds, golf carts with flat tires that haven’t moved for years, railroad ties that have seen better days and tons of firewood on the ground. The Health Dept has told us time and time again that these same lots are a complete mess and need attention.


Treasurer report:

Joanne Mociolek (Margaret reported):  the following account information is:


Operation Savings       $189,337.78

Savings                           $ 36,495.29

Checking                       $   6,968.87

Total                              $ 232,802.04


All monies collected for the FWA is in a separate account and will only be used for this project

Fresh Water Act account - $100,190.00

Steve Phillips and Jim Marshall reviewed the records for February, March, and April and signed off that it was in order. The summary report for June is posted in the information box outside the Clubhouse. Our accountant is working on the tax return for the fiscal year that just ended.

Since we couldn’t have the April Membership meeting, the board approved the operating budget for the camping season 2020-2021. This is posted along with the financials and anyone wishing a copy of the budget can request one from the office. Joanne and Laura will continue posting in this box since the Clubhouse isn’t open at this time and please refer to our Facebook page and website.

As you are aware, Tag-a-Long has been developed and is ready to use.


Secretary report:

Laura Snyder: Members need to confirm that the office has the correct personal information, i.e. phone number, address, and emergency contact. If you have made any changes in the last 6 months, please fill out a change of address form and return the office ASAP.

We have created a tractor use form that must be completed to get any work done when requesting.

The park has adopted a Liability Waiver that must be signed by each and every member. Please spread the word so members that aren’t here can come to the office to get this signed. Members must be responsible for their own personal property.

The board has noticed that a lot of members have not filled out and turned in pet registration forms – this is not a park rule, this is a requirement from the Portage County Health Dept.

We increased that lot rental to $25/night for full hook up – electric, sewer, & water.

The park will no longer supply bedding for the hamlets and the members will be responsible for cleaning them after use. This is a volunteer park and we need more people to step up. If members want to use the amenities in this park, they need to start helping. There will be a $50 refundable deposit when hamlet has been inspected upon departure. Margaret – I forgot that I want everyone to give themselves a hand, you all deserve a round of applause.


Trustees report:  

                    Steve Phillips – Developing a storage area up by the sewer plant. We have brought in gravel and plan to put chain link fence around the area and then members will be able to place extra property in this area for $100/year rental fee. Pat Detrick asked if it would follow the camping season and we confirmed that it would be from May to May. Brenda – someone asked “Is this per item” – Dale – yes, per item.

                   Dave Simons – We’ve had people change lots and new people come into the park and golf carts need lot numbers and operable lights – 2 in the front and 2 in the rear. This is for everyone’s safety. Wendy – what about the Harley carts with only one light – those are acceptable.

                   Joe Mociolek – Got a lot of projects – getting work done, I will be putting it on FB and flyers on stuff that needs done – replace doors, ceiling tiles, and install siding on the sales building. Thanked the volunteers for helping this summer.

                   Jim Marshall – We hired AKE to do the initial clean out of the sand beds for the sewer plant and we need volunteers to keep up with the weeds, please come see me if you can help.

First, I would like to remind everyone that this FWA was a 2 year project and since approval from members I’ve heard “Where’s the water” – good news is the drawings for the FWA have been submitted to the EPA and Brandon at Donamarc said that there is a 30 day turnaround. We have to wait for this approval before breaking ground.  If you have any questions on the FWA, come see me, I’ll be happy to let you know what’s going on.

                     Mike Farrell – Thanked everyone for volunteering and the donations that have been made. Purchased all new prizes for the carnival and have special items, a gazebo, pair of Adirondack chairs, and a deck box that we will be raffling at $5/ticket or 5 for $20 – see Mike, Edie, or come to the office for tickets. August 1st will be the Kid’s Carnival. August 8th will be the annual basket raffle and horseshoe tournament and we’ll be selling walking tacos. August 22nd there will be a cornhole tournament and a water day. We need school supply donations to stuff backpacks that will be raffled at the Carnival. Joe – make sure everyone seen the flyer for Christmas in July that will be July 25th. Dale – one more thing – the backpack/back to school raffle for kids, we need school supplies to fill the backpacks.


Dale returned to the podium to address the emails submitted to the board prior to the meeting.

Ray McMahan asked about the FWA money which Margaret spoke on earlier in the meeting and he also questioned about members attending board meetings. Margaret addressed him and explained to him that due to the Covid pandemic, we are keeping them closed and she reminded him that if members do attend board meetings, they are not to speak. She expressed that if 25 members come to a board meeting and want to speak then it turns into a membership meeting. Unfortunately, we got laxed on that and we need to get back into our own lane. The rule is the member is to submit any questions, comments, or concerns in writing to the board 7 days before the meeting and the board will address the request.

Meyers emailed about the electrical issue on Yellowstone. Dale explained to them that Rapid Electric was out and checked everything and found nothing, but I want to split that since there is 14 campers on that line. Rapid said they tightened up all the lines that were loose and went through the system – charged us $185. I still want to split it off because there are too many on that line. Meyers asked about getting an estimate on that and Dale said no – we are just going to get it done. I plan on calling them tomorrow and talk to them about getting it split off.


New Business:

Nominations for President, Secretary, and 3 trustees (activities/special projects, security, & water/sewer) are up this year.


Dale will open floor for nominations and read the descriptions of each open position – Laura read the descriptions to each position (see attached)


·         President – Wendy Rhodes nominated Dale Cannon - accepted.

·         Secretary – Margaret Paden nominated Laura Snyder – accepted

·         Activities/Special Projects – Deloras Devine nominated Cheryl Farrell – accepted.

Joe Mociolek nominated Dale Lindeman – accepted.

·         Security – Edie Cannon nominated Quinten Childers – accepted.

Dale Cannon nominated Dave Simons - declined.

·         Water/Sewer – Laura Snyder nominated Jim Marshall – accepted.

Please see Laura for a resume and information on getting your BCI background check.


Dale Cannon made the motion to adjourn the meeting and Shawn Robinson second the motion.

This meeting adjourned at 10:42am on July 12, 2020