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Informational Meeting

January 10th 2010

Attendees: President- Kent Tompkins,. Vice President- Jimmy Cox,. Secretary- Cheryl Farrell,. Treasurer- Joanne Mociolek,.Trustees: Mike Farrell Mike Cszonka Jerry Deruyter Bill Grubb President Kent Tompkins ask if a quorum had been established? Brenda Lallathin and Cheryl Farrell had stated that there was not a quorum. Therefore the membership meeting was not held,.however there was a information meeting. President Kent Tompkins opened with him stepping up into Jeff Stevenson place. Kent- Most of you know me as the vice president. Due to the passing of Jeff Stevenson the park requires me to step up to the position of the president and complete the term,. Ending in October of this year. Jeff was a great man and had only just begun to show us through his leadership of the park.We had many conversations and he prepared me for this day. I will do my best to continue to his goal of a united park by communicating with the park in every format provided to me. I will continue to work with the vice president in organizing work weekends,. Organizing committees, and the continued improvement of the park through our budget and the capital improvements fund. Kent - WE WILL HAVE ACCESS TO THE INTERNET EFFECTIVE NOW MOVING FORWARD. There will be no additional cost to the park. Those of you who have laptops can come to the clubhouse and have access to this. Gary Kratz has been working on this. Cheryl Farrell-Please take a moment to welcome your new vice president Jim Cox who has accepted nomination into this position by your board members. He has accepted the position and has been sworn in by a officer. Jim Cox- Presentation on his goals for the park. This will be posted in the April meeting. Kent Tompkins-Christmas party was a great success. We had around 200 people present. New years eve we had 75-80 people present. Kent- introduced activities director Maryann Tompkins Maryann- The schedule for upcoming events will be posted next weekend on the web site. There are a lot of people coming up to volunteer to help and with some good ideas. Tammy Kratz has made c.dís of some activities through out the park she will be selling these for $8.00 $5.00 will go to the park $3.00 Will go towards the materials. Joanne- Treasures report Operations-$88,648.61 Cd -$45,564.50 Checking-2,116.00 Joe Lewis and Jerry Deruyter checked the books and everything was good. There will be a budget meeting in February Capital improvement forms are available please take time to fill them out. Joanne would like to see the kitchen open every weekend this summer but we do need volunteers to cook two weekends out of the month. Joanne- The electric information is posted on the website. The electricians will be reading the meters end of January. Bills will be ready 2nd weekend in February. Members please leave your email address so we can get your bills to you if you would like. Jerry Deruyter- We are having several issues with cars being stored in the park that are not taged.You need to tag these cars or remove them out of the park. This includes boats and trailers. Wood needs to be 8 inches off the ground. Kent- There will be an additional $12.00 added onto the electrical this year per meter. This will cover the cost of the licensed electricians to read the meters through out the year. This is a annual fee to be charged only once a year. This will eliminate any problems as well as if there are any issues they will be able see them as they are reading them. Kent then closed the meeting.

Respectfully submitted

Cheryl Farrell