SUNDAY, July 14, 2019


Membership meeting for July 14, 2019 was called to order at 10:02a.m.

This meeting is being recorded for accuracy and if anyone else is recording, please make it known to the entire membership – Patty Raudonaitis spoke up and said she was also recording the meeting.

President, Dale Cannon asked “Brenda do we have a quorum” – Brenda’s reply - “yes”


Roll call: 

President – Dale Cannon (present), Vice President – Gary Kratz (present), Treasurer – Joanne Mociolek (present), Secretary – Laura Snyder (present).  Trustees – Dave Simons (present), Leonard Bittner (present), Jim Marshall (present), Steve Phillips (present), and Mike Farrell (present)


Reading of the previous minutes – Pat Detrick made motion to dispense reading of the previous minutes to expediate the meeting.  Laura Snyder 2nd the motion. 


President report:

Dale Cannon:  Catch and Release of fish in the lake –Presented to the members that instead of a tractor, we would like to purchase a track hoe – Laura Snyder put motion on floor and Doug Miller 2nd it and with a vote from the membership, the board was given permission to change equipment purchase.  One playground is finished – thank you to the over the hill gang and recognized them for their help and still have one more to do. 

Health Dept visited park –

·         pallets must go, not allowed to burn nothing but seasoned wood

·         dogs are to be registered and forms filled out and returned to the office.  Every dog must be registered.  Will call Coast to Coast to inform them of the requirement.

·         Another thing is the scrap bin – they want it removed due to rodents and get rid of tires if you have them on your lot. 

He has given us a friendly reminder to get these areas cleaned up and will be back to check on the progress.  We received an anonymous letter from a member that states (see attached)

Dale Lindeman – reminder that this is a Volunteer park.  Morgan Smith – campers are “pretty nasty campers”.

Matt Ramsey questioned the catch and release.  Laura spoke to the guy that takes care of the lake and we could leave it at ALL catch and release.  Matt complained about the condition of the lake and because of the rain this year, the first 3 treatments went down the creek.  Laurie Miller made a motion to make it catch and release for catfish and bass and Matt 2nd and with a vote from the membership, it was agreed on the motion made. 


Vice President report:

Gary Kratz:  Members coming to trustees or board members with verbal requests on complaints or work to be done.  They need to fill out the proper forms and turn into the office for the board or trustee to review and handle appropriately. 



Treasurer report:

Joanne Mociolek:  Good morning & reported the following account information:


Operation Savings       $193,394.91

Savings                           $ 18,977.20

Checking                       $   5,457.24

Total                              $ 217,829.35


The summary report for June is posted and the accountant is working on the tax return which we should have any day now.  Electric billing– please be aware of the procedure, the bills come out the 2nd Saturday of each month and you have 4 weeks to pay the bill.  The board has placed a new procedure, if you’re late on your electric bill (see attached). Good news, the bills came out for this month and for the month of May we don’t have one past due bill (applause).  Activities and how monies are handled.  They are given $2k budget to use for the bands.  The rest of the money is raised by the members.  If you want to handle an activity and want profits ear marked for a certain project, please be prepared to do that project.  Please remember that you can’t ear mark everything because some money needs to go back into activities account for different dinners and functions.  We are a volunteer park. 

Republic Services – we are experiencing a serious problem with the trash.  Large items that are being placed in the dumpster is not letting us use the containers to their fullest capacity.  We were billed an additional $900 in the past couple of months due to overage of trash.  Republic is working with us and giving us some suggestions – we can add an additional pickup for the week or put another dumpster in there.  Plus, the Health Dept is involved because they want those lids closed.  We will be charged $53/yard for anything over the top of the dumpsters.  Joanne was able to get it for $25/yard.  We have watched people come from Rt 225 and go straight to the dumpsters and unload trash from home.  Rich Sanders gave a suggestion for a compactor.  Joanne will call our rep and see if this is a good solution.  Spread the word – no big items and don’t bring your trash from home.  Margaret Paden – let’s confront these people that are on the camera and fine them.  Joanne – next time I will follow them and find out where they camp and get 2 trustees and let it be known.  We must get this under control.  It is blowing the trash budget to be way over.  Laurie Miller concerned about how heavy the lids are and to use the side slots.  All but one dumpster has the side slots.  

Propane – we switched vendors from AmeriGas to Farrell Gas and are now paying $1.599/gal which is half of what AmeriGas was charging us.  Members can purchase a tank, and have it filled (info on open bulletin board). It is a little costly in the startup, but the propane is cheaper in the end.  Information is on the bulletin board.  Doug Miller questioned about the propane left in tank from AmeriGas – we used all the gas in the large tank and the small tank has not been switched out yet since there is still gas in it.


Secretary report:

Laura Snyder:   We will be going around and writing Aesthetic letters on lots that are not conforming with the rules of the park.  Pat D suggested we fine them.  Margaret Paden – lock electric box but we can’t do that. Cheryl Harp wants to know who can make the call on what is bad and what isn’t.  We have a form and will post for the members to see.  Jim Marshall – common sense should prevail.  Julie Candle – no fine because if they can’t make it out.  A letter would be sent out – the member has 2 weeks to fix the problem – if it isn’t fixed, they will be fined.  We will start this action in 2 weeks from today.  Nancy – been wrote up and Rex been wrote up in the past for minimal problems.  That’s the past, let’s move forward.  Dale – we don’t expect a cookie cutter lot, just clean up your trash and mow the grass!  Sheri King – wants to know what the fine will be now.  It was $100 in the past. Rex King speaking – past experience with problems – Laura – let’s move on! Laura – the rule is $25 if we have to mow your grass.  Margaret Paden made the motion to fine the member $100 after the warning letter has been sent and they have 14 days to fix the issue.  Joe M 2nd the motion and the members all agreed by vote.  Children curfew I was out after midnight and found children out by themselves – the rule is that all children must be back to their campers by dusk or either be accompanied by their parent or adult.  All agreed.  Dogs on leashes.  The LAW as explained in ORC 955.22 says that ANY dog must always be on a leash or tethered.  Doug said there was an unwritten rule that we could have dogs on our lots and under your control and not be tied down.  Laura – do you trust your dog won’t leave the lot.  It’s a Ohio Revised Code.  Dale – unwritten rule to let dogs run on top of the hill by the woods is OK – not down by the campers.  Please use common sense in this matter because it is also a park rule.  Also, clean up your dog’s mess, it is always considered littering and improper waste disposal – clean up after your dog and keep them on a leash.


Trustees report:  

                    Steve Phillips – Place trailer down by the dumpsters once a month and members throw their scrap (not from home) into the trailer and we will dispose of it.   The exit gate spikes are shot and need replaced.  People are coming in the out.  We have on camera someone going in the out.  Mike Farrell said he seen a new one that will go all the way across for around $2800.  We will be replacing it soon.  If any members would like a load of dirt, write up a work order form and turn it into the office and we will get it handled.  Morgan asked about a gate for the out, but that is costly to do. Steve has been here since 1986 and this will be the first time the gate spikes needed replaced.

                   Dave Simons – Dave held up the document for golf cart rules and asked if anyone new what it was and then explained what we would like to do to keep members from speeding and the speed limit 5mph – address T Raudonaitis question on speed bumps up the hill and Joanne explained that the main road coming in after the gate up and down people speed there also.  Brenda said that a lot of the offenders are the guests of members.  Tom R – asked about removable speed bumps.  Patty R – concerned with children at the bottom of hill and concerned about an accident happening.  Working on a CAST team – Mark Mitchell agreed to join the CAST team.  Tom R – wants to know how we want to do this and have something in writing for the next meeting.  He would like clarification on what we want to do.  Laura asked if Tom R could research the speed bumps and cost and get back with the board.  Doug said that we may need warning signs for speed bumps when and if they get installed. Someone asked about putting speedometers on the golf carts.  Dale said to use common sense.  Laura will ride with anyone and show them what 5mph is because she has an APP on her phone for speedometer. Mike Delane – do cars have right of way – no – they are all motorized vehicles and should use common sense when it comes to right of way.  Golf carts need lot numbers and operable front and rear lights.  Brenda – it’s not the members as much as it’s the guests – SLOW DOWN!!  Shay questioned numbers on the golf carts and being legible to see.  Wendy R will check your cart and give you the yearly sticker.  This is for safety reasons! 

                   Leonard Bittner – Equipment for basketball courts is purchased and ready to get it done.  We need volunteers and will be asking for help work weekend to get this completed.  We will be replacing the windows in the guard shack.    

                   Mike Farrell – Thanked everyone for volunteering.  The Carnival was a success.  It’s been a good year and have had a lot of people step up to help.  Next week is the bake sale and 50’s dance hosted by Dale and Edie.  Then Christmas in July hosted by Dale and Rosie Lindeman and then in August the corn roast hosted by Dave Simons.  We would like to do a kid’s breakfast and a back to school basket raffle in the middle of August.  The winning ticket for 50\50 was 942840 for $167.  Please come to the office if you are the winner.

                   Jim Marshall – The “Fresh Water Act” – we have 3 estimates for the board to determine which one we will be using, and we would need $400 per lot – We would like $200 this year and $200 next year.  The EPA is cracking down and eventually this is going to be mandated.  They just hit Cherokee Park in Mogadore.  We would like to be proactive and have clean water.  They can come in and say you have 60 days and if we’re lucky enough give us 6 months, but it would have to be at their discretion.   Filters were on display that were only 1 month old.  Jim brought up about the expense of replacing hot water tanks in campers because of the water quality.  We will keep 1500 gallons of treated water at all times per the estimate I was given, and we will continually have clean water.  The chlorine would be constantly fed into the system.  Right now, we physically add the chlorine and it is costly.  The expense to operate is going to be cheaper than what we have now.  Volunteers to help build the building would cut the cost.  Maybe farm out the building project to get it done in a timely fashion.  It’s a 2-year project.  Crystal – asked about new plumbing when we get new water.  Not necessary.  Only place that needs to be replaced with 2” lines will be the back row by the farmers field.  Jim flushed the system 2 weeks ago and it took 35 minutes for the water to clear up.  Doug – is it guaranteed that we and people below us will get this good water.  Jim – should have it shortly after system is in place.  He claims AKE said they wouldn’t be guaranteed to have good water.  Jim read the email from Mark Rhoads.  Jim does daily chlorine readings that have to be reported to the EPA.  We have to stay below 2.00 – they are at about 1.93 to as low as .83.  Laurie Miller – how much is the total project – Jim stated we have 3 quotes from $53k to $79k – board will decide which quote to go with.  Dee Wertz would like to make a motion to have the board to get a written project proposal listing the entire scope of the project, the cost, and the duration of the project.  Lauri Smith – DO WE WANT CLEAN WATER – YES OR NO?  This was brought up at the last meeting.  Joanna Gottwald 2nd the motion.  Rachilla Basista – wants pipe replaced – this is a different project per Dale.  Morgan – flush out pipes – YES.  Margaret – how many are going to understand the proposal?  AKE will maintain the new system.  They are the people that do the reporting to the EPA currently.  They come in and do all of our reporting.  Laurie Miller – so you want to know if we want to OK the fresh water.  Kent asked at the last meeting for a pamphlet to made up, but it was tabled at that time.  A lot of time was spent to get the electric meters passed and more information is needed to clarify (some inaudible).  His complaint is that it wasn’t completed from the last meeting.  Things take time when requesting funds and wanting money from the members.  Myrna – remembered a couple of things from Mark Rhoades – she claims he said that we have grandfather clause that he’s never seen and is a technician required and wants to know what the annual cost would be.  Jim M – they are already in here 3x a week right now.  Myrna – so no extra fees is what we want to know.  Jim left podium to talk to Dee (inaudible).  Joanna G – wants it in writing to benefit everyone so they know what’s going on.  Brenda – yes, it’s a huge project – please remember that this will be happening – either on our time or the EPA time frame.  Clean water IS NOT a luxury.  (INAUDIBLE)  Motion to be amended per Dee W that YES we would like you to continue on working on this course of action on getting good water but we would also like to have the board get a written proposal of the scope of the project, the cost, and the duration of the project.  Dale asked for a vote – the members agreed on the motion with a unanimous vote.


Dale asked Pat D to approach the podium and talk about updating the Constitution.  Some changes were wording, better definitions on deeded owners/members, what a member of good standing or in default is, guests of members, and memberships - right of first refusal.  Also, better definitions of the officers and the boards duties.  Lawyer suggested that we should be required that whatever is in our constitution, if it’s different then federal, state, or local laws they take precedence over what the constitution says.  The law is the law!

Tom R sent in questions (see attached) 

·         2.1 – wants wording changed – it’s and or – or.  You are either a deeded owner or a membership owner.  Lawyer made it A or B.

·         2.6 – paragraph five – as a deeded owner you cannot split up your deed.  If leasing it, you are still    

             responsible since you are still the owner.  Tom R and Doug argues that 2.6 will not allow spouses on the   

             deed because of the wording.  Change individual should be plural – add an “s”. Laura asked that you

             wait to ask questions – Tom R (inaudible)

·         3.1 – it was recommended that every year we have the members sign and agree to a new membership.  We are volunteer and don’t have the staff to do this.  This was discussed before and members don’t follow requests.  It took us two years to get gate cards out to everyone because people wouldn’t come in and fill out the forms – e.g. current addresses and phone numbers.  The constitution says that the board can’t come up with new rules but there is nothing in place for this annual form to be filled out.

·         11.2 – Establishing the directors – it says when nominated for office or a new member needs a felony background check – any felonies will be refused.  Misdemeanors are mute – we are looking at people with multiple convictions. 

·         2.4 – no one under the age of 18 can be left unattended.


Pat put motion on floor for approval of proposed changes in constitution with the exception of taking out the under 18 can be left unattended since it’s against an ORC and Joanne second the motion.  Pat explained that it will go into discussion.  Doug – 2.6 – if I sell or give my lot to my kids, they can’t add their spouse – Pat responded – reading proposed change (see attached) – Doug says that’s not what that says (inaudible).  Dale - she’s talking about leasing and you’re (Doug) are talking about selling. Pat – not giving deed – giving them the interest in using it – we will check with the lawyer.  Laurie (acknowledged that she didn’t request in writing to the board previous to this meeting) – 2.3 – question is already in current constitution.  Pat – you don’t own your lot – you only own a percentage of the common areas.  Laurie argued about deeded lots and ownership.  Gwen – people have left and now we don’t have a full quorum to vote.  Pat rescinded motion and will take back to the committee to make suggested changes and work on getting corrections made.


New Business:

Nominations for V. President, Treasurer, and 2 trustees (buildings and grounds)


Dale will open floor for nominations and read the descriptions of each open position (see attached)


·         Vice President – Laura Snyder nominated Margaret Paden - accepted.  Doug Miller nominated Brad Dunn – declined.  Someone nominated Dee Wertz – declined.  Al Toth nominated Mark Mitchell – declined.  Tammy Kratz nominated Laurie Miller – accepted

·         Treasurer – Dale Lindeman nominated Joanne Mocelick – accepted

·         Grounds – Rex King nominated Steve Phillips – accepted

·         Buildings – Joe M nominated Quinten Childers – accepted.  Tom R nominated Leonard Bittner – declined.  Doug Miller – Joe Mociolek – accepted.



Margaret Paden made the motion to adjourn the meeting and Jim Marshall second the motion.

This meeting adjourned at 12:10pm on July 14, 2019